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Aaron Earls
Christian. Husband. Daddy. Writer. Online editor. Fan of quick wits, biting sarcasm, magical wardrobes, brave hobbits, time traveling police boxes & Blue Devils.
Christian. Husband. Daddy. Writer. Online editor. Fan of quick wits, biting sarcasm, magical wardrobes, brave hobbits, time traveling police boxes & Blue Devils.

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Stop Making Yourself the Hero of Bible Stories

For most movies, the protagonist or main character is also the hero, the person you are meant to identify with and want to emulate. Why is that? Well, you naturally feel sympathy toward the person at the center of the story. It’s very difficult to…

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15 Stats That Show Americans Are More Pro-Life Than You Think

Public opinion polling can be discouraging for pro-life individuals. We recognize the human life in the womb as a person worthy of protecting and yet polls show many of our fellow Americans feel differently. In 2015, Gallup found that 50% of Americans…

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Door Jam

Door Jam is a collection of odd, funny and nerdy news and videos from around the web. If you see a post that should be in Door Jam, tweet it to me @WardrobeDoor. Disney: They keep teasing us with Easter eggs between Pixar movies. This video shows dozens…

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Finding Our Dreams Outside of La La Land and Ourselves

A recent Sunday provided a stark demonstration of the two competing ways we can discover our calling, our dreams and our identity. That morning, I talked with a small group of college students about Jeremiah 1 and the calling the prophet receives on his…

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No, that Viral Sign About Mary Having an Abortion is Not From the Women's March

As hundreds of thousands of women (and men) marched in various cities as part of the Women’s March, many brought signs expressing their opinions on a host of issues. Some were creative and challenging and more than a handful were crude and offensive, but…

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Reaping the Whirlwind of Alternative Facts

Arguments over crowd sizes are insignificant and pointless, but they reveal actual—not alternative—facts about our culture’s attitude toward truth. Sowing seeds of postmodernism Postmodernism declared there is no absolute truth or inherent meaning. Today,…

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Trump Causes D.C. to Ask, Is Prayer Unusual, Symbolic or Powerful?

The presidential inauguration serves as a moment the nation recognizes and celebrates the continued peaceful transition of power, if not the individual to whom the power is being transferred. The ascension of Donald Trump to the highest office in the land…

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When a Women's March Doesn't Want All Women

While being primarily supported by pro-choice groups, the Women’s March in Washington D.C. had originally decided to grant a pro-life feminist group partnership status. But after a story in The Atlantic highlighted the pro-life women attending the march…

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Colin Cowherd, Dabo Swinney and Hot Takes Versus Cold Truth

Some back and forth between a football coach and a sports talk show host this week unintentionally illuminated one of our modern culture’s most dangerous condition. We value entertainment and opinions much more than we do information and truth. Who’s the…

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Stop Telling Millennials Marriage Is Hard

Much of the church’s discussion of marriage for the past few decades has focused on the difficulty of making a marriage work. Trying to combat the prevalence of divorce and flippant marriages, Christians wanted to make sure young adults recognized that…
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