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As a nexus 7 owner this is disappointing, and there is no new option or even the possibility of one coming out soon. I have no interest in any of the Samsung or other tablet options either. Tablets might be a niche market but they are still useful.

So I don't think that the Bulls can say with a strait face any more that they were tring to get younger by dumping Rose/Noah to get younger and faster...Wade and Rondo are not spring chickens...

I don't think we are in a worse position but not going to compete for a championship either. Upside is the Wade deal is OK (not long term), the Rondo deal is good (only one year deal), and no more log jam at the 1 & 4 with Jose and Dunleavy gone now.


Not bad, but not scary at all... Not sure how Bobby and McBuckets fit in now.

Taj should probably be traded if he wants out, I like a second unit of..


Hopefully 2-3 of these guys become starters and we hit a big signing next year and hope we finally get that Sacramento pick.....

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Strange to see this in +Nerdist​ but a great article about Hall

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This is something I have been thinking as well. He does come off as trying to hard to be a "quarterback" or a leader but that is mostly because of the negative things that are being reported that he is over compensating because of this.

Best case scenario he drops in the second round and the Bears can take him..either that or he drops and goes to a good team late in the first round (AZ, Pitt, Den, etc.).

I also think he will be the third QB taken, because most of the reports are smoke...

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Excellent review.

I really enjoyed this series and the final volume actually was incredibly exciting and fulfilling.

Chrome Dev for Android and Google+ don't like each other, was hoping update today will help but first load getting the same thing that Chrome Dev had stopped working. It's nice that they are more integrated but kind of annoying.

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Nice list of Draymond's success so far this year. 

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It really is too bad that Gar-Pax didn't listen to Tibs and Adams draft Draymond.

Now I'm not sure he would be an all-star at this point if he had been drafted by the Bulls, but even if he was half as productive as he has been it would have still been a great decision.

I am still staggered by how successful he has been...

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It was practice not preparation....

Goal should have counted.

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It is depressing to think that the only probable direction for this team is down at best we stay flat and luck into one to two playoff series wins. This isn't a championship team.

I like Tibs but I don't think that he is the right fit for this team. 
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