You don't know all that you're blessed with unless you don't have it,
unless you don't take it for granted. Celebrate, because you have reason
to. Celebrate, because you have people to relish this moment with.
Enjoy this Eid with your fellow Muslims, friends and family.
May you all have a splendid Eid!
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Ameen. My best wishes for all the Muslims celebrating Eid.
Happy Eid mubarak everyone.!
+noor ul-huda I've been very preoccupied. Sorry I haven't even been able to do my mod duties not only on +I LOVE ISLAM community but the other communities I'm looking after. I hope to stick around this time.
U too dear. ..happy Eid..
Takabalallah minha waminkum eid ul Mubarak Alain alaikum

Mohib Salahuddin Ayubi
TechHead @Techchef
Ali .H
Salam n Eid Greetings
tamam allam e Islam ko EID KI KHUSHIAN mubarak 
Eid Mubarak to all Eideans.Thanks. 
Ram Sew
Happy Eid to all muslimin in the world....

Eid mubarakkkkk.......
xi khan
Eid mubarak every one. Hope you all have a day full of wonder and joy!
(Back to reality tomorrow  :-r )
Eid Mubarak
Salamz & Eid Mubarak to you and the entire community.
Eid mubarak to all friends. ..........
Hail Barrack Obama, Prophet of Profit. 
As salam alaikum Aalia khan eid mubarak to you also
Eid mubarak to all peace lover muslims and please donot forget poors and orpens.
Ram Sew
Same to you,grtn

Eid Mubarak...everyone
s khan
Eid mubarak to everyone !!!!
Hy ap muga buhat achi lage
Hy friend happy eid mubarik
EID MUBARIK********************
kya baath hai, isme bohuth thum hai 

bakrid mubarak,assalam alaikum
Eid Mubarak To You Too
Same to you and all friends
Hi Aalia, "Best wishes to you and your family for Happy and Blessed EID. EID MUBARAK ! Jewel Farinha, London
so true, eid mubarak to you too :)
Same To You ... and your friends and family city and country 
Eid Mubarak to you Alia.....and all my muslim friends all over the world.
happy eid to our muslim brotherhood
Eid mubarak to all Muslim brothers and sisters
How many of you are pilots?
Very true,and beautiful looking post :-D 
Eid mubarik to all my sweet and cute friends, 
Eid mubarik.................
Eid mubarak sahiba
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On this day of 'pure submission', may our Sustainer, shower his mercy on everyone.
Eid Mubarak.
Peace be upon you all.
Eid mubarak aalia. Yes u r right we should festivals because we all have reason to celebrate.
God has a plain for your life and is time you take time out to seek him and read his words just take to him in your own way he will listen to every word you say to him  because God his a spirit's and you can not see him but you can feel him 
I wish all the muslims friends most be injoy our eidul ajha for gys happy EID MUBRAK;) 
Thank u frd same 2u eid mubarak
Eid mubarak all the muslim people happy to Eid 
Eid mubarak too allia all the muslim people happy to Eid mubarak
nay min
hi.... how are you..
Raz Ali
Come unto the SON of GOD......Jesus Christ the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY
Eid Mobark to you and all your family and friends , from Mohamed Alaa
Eid mubark to all of u. From

Hey I wish you all a blessed Eid Mubarak saidxxxx
And healthy 2013xxx
Thank you.Aalia Khan Yousafzaixxxxx
Same to u Ead mubarak from ali
sam2 my fariend i hop you always huppy & fine
As salaamu alaikum ya ikwan! Eid Mubarak to all the Mumin! I wasn't able to attend the feast circumstantially ma'ah Allah but al hamdulillah for those who were able and May Allah give the true believers guidance!
Ray K
Eid Mubarak

Ray K
Eid Mubarak to all
Bakrid Mubarak have a great knowledge and impressed in Islam's policy in a path of sahenshaw Anbar
Eid mubarak..i love islam...thanks
Eid mubarak to all the musims in the world
Eid Mubarak u & your family. 
Apko or apke paribar ko Eid ki bahut bahut shubhkamnaye Eid Mubarak 
may allah bless all of us for the coming year ameen 
may allah bless all of us for the coming year ameen 
Happy Eid Mubarak In Advance ...
aslamoalekum aap ko bhi eid mubarak bahot2
Janab aap ko bi buhat buhat EID MUBARAK HO
Khair mubarak same to you
Eid Mubarak to evryone and I hope enough with your family and friends

Z Nim
Salam eid mubarak :-)
ALLAH HU AKBAR , ALLAH HU AKBAR ,ALLAH HU AKBAR. LA ELA HA ELLILLAH.                               My  ONLY TRUE FRIEND.                                         SHARE what ever Good  you receive  with ALL .
�مننه عالیه جانی! تاسو او ستاسی ټولی کورنۍ ته اختر مبارک شه.

Khair Mubarak and same to you...
Stay blessed
Eid Mubarak & ALLAH bls U in Eid !! 
tmam muslim ko azam jan ki traf say hajj aur ead mubarak
Kher mubarak. .**

Eid Mubarak

May Allah (Subhanataala) bring all the happiness to you & your family. Eid Mubarak 
Je vous souhaite aidekoum mabrouke j aimerais garder contact 
eid mubarak to all muslim emmah
What is this holiday you celebrate, it's meaning? If you would, please, be so kind as to teach me the meaning.
Take Care about the islam
Aap ko be eid mubarik
Same to you......eid mubarak
yr ab sab log chor do is ko ab to eid guzar gai hy ab kis ko wish kar rahy ho sab log
larki ny wish kiya kar dia sab lo  pagel ho gy ho is k pechy
same to you..Schukran and take care..
ane to do id phir karte hai id mubarak
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