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I just want to say the current time. This is harder than it seems, since Date() will always give you UTC.

1. The SSML format for a timezone with <say-as interpret-as="time"> is undocumented : ( The doc at says you can use Z to indicate a timezone, but gives no example of how to format one.

2. The feature to say a time in 12hr format (i.e. detail=2) does not work. Try these:

Standard example, works great:
<say-as interpret-as="time" format="hms12">2:30pm</say-as>

Read a 24hr time as 12hr, does not work (you get 24hr speech):
<say-as interpret-as="time" format="hms24" detail="2">14:30</say-as>

Would love to hear from anyone else struggling with this.

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Encounter! devlog update: let's make the warp suck less. #c64   #webgl   #gamedev   #devlog   #threejs

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A #devlog  update for Encounter.

The warp phase of the current build - if you get there, the Enemy is a sharp shooter these days - is a bit boring, comprising 29 seconds of blackscreen stasis. Behind the scenes it's nearly there though : )

Check the JS console to see what's happening. #c64   #webgl  
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