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Hello and Salams everyone :) I hope you're all reading this in the pink of health and are having a good time in this rather chilly and festive season. Many of you who know me on G+ know about how I frequently keep posting my articles and poetry, and many also know about my short stories and the novels I'm working on. The appreciation I often get for my writing is priceless to me because it overpowers my flaws as well :) But I thought I'd share a copy of my first ever composition with you, followed by part of the first adventure story I ever wrote at the age of about six or seven(you could click on them for a close-up of the pages) To all the writers in my circle, I'd ask them- 
What inspired you to write first, and what was your first piece of writing about? Do you still have it saved?

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+Aalia Khan Yousafzai​ you hate maths?? 😧😧 but math is my life..😍😍
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Aalia Khan Yousafzai

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Dedicated to all the girls with a broken heart.

Shattered Soul

Yearning, like a dying flower without water
And dreaming, like a thriving girl full of wonder
When his slaking words fell like water, an answer
To all her restless nights she spent deep in prayer.
And she blossomed under his touch, pink and timid.
Felt paradise at the touch of his gaze, vivid.

Addiction. Obsession. Oblivion- he taught her
Sinning. Deciet. Hiding. And she didn't shiver.
Except when he'd lean down to deflower her
And he would have hacked her like timber.
He was no Beauty's Beast, and he was no ogre
He was the Devil himself. He would feast on her.

She would happily die in his small, pretty vase.
But she knew he was abandoned by God, alas!
But he owned her by then, she needed him dearly.
He plucked her petals for jest, not even tenderly.
The water he'd given her was only his waste.
And she had loved him to death in haste.

He crushed her stem, but said that she was his sunshine.
Soon, she thrived on tears he gave to get by.
She would die without those tears, she knew.
His words were acid, before came the water he threw.
He crushed her petals for his enjoyment, she saw
But she let him, because without him, she'd wither.

He burned her. Sniffed her. Defiled her. Used her. Threw her.
Her pain can't be written in mere words. He knew her.
How could she ever grow again? Nothing could heal.
She was broken. The gnawing grief, nothing could steal.
Then he returns, saying, "What can I do? Want to speak?"
Could he erase her burning memory that reeks?

How could her stained soul be cleaned?
How could her purity be gleaned?
She spread her roots far and wide
And shot up as far as she could climb
For she was the plant and not a flower,
For him she'd never lower or cower.

She would rise so high, he'd never find her,
And she'd use her roots to drink and stand,
Sun kissing her face, never to be blind her,
Roots far and deep, she'd never fall again.
For she is love, she is purity, she is solace,
And he was just a venomous pest in her life.

P.S this poem is NOT about me. The one I wrote it for, she'll know it when she sees it and I hope it helps her.

Image source:

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Very very nice

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Aalia Khan Yousafzai

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Do you care what others think of you and say about you?
I know you'd be lying if that weren't true to some extent. You do it when you comb your hair or think of losing weight. You do it when you bite your tongue before you say something. You do it when you drag yourself into social events because you want to be known and be held in high esteem. We all do, at some level. 

Now, I know how much it hurts when other people say bad things about us. We can't help it. We may choose to ignore it or defend ourselves, but it does hit a spot in us, and it's natural. It feels great when we are complimented and praised. If we shut ourselves off from what others say or think of us, it might also make us numb and unfeeling, not caring for compliments.

But is there a way of letting the good things in and keeping the bad ones out? Wouldn't it just make us delusional (ignoring criticism), uncaring (not caring for compliments) and hypocritical? (to only consider the good things other say about us)

Wouldn't it set you free if for once, others' opinions of you didn't
matter? If you didn't care what others thought of your crazy
thoughts, likes or dislikes or way of life?

We get so caught up in fitting in and doing whatever it takes to be admired, we often tend to suppress our free thoughts.

When was the last time you thought of something and decided
never to speak of it, afraid of what others would think?

A lot of people mistake between free thinking and free speech. When you find the need to express yourself so badly, you're still doing it for a cause. When you find no need to express your likes and dislikes, when you're happy in your own skin, that would be free thought. 

