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Is Google Pinyn being auto-installed on the Nexus7?  I'm 99.99999% sure this isn't something I chose to install.
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Was it already there and we're just now noticing with an update?
I think it just showed up today. Or at least I noticed it today.
This showing up out of nowhere and no obvious way to remove it is disconcerting.  I uninstalled the updates and was asked if I wanted to revert it to the factory image, to which I chose yes and it disappeared... so it's there, but not there?
Xah Lee
haha. google wants you to learn chinese.
I also noticed Japanese and Korean keyboards while I was in settings.  I guess I just never noticed those before this popped-up as a new app.
Xah Lee
no idea... maybe it's considered part of OS as in Windows...
It's disabled.  I downgraded it to get it out of the drawer.
So what's the issue then? Isn't it better they sell a product ready for international use?