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#ingress  plays in Peoria.  Come join some of this same group in Bloomington this First Saturday in August.
Awesome time in Peoria last night! What a storm last night as well. We barely escaped with our lives!

+Ingress#nl1331 #persepolis 
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Aaron Coakley

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On our way to Milwaukee. Yay road trips
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+Aaron Coakley​ I wish I had known that. If you had had room, I would have stowed away. Even if it was the roof or the trunk... Laugh!
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Aaron Coakley

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c'mon Google... there is no good reason for this not to take me to G+
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Hah!  I learned this tool called google that helps re-find stuff any time I don't remember enough to just type "di" in the search bar to get to digikey
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Aaron Coakley

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sounds like what happened at Cahokia...

Ancient Aliens: The Vanishings (44 min) TV-PG
Stories have been told throughout history all over the world of civilizations both large and small disappearing without a trace. From a vanished race of giants in China, to the unexplained disappearances of the Mayan and Anasazi peoples, these cultures no longer exist on Earth, but they have left behind some intriguing clues that some say point to an otherworldly explanation. Could examining these disappearances lead us to not only uncover evidence of extraterrestrial intervention in our remote past, but also reveal the consequences for the future of the human race?
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Oh, this is a typical AA episode.  Who doesn't love Giorgio Tsoukalos & know what to expect?  (hence the meme fodder)
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Aaron Coakley

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My Timex Sinclair 1000 didn't have anything like fancy cassette tape storage, so I had to type all my games from scratch.  Oregon trail was way beyond my typing speed.

Did you come home from middle school and head straight to AOL, praying all the time that you’d hear those magic words, “You’ve Got Mail” after waiting for the painfully slow dial-up internet to connect?  If so, then yes, you are a member of the Oregon Trail Generation.  And you are definitely part of this generation if you hopped in and out of sketchy chat rooms asking others their A/S/L (age/sex/location for the uninitiated).

OMG yes. I also met a pen pal on AOL-- we wrote actual letters to each other to save our minutes and email limits.  

Because we had one foot in the traditional ways of yore and one foot in the digital information age, we appreciate both in a way that other generations don’t.  We can quickly turn curmudgeonly in the face of teens who’ve never written a letter, but we’re glued to our smartphones just like they are.

Those born in the late 70s and early 80s were the last group to have a childhood devoid of all the technology that makes childhood and adolescence today pretty much the worst thing imaginable.  We were the last gasp of a time before sexting, Facebook shaming, and constant communication.

We used pay-phones; we showed up at each other’s houses without warning; we often spoke to our friends’ parents before we got to speak to them; and we had to wait at least an hour to see any photos we’d taken.  But for the group of kids just a little younger than us, the whole world changed, and that’s not an exaggeration.  In fact, it’s possible that you had a completely different childhood experience than a sibling just 5 years your junior, which is pretty mind-blowing.

I've had many conversations with people not much younger than me that were essentially "you were in college without Facebook? wow, what was that like?"

It was awesome. I miss when the Internet was novel and not essential.
We’re an enigma, those of us born at the tail end of the 70s and the start of the 80s. Some of the "generational" experts lazily glob us on to Generation X
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Aaron Coakley

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Using either of the URLs at the bottom of this particular XKCD is satisfyingly recursive
How long can you work on making a routine task more efficient before you're spending more time than you save? (Across five years) [[A table, with the columns labeled "how often you do the task" and the rows labeled "how much time you shave off". The column headings are, from left to right, ...
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Good point =)
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Aaron Coakley

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Next Central Illinois First Saturday in Bloomington
It's time to move
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Aaron Coakley

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When she asked what color, +Jamie Kawolsky​ had me convinced for about 3 second that I should go with hot pink, but we both knew there was really only one choice... Then the tech Beth gave me the option of the additional white band that glows in the dark and I couldn't say no.

toenails courtesy +Theresa Thimm 
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Green toenails???
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Aaron Coakley

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That's one ugly dude... maybe if he had a beard and not a gasp flip phone
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Ah, lol yes actually that does sound like the right model number :)  I loved my Startac and this one.
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Aaron Coakley

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Here's the official event!  Come play in Peoria!
Join Niantics Ethan Lepouttre ​and November Lima​​ for a Niantic hosted cross faction event. This is a great opportunity for new agents and veteran agents to connect with each other and put faces to names. we will be giving out the #NL1331 badge card as well as a few other surprises.
Peoria Crossfaction Meet Up With NL1331 And Niantic
Wed, June 10, 7:00 PM CDT
New Amsterdam Bar & Restaurant

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Aaron Coakley

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... or binge watch Daredevil on the nice day and try to do something productive on the rainy day
Spring is here! Don't forget to get some fresh air over the weekend. ;-)
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Gyros are to die for
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Great atmosphere inside, on the patio or the enclosed beer garden. True Irish pub with a good selection of drinks and food. Smithwicks and Guinness to a common domestic beer as well as mixed drinks. Good selection of pub food beyond the typical frozen pizza. Pub Burgers are thick and juicy real beef burgers, as an example. One of a kind on the Farmington road bar scene.
Atmosphere: ExcellentDecor: Very GoodService: Very Good
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Make sure you go in hungry. The meat cuts are HUGE, even the hungriest take home leftovers. Salad bar is better than most and could be a full meal by itself. Unlimited baked potatoes on the grill and full-sized Texas toast are included. A side order of mushrooms completes any meal. There are a number of seasonings available at the grill, as well as pre-marinated steaks. The premise is cook your own over one of many large open charcoal grills, and the experience is heightened when you go as a group where the social aspect of standing around the grill with your beer/wine/etc really makes the experience. My only warning is to make sure you have a good fire going in the pit, otherwise it could take 4 hours to cook the steak. To combat this, if you ever see it, there is a unlimited supply of butter available on the grills, use it liberally to _encourage_ the fire. It takes some experience to get the timing down on making garlic toast not too early or too late to be done with the steak. If you have a large party, you can rent a private room and have the grill-party experience without the preparation and clean-up of a home setting. Business meetings go well in this situation. You can discuss your next business deal at the grill with a couple of drinks. Wedding and Bachelor/Bachelorette (and combined) parties go well in the same situation. Easy access by car or boat. Right next to the harbor.
• • •
Food: ExcellentDecor: Very GoodService: Very Good
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