So how can we achieve it?

There is no one way. The best answers would be, in fact, with introverts. I'm not saying all extroverts are attention seekers. It's a very good attribute to be social. I'm talking about those people in society who simply are happy to be who they are, and people might try to be like them. So what hardships may those people we may see as role models have had to face?

1. Being judged
2. Being scorned
3. Being criticised
4. Being told what to do
5. Being forced to go against their hearts
6. Being appraised and told that we're going in the right direction
7. Disappointing others
8. Earning approval
9. Earning money
10. Earning a good reputation. 
11. Rumours
12. Defending themselves
14. Feeling horrible about themselves and everything else
15. Working even harder to achieve their goals
16. Getting confused about goals (maybe)
17. Getting sick of everything and living their lives as they please.

If you wish to skip the process and get to point number 17 and just live your life, it would be wayyy less tiring! 

"Sticks and stones may break my bones but words shall never harm me".
This isn't true actually, but depending on our internal self defence mechanism, we can actually make it true when we realise what a
waste of time it is to stop and check ourselves based on another's
opinion at every step of our lives.

Think of it. Wouldn't it just be amazing to do what you love to do
and realise that whatever others say doesn't have any significance
in your life? Because they'll NEVER stop, so you just have to find
your comfort zone and rejoice in all life has to offer.

This doesn't mean we ignore our beloved family and close friends. Their good will is something we do actually need. Apart from that,
why waste time and energy bothering with everyone else's say?

Even if it's something stupid you're doing, like writing silly stories or creating artwork, or something more serious like living your life as a devout Muslimah or re-sitting for the medical college entry test for the fifth time,, in the end, if you're unhappy with your life, only YOU will be held accountable for it, and the people will be out of it. 

They'll always be what they were from the beginning- people who talk, and you can choose to be the person who is happy, or the person who cared too much for the opinion of others and ruined their life, because someone else thought they would be "unsuccessful" and "uncool" if they didn't do a certain thing. Do we even want to be in good graces of people who would discard us so easily?

So what is that you really love to do?
::Cancel's party plans for the evening::
::Grabs her book and starts reading like there's no tomorrow::

Cheers and salaams!

P.S Image courtesy:
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Aalia Khan Yousafzai

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Oh, look who's back! Our very own Sammy!
Hey, I'm going to be posting content that I am vocationally passionate about, various aspects of social sciences especially economics. If that sounds like your cup of tea, then stay tuned! 
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shabe meraj ki ebadat ka tariqa
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Aalia Khan Yousafzai

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For the heck of the fantastic lame pun, since no one has done it till now.
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+Aalia Khan Yousafzai​ lol I know😉😘 I hope you did forget with my page would like lol
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Aalia Khan Yousafzai

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Visions of Red

Every human heart bleeds for loss.
Then they sit back and compare the cost.
Despair explodes, you'd see it all splattered
Across walls and streets and between words uttered
To those who die; die again and again and again
From the profit of the loss that was gained.

The protectors kill, kill, kill, rise, rise, rise.
The naive die, die, die and cry, cry, cry.
The protectors console, cajole and weep,
And they will tell us a truth as we'll believe.
They will protect and stand for what's right!
And we shall say, yes, yes, yes, fight, fight fight!

And when mother earth will be soaked in blood
And every inch, rock, crevice once beloved
Under the shadow of death will tremble,
Our words will chafe at us like lonely brambles.
The protectors long gone, we'll be alone.
"Come back," wel'll say to those who left our home.

All we know is that the heart bleeds, like rain,
And we shall heal it, heal it all in vain.
While taking a piece of yet another
While taking the peace of another,
Trusting, believing, knowing yet not seeing
In visions of red, death is reaping, reaping.

Image source:

#brussels   #brusselsattacks   #lahore   #explosion   #LahoreBombBlast  
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Well penned my dear...
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Aalia Khan Yousafzai

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The Price of Freedom

What did the ashes scream to the fire?
They screamed what yearning screams to desire.
What did the feathers proclaim to the wind?
They whispered words of peace from limb to limb.
What did death then, say to life, long ago?
The debt had to be paid without ado.


