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I just switched over to Android from iOS and am trying to wrap my head around Google Photos and the workflow.

I have the Photos app on my phone and auto-backup turned on.

- I take a photo on my phone and see it on my desktop at home.  Great.
- I delete a photo on my phone and it disappears on my desktop.  Great.
- I delete a photo on my desktop and it remains on my phone. Huh?

What am I missing here?  Are the web and phone apps not always in sync?

What is your photo workflow?  Thank you so much in advance!
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That's interesting.  Then what is the optimal workflow?

Imagine this scenario:

- I take a bunch of images on my phone of the same subject.
- They all get auto uploaded to Google Photos
- One of them is better than the others

I could delete and edit them on my phone, but would rather do that on my desktop where I have a larger screen and a better idea as to which image is best.

It sounds like the system is designed to do all capture and editing on the phone.  Not ideal if true.

Thank you again for the response.  I'm just trying to come up with a good photo management system and Google Photos seems very promising.
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Aaron Cole

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Stanford University's athletic department traded its old Twitter handle, @SUAthletics, to Syracuse for a case of oranges and other yet-to-be revealed goods.
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Aaron Cole

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Any good suggestions for a backpack to carry a 1-year-old in?

Our four-year-old needs to get outside more and our new one doesn't walk, sooo...  I'm thinking we need to start weekend hikes.

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Hi +Aaron Cole I have a Deuter Kid Carrier I and my husband has a Kelty Carrier.  We have two toddlers.  You should go and try out some at REI or Sports basement.  My husbands fits him great but awful on me.  I hike all the time with my children who are now 2 and 3 years old and have been hiking with them since birth.  If you have a chance you can check out my blog, to see some hikes.  
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Aaron Cole

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"Two Months Breaking Ice (in under five minutes)"

Here is a striking time-lapse video of the Nathaniel B. Palmer icebreaker moving through the Ross Sea off Antarctica. The video is narrated by +Stanford University graduate student +Cassandra Brooks . Cassandra was on the ship as it traveled through the Ross Sea. For more details about the science of the Ross Sea visit Cassandra's +National Geographic  blog, or the ship's "cruise blog":

#climatechange   #globalwarming   #visualization   #science   #sciencecommunication  
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Aaron Cole

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Aaron Cole

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I am sorry for posting this here but I was not sure how else to reach you. I am simply trying to get some assistance with one thing that I struggle with in my drupal website and I found you from the drupal community. I hope you can help. I would appreciate it.

I have installed and enabled the profile2 module (  which in brief separates your account from your profile page. This works so far, but not the display. By this I mean that when I click on a username instead of being directed to the separate profile page, it sends me to the account user page (which shows how long the user has been a member for)

I have looked at the permissions and they seem all right, and I have logged out to see if it is only showing for admin, but it shows for anon and authenticated users too (that is the account page). The profile page should be shown instead.

How can this be changed so it shows the profile page (and not the account) when clicking on a username? 

I would appreciate some help with this. I have spent many hours myself and looking at other videos and reading but I cannot see yet what needs to be done in order to display on the profiles and not on account pages. 
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Aaron Cole

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Creating a Swipeable Side Menu for the Web
Today, I will be sharing an experiment to replicate the behavior of the side menu, similar to what you've seen on smartphone applications, but this tutorial is for the web. I will take you through each step from structuring your layout and adding swipe gestures to open/close the menu, usable on both desktop and smartphones.
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Aaron Cole

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Aaron Cole

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