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We made a page so the group can share event info without spamming it out (I probably could have done that for all the event invites, sorry).  Upcoming:  Maps, Scoring, other event related announcements.
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Something I really like about this Isabel Bloom Sculpture. I can't quite put my finger on it.  Thanks again Isabel Bloom for the donation for Shannon's benefit.

#900536 - Frog with Stones 2015. Multi-Color Green. As unique as the artist who designed this, our 'Large Frog with Stones' has returned to the line, bringing with it the process of applying river stones using our own special grouting technique. Each piece is definitely one of a kind.
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Aaron Coakley

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This will literally be a game changer. Not quite the glass interface we were dreaming of but a great start.
Remember Ingress, the Google-developed project that entices you to get outside with the promise of some light gaming? On top of iOS and Android, it'll so
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Neat. If I still played, it'd be really tempting to get a Wear, I would guess.
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Aaron Coakley

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These will be at the First Saturday
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Aaron Coakley

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A little something for the benefit
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Good uplighting 
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Aaron Coakley

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Sweatshop still in business. Minions 1, 5, 6 and 7 hard at work.

No, don't name them... they might try to unionize or something if we give them names.

getting ready for First Saturday and the benefit
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If that includes 2 doses of 5 hour energy we'll have tons more :)
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Aaron Coakley

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Isabel Bloom donated a never before revealed to the public sculpture (not this one pictured) for the +Shannon Wilson benefit next Saturday.

Come early and enjoy Peoria's FS and stay for the benefit and be one of the first people to see this and put your raffles down for it!

Right now, you should head on over to my other social network and join me in thanking them.

Thank you Isabel Bloom for the -to be unveiled (not this one)- sculpture for the Shannon Wilson benefit. It's gorgeous!
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Aaron Coakley

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Aaron Coakley

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Couldn't help myself.  As I was making the FS flyer I could feel that it needed to have a URL
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Aaron Coakley

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FS and Benefit sweat shop open for business
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Thanks Stephen!  Great idea!
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Aaron Coakley

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Dear Google:

I have one event with many sub-events.  Please give me an option to send out the invite only once with all the related events in one bundle rather than spamming everyone with multiple events.


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And, on the topic of invites,  please give the option of blocking event-spam without having to block the people that send it. Always kind of sad when there's people you like communicating with that you have to mute because Google doesn't offer the option to mute event invitations (particularly to events you have no possibility of being able to attend).
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I void warranties
Comment on my posts and I may add you back, I subscribe to the asymmetric following theory.


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  • If the task can be accomplished by someone who's not a 10 year veteran with millions of dollars worth of tools, I will usually attempt to learn the skill, buy the tools, and do the job myself
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  • Build my own computers and networks
  • Do all my own home repairs
  • My Chevy truck has 302,000 miles, mostly self-maintained.

  • Operating Systems: Ubuntu Linux, Android, Windows
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  • Equipment maintenance, training and support, Robotic and Non-Robotic
  • Design for Manufacture
  • Product safety & FMEA
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Gyros are to die for
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Great atmosphere inside, on the patio or the enclosed beer garden. True Irish pub with a good selection of drinks and food. Smithwicks and Guinness to a common domestic beer as well as mixed drinks. Good selection of pub food beyond the typical frozen pizza. Pub Burgers are thick and juicy real beef burgers, as an example. One of a kind on the Farmington road bar scene.
Atmosphere: ExcellentDecor: Very GoodService: Very Good
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Make sure you go in hungry. The meat cuts are HUGE, even the hungriest take home leftovers. Salad bar is better than most and could be a full meal by itself. Unlimited baked potatoes on the grill and full-sized Texas toast are included. A side order of mushrooms completes any meal. There are a number of seasonings available at the grill, as well as pre-marinated steaks. The premise is cook your own over one of many large open charcoal grills, and the experience is heightened when you go as a group where the social aspect of standing around the grill with your beer/wine/etc really makes the experience. My only warning is to make sure you have a good fire going in the pit, otherwise it could take 4 hours to cook the steak. To combat this, if you ever see it, there is a unlimited supply of butter available on the grills, use it liberally to _encourage_ the fire. It takes some experience to get the timing down on making garlic toast not too early or too late to be done with the steak. If you have a large party, you can rent a private room and have the grill-party experience without the preparation and clean-up of a home setting. Business meetings go well in this situation. You can discuss your next business deal at the grill with a couple of drinks. Wedding and Bachelor/Bachelorette (and combined) parties go well in the same situation. Easy access by car or boat. Right next to the harbor.
• • •
Food: ExcellentDecor: Very GoodService: Very Good
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