Image source:
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Aalia Khan Yousafzai

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Hope is a toxic. It destroys your happiness, makes you ungrateful.
It's the reason for disappointments and consuming yearning.
Or is hope worth the price of possible disappointment, the only power that can let you rise from the ashes?

Which statement do you believe in?

 Of course, me being the optimist, I'll choose the latter. I had heard about the theory of attraction before, that you attract towards you what you work for, what you hope for and there are several accounts and stories where on the verge of defeat, it's been only hope that was the portal to success and victory.

There are many instances, dire ones, where hope has saved me but I would like to share an incident that took place yesterday that makes me feel that there was some mysterious power working and not just co-incidences. So here's the true story-

There are some people we grow up with, right? Those you know so well, they practically become family. There was a family that was close to my family as well, but long story short, we moved away and somehow lost touch. 

A few days ago, my dad got an add request on Facebook from his old friend who belonged to that family (the father). Since my dad is an extremely busy man, he doesn't check his messages or notifications for weeks on end. 

Yesterday, guess who he randomly stumbles upon in a public mosque during a visit to another city in Oman- his good, old friend who was hoping to find us, especially my dad since they'd been such good buddies. The friend request is just physical evidence of his hopes. The families were reunited and we were all grateful for such little miracles in life.  It would be too much of a co-incidence that he stumbled upon my dad days after he tried to find him- in vain, but he hoped, still hoped.

Now you don't want me to be elaborating the moral lesson, do you?

Here's one of my all-time favourite poems about hope by Emily Dickinson-

“Hope” is the thing with feathers - 
That perches in the soul - 
And sings the tune without the words - 
And never stops - at all - 

And sweetest - in the Gale - is heard - 
And sore must be the storm - 
That could abash the little Bird 
That kept so many warm - 

I’ve heard it in the chillest land - 
And on the strangest Sea - 
Yet - never - in Extremity, 
It asked a crumb - of me.

So many verses about hope also come to mind but I'll refrain from making this longer or complex. Or just watch 300 Spartans to know what I'm talking about!

I am also hoping that no one missed the Beauty and The Beast reference in the picture. It's one of the most beautiful stories of hope and love that I have ever read. 

Cheers and salaams!

Keep hoping!!!

Picture credit:
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Aalia Khan Yousafzai

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If Islam was a peaceful religion, why would it allow people being decapitated stoned to death in public? Death by decapitation is my favourite method of execution.

Why does Islam allow victims of rape to be stoned to death? You’ll have all your answers tonight!*
That’s the question I’ve heard several times. If I say, yes, it allows the acts mentioned above, you’ll agree it’s cruel. If I say it doesn’t allow ALL the acts, you’ll still say it’s cruel.  If I say there are reasons for those punishments, you’ll still say it’s cruel. But what if I told you there are loopholes that prevent such things from ever happening?


I am going to proceed with the first issue- death by decapitation. Before we go ahead, let me clarify yet again, like I have in my previous article that when Islam came to the Arabs, it not only came as a religion, it came as a way to moderate and liberalise the barbaric, lawless people into a civilization. There came justice and law and reform. Also, Islam was not spread by the sword. Yes, there were battles but those battles were not related to Islam directly, they were for self-defense against those who oppressed Muslims (yup, a bunch of people who were all for monotheism, basically). No one was ever forced to accept Islam. You can look into history all you want, and you will not find a single person who was converted by the force, or by violence.

Women were given their rights and were treated with equal respect as members of the society, and things like criminal offences and fair trials began to exist, so that a functional society could be born. Likewise, along came the concept of execution for crimes. 
Now if you don’t agree with the death sentence, then you have a problem with the entire law enforcement system of the world, not Islam. It would not be a debate against Islam.

