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Since I bought the SIII and had it 3 months I gave it to my Mom. I bought myself the Note II.. Love the phone.. But Since my mother uses the SIII for everything now she returned the favor and gave me her barely used Nexus 7 Tablet..
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I normally use my Sony S Tablet, I love this tablet as well but after using the Nexus 7 am now torn on which I like more. I love the features of the universal remote and that you can play and interact with my PS3 and the Tablet S but I cannot put this nexus 7 down.. which to use which to use which to use......
Well after a few days of debating I have decided the Sony Tablet S is going to win over using the Nexus 7. I will use the 7 but most likely give it to my daughter for Netflix and Hulu. 
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