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The Shadow
A man raised right, who is in control of his destiny.
A man raised right, who is in control of his destiny.
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When I think of drumpf and his assclown followers only thing that comes to mind is the nine inch nails song "head like a hole" bow down before the one you serve, your going to get what you deserve "

Last night the United States reached a new low, showing the world how stupid and racist this country truly is. Amplifying any stereotype we have heard for decades. Just because they wanted a Republican in office. I fear for our future now more than ever. We will not be safe from this point and there's 4+ million people to point the finger at. Amerikkka is alive and well unfortunately, we have come too far for this to happen.

Everything comes full circle I hope karma hits each and every voter with maximum carnage. 

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People so damn sensitive these days. I simply add another point of view on someones page and was blocked. Nothing offensive just words of advice. I honestly don't have time for sensitive people. 

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So I want to pose this question to everyone, do you think all of the technology we have is causing people to lose a grasp on reality? People are doing crazier and crazier things lately, and one reason I believe is they are not separating themselves from the virtual world. Do you agree?

Want to make America great again? Get rid of trump and his followers. That's the collection of viruses infecting this country. It's 2016 it's long overdue for more evolution. #makeamericagreatagain 

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I will say this these are better speeds than I had with +Verizon Wireless​​ but +T-Mobile​ still needs some work in some spots. 
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