According to Islam, you cannot execute anyone without a fair trial by legal authorities. You CANNOT at random kill anyone even if you know they are guilty. You just can’t. You can’t start a war unless it’s announced by the state. The law is CLEAR. Vigilante justice doesn’t exist in Islam.

Moreover, this "barbaric" way of execution has been scientifically proven to be painless, or, for those who might have differing opinions, the least painful procedure of execution. Blood supply to the brain is stopped, the spinal cord is severed and you fall unconscious even if your muscles are twitching. Your body doesn’t feel it. Now, compared to the gas chambers, electrocution, lethal injections and even hangings, *the Islamic way is of execution the most merciful one and painless one.


Now, for the second part- death by stoning!

Firstly let’s see why the law was implemented. As I have mentioned above, the Arabs were uncivilised, and like every civilized society must have some rules of decorum and etiquette, there was a need for it in the Arab world too. I know what’s coming- “How can YOU decide what’s proper and what’s not? We should be free to do WHATEVER we want, WHENEVER we want. It’s nature. It’s how we were made.” If that was really true, then what would be the difference between the people who live in the jungle or you? Would you, ever make out in front of your parents if my statement in inverted commas were true? Okay, even if you were shameless enough to carry out those acts in public, in front of people and elders- let’s look at this- would the president of the United States make out with his wife in public let alone have intercourse with her in public, if this was such a natural thing to do? No? So there is a need for manners in a civilised society, and I would like to believe that you agree with me.

Since that point is established, and you’ll know exactly why, I will proceed to the next one. The law of being stoned to death for the crimes of adultery and fornication DOES exist, but its purpose was to bring the decorum that I just mentioned above, not to necessarily punish sinners. Shocked? Let me tell you more. Muslims can and do have multiple partners, they do fornicate and commit adultery, they do have extra marital relations, they do all that and they are not stoned. Yes, it’s still a grave sin to do all that and yes, it is believed that God will punish the sinners but why aren’t they stoned like a non-Muslim would have imagined we would be?
That’s because when the law of stoning came, another law came that made it impossible to implement it unless people practically asked for it (and I will explain why). And do you know, there has only been ONE time when a woman confessed, and she was given a very high status. Here the hadith about her-
Hazrat Umar said: Allah's Apostle, “You offer prayer for her, whereas she had committed adultery! Thereupon he said, “She has made such a repentance that if it were to be divided among seventy men of Medina, it would not be enough. Have you found any repentance better than this that she sacrificed her life for Allah, the Majestic?”

So why does a person have to ask for it? Think of this- the only condition- and only- is for four people to witness a man and woman doing “the act”. Not just seeing them go in a bedroom together, no. Not flirting. To see them fornicating. Now you tell me the odds yourself. Do you think that a couple would do the act in front of people to see and to be caught? Out in the open, even if it’s the norm? And even if it happens, and it does, that they are caught, what are the odds that they will be caught by two people? If by chance, one person does catch them red handed, by the time another person is called, will they still be continuing? And what are the odds, that three witnesses witness the act? We need four witnesses. Would two people in their right minds, continue with the act in front of four people in any scenario, do you imagine? And even if four witnesses are found, they have to be known for their veracity. THEY have to find ways to prove that they were at the certain place to witness, and if they are proven to be wrong, there is severe punishment for slanderers.
It is nearly impossible for all these conditions to be met, and that’s why this law was made, not that it could be exercised but so that it could bring some reform.

Also, rape victims are NOT PUNISHED. This is a total lie. Rapists, that scum on earth, are punished and this would be the one time where I would agree with such extreme punishments. The six year silly sentence doesn't stop anyone. 

The laws do exist, but for a purpose. They might still sound extreme to you, but you would agree that they are not as commonly applied or extreme as you once thought they were.

So you see, it is quite impossible to even prove such a crime, let alone carry out the punishment. You grab any Muslim, I mean, any, and ask them if they have ever heard or witnessed someone being stoned and they’ll tell you, “Abdullah, got so got high one day. I don’t know what stuff he’s been smoking.”

