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Ok, I'll ask the obvious question...Why haven't we canceled all outstanding visas for people with passports from countries infected by Ebola? 

I have two iphone being delivered today...One byFedex and one by UPS.

 It will be interesting to see who get there first.  Right now UPS is in the lead with the phone on the delivery truck while Fedex still has theirs at the distribution center. 

Also UPS gets points for sending SMS updates while Fedex only does emails.

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My United flight is delayed. Shocking....Not!!! 

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Just say no to this and all props on the Austin ballot!  All the props are idealistic hippy nonsense that ignores Austin's actual need!

Each of them raises taxes for stuff the mayor and city council members can brag about at conventions with other cities and not for things that we actually need.  I'm sure its nice that the mayor can tell his California mayor buddies that we have more bike lanes than they do, but how does that help me when its 105deg outside and I have to drive my car to work?

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Looks about right :)

Forget the issues, I just don't think I can take another 4 years listening to Obama's umms and ill timed pauses while talking!!!

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Franklin BBQ...the center of the pic is about an hour wait from open. 

So cold! This BBQ better be amazing!
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