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I don't really come onto G+ anymore. So if you wish to "follow" me, there is no option other than Facebook :(

Also, I did a review of the Xiaomi Redmi Note 3. If you're interested, you can find it here:

Again, G+ is dead. For me atleast.
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Submitted an 18 banner mission on Feb 23. 14 of them got accepted today. Four of them rejected: 14 15 17 18. I have no clue why these got rejected, and why 16 got approved.

Any tips on resubmission?

I'm sure this is around and I'm too blind to notice it, but how can I export-import/sync drawn items between devices? I just made an elaborate single person fielding plan on desktop, only to find that I can't view it on my phone.

Bookmarks sync just fine. Bookmarks made on desktop appear on device after a refresh. Drawn items don't.

Peeps in here, have you had success hacking a MUFG capsule in the past two weeks?

I resumed my play around a month ago after a break, but since returning, I have been unable to hack a MUFG capsule. I'm more than a 1000 hacks in, with a fair share of successful glyph hacks, but have yet to land one.

My local group agents have also had similar luck. MUFG drop rates were insane when they were launched, but past two weeks, none have reported success.

Any insight on this issue?

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Which of these would you recommend, based on your own personal experience?

Aukey Quick Charge 2.0 10400mAh (1) v/s Anker PowerCore+ 10050 (2)



I'm looking for a somewhat compact (easy to hold in hand) charger with Quick Charge 2.0 support. My current phone (OnePlus One) does not support QC 2.0, but my next phone (to be purchased in a month or so), will definitely.

The options for QC 2.0 Portable Chargers are very limited on Amazon India. My faction mates recommend Ambrane, but I have yet to find a QC 2.0 charger purchasable in India.

Kind of confused which one to opt for, since both are for the same price (~$60), and have their own set of pros and cons. Help and opinions requested.

Three OP2 invites to give away. These are India specific, and are valid for another 4 days.
No cash/credit/vouchers/favors/sharing/+1'ing needed. Giving all of them away for completely free since I do not intend to make profits from these. Just comment below and it'll be yours. First come first serve
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My very first device review for XDA is live!
I know its very long and detailed, but if folks could give it a read and give some honest criticism on it, that would be much appreciated!

Hoping there's more devices to come. Really enjoyed trying out this phone.
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If you are a Quickpic user on Android (a very popular gallery app), you may have seen some unwanted changes in the app recently, such as the new "+1,000GB Free Cloud Space" spam thanks to Quickpic's acquisition by Cheetah Mobile (or simply "CM", the dubious and spammy company behind cancerous apps like CM Locker and the likes).

Here's a different apk for Quickpic before this acquisition took place. The app is signed differently, so it will never auto update itself (a very good thing in this case). Uninstall Quickpic and install this apk, and save yourself the privacy concerns of having your data sent to servers in China.

Relevant reddit thread:
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Hello folks, I was wondering how limited is the RRO implementation in M Dev Preview?

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Behind the scenes of all stunts in action movies.

The dying part, maybe not :P
How it feels to play I Wanna Be The Guy
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