I really don’t imagine someone cheating on their spouse will want to do it in public either. So yeah, just like most people in the civilised world (forget about the porn stars, shall we?), we don’t get to fornicate in public, boo-hoo! And NONE of us would like to ask to be stoned! Life is peachy as a Muslim!

I hope this clears a lot of misconceptions. If you don’t agree with me, which I suppose many of you won’t, there’s no punishment in the world or in Islam that would lead to your death or to your stoning, but these were things that I really wanted to let people know. If you have read through all of it, thank you very much!

Assalamualaikum (may peace be upon you)

#muslims   #islamophobia   #islamicstate   #islam   #muslims   #deathsentence   #barbarism  
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+hubert dignam I had read that the "let them eat cake" incident had been used by the local press to put about that assumption, but that it had however never actually been said in that context, maybe revisionist historians ??. Even so, the example is still exactly what I was talking about.
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Aalia Khan Yousafzai

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Prepare to die in the struggle if you are willing to steal my piece of my home made Nutella Bread from me!
It takes a fair amount of physics, geometry, trigonometry and chemistry to pull it off.
What kind of science did you last apply to your life?

Cheers and salaams!
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What is the secret to success? All the usuall answers to it are so cliché and sickeningly inspirational, there are a few ways left to go about this topic, which can get old but the yearning for its answers doesn't. Luckily, I believe I have some not-so-commonly-used combination of words to give you my secret to success!

A friend of mine recommended a book to me, a bestseller self help book called Outliers: The Story Of Success written by Malco:lm Gladwell. He drew up the statistics and pointed out all the things the most successful peoole in history did or didn't do, what kind of opportunities they had or didn't have. Cherry picked facts to prove the writer's point. But what struck me was that he wrote the book so that it would sell,, not because we'd have successful people popping up from all parts of the world after getting the so called secret to success. It didn't happen, but he successfully got people rating his book five stars.

What struck me more was that all the people he chose to write about were the ultra rich and famous. So before you even get to the secret of success, people have decided for you what it has to mean. Is being rich and famous being successful?

Before we even get to success, why don't we think for a moment and realise what success means to us?

You see, we're not robots of the same company. We're individuals with various interests and lifestyles, and EACH one of us will have to forge a path of our OWN. That is what
successful people do, THAT is why the secret to success is so vague, because only
YOU know it, not some statistics or what another successful person did.
Yes, I know that fame and money might be your objectives, but that may not necessarily be success, that may just be you fulfilling your whims. Not for a second should we believe that celebrities lead the happiest, most fulfilling lives.

How would you define your success if you took money and fame out of the equation?

I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.
~Robert Lee Frost

Picture credit:
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Hbd many many more return of the day... aliA
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Aalia Khan Yousafzai

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How do you describe colour to the blind?
Red is the colour of blooming beauty, humility, and life, and injury.
It's like forcing malice felt to the kind.

How do you ever describe rain to the numb?
It's like precious crystal, it's like slaking relief and it's like weeping sweeping pain.
Like describing sound to the deaf and dumb.

How do you ever describe sound to the deaf?
It's what the nightingale feels like, the serene mother and the monster.
It's like feeling before you take a breath.

Can you ever see a mind and know only
The next galaxy, the depth of the oceans, the breadth of the sky?
It's like describing solitude to the lonely.

Image source:
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A true picture of beauty that lies beneath our universe. And all those who have experienced this. 
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This is a reminder to me that SECRETS (irony) in stories are essential to create suspense, intrigue, and a lot of fun for both writer and au

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introduce an idea create a benchmark think about the world observe the problems around you look beyond what you see help others love others care for others make others happy be kind to everyone change the world around you one day and make this planet a better place before leaving it Aadumm Jaag

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What the Universe wants...

Its striking how things have changed. And it's also striking how intentionally unaware we are of it- or at least I am. A few days back, I go

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Writers try to accomplish different things in different articles. The goal of an essay dictates the format and style of that piece. There ar

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“We want to be free! We want to be free to do what we want to do!” ~Heavenly Blues in the film ‘The Wild Angels’