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Idea rambling 

Why should I buy Chromecast?

Sell me it... 

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Evolution #Nexus5


Guess who is going to have an article up on next week about Firefall? Hmmmm hmmmm?? I'll give you hint ^^

So I asked my wife:

"By chance are you related to Thor?"

She said, "ummm no?"

I said, "because you have an ass I'd like to guard!"


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Interesting...I was reading the GW 2 Dev Tracker and it looks like Kessex Hills will be forever changed after this new Living Story event. Kind if a Cataclysm or Searing?

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There is always a bigger Wombat...

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Here's my Firefall/food Tumblr blog. Enjoy Battleframe Swedish Jetballs!

Please follow on Tumblr if you like what you see. If you don't like it, hit the follow button to make sure it works properly. 

I thought of new Firefall PvP match the game should have (IMO of course). It's called (code name) Thumpday.

Objective: Your team has to gather parts scattered all over the map. There are 5 pieces you have to get to be able to activate your Thumper. After your Thumper is active, you have to defend it for 5 minutes while it... Thumps. Or yo can attack the other teams Thumper. Or both!

How to win: Either destroy the other teams Thumper before it has more resources than yours or get your Thumper to 100% first. If both Thumpers are destroyed, the team with the most resources wins.

The Kicker: The Thumper also spawns mobs. If players do not kill each other within 30 second increments with the Thumper activated, an elite mob will spawn.

That's my basic idea. Feel free to add on to it or call it poop. 
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