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Aaron Bieber

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Some wicked sweet space action from Washington D.C.
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Hey, I was there too, just a couple of months ago :)
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Aaron Bieber

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A little over a year ago, I wrote a blog post about how much I hate when people use "#!/bin/bash" in scripts. I have been seeing it happen more again.. STOPIT! Bash isn't in "/bin/sh" on all *nix machines! Use "#!/usr/bin/env bash", or suffer the wrath of being shamed!
If you have ever explicitly set the path of an interpreter at the top of a script.. This post is about you. STOP IT! Not every system has binaries in the same location! #!/bin/bash. The above might seem awesome, and it might be tempting to use it, but if you do, and your project is something ...
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Almost worse with scripts that do require bash but still say #!/bin/sh because bash in sh-mode still accepts bashisms.
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Aaron Bieber

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This is officially my soundrack for the next week.  I am loving this Ukrainian world music!
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Aaron Bieber

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Did some shack smashing today! Very satisfying :D

This used to be a chicken coop - we called it: "The Chicken Dungeon"!  Now it's a sweet ass compost pile!
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"getting nailed in strange places". oh snap.
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Aaron Bieber

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Yay hikes!
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I used to have a macro filter on my old olympus that was fun to play with. I have a telephoto that does macro at 200mm, but it's too long of a focusing distance. Difficult to keep steady. Gotta find something with like a 10 inch focus distance.
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Aaron Bieber

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That Colorado native home grown!
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they're cousins for sure!
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Aaron Bieber

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That's a pretty intense video! I think I like it as a short film more than the song itself though.
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Aaron Bieber

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Getting really excited for OpenBSD's pledge(2) stuff! So excited I made a module to allow it to be used on Node.JS apps!

It only works on OpenBSD, and only on snapsots/-current! 

#openbsd   #javascript   #nodejs  
node-pledge - Bindings for for OpenBSD's pledge(2)
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I was just browsing your Node modules

They're looking awesome! I'm over half-way done with my JavaScript learning track and am really excited to try out some of your code!
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Aaron Bieber

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Dem CoBUG Shirts!
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So we have shirts now! The logo is a bit big, but looks good!
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Aaron Bieber

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If you are interested in *BSD and in the Colorado Springs area - hit up the next CoBUG meeting!
Aaron Bieber originally shared:
There will be a talk on setting up / using FreeNAS! I have a few spots open in my car if anyone wants to pool!
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I be back soon and I'll go to these !
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Aaron Bieber

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Albatrellus ovinus (maybe): Found across North America
Common names: Sheep polypore
Edibility: Albatrellus ovinus is edible, these would be, assuming correct ID.
Interesting things: Very strong sweet smell.
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+Will Adams awesome! Thanks :D
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