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Your ethereal soul can change the world
Your ethereal soul can change the world


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If you care about me, if you have known me on G+ for all these years,
if you've at least been following me, please don't ignore this post.

Okay, dearies,

This may not be as serious as I've made it look like, (or maybe it is) but I know I have been ignorant and I haven't been posting as much as I used to, and then I have this "stupid minimalism thing going on" too that many of you don't get. (but I love)

You guys have been with me for about five years now. Five years. I would pour my heart out here on G+ and you people would read it. And I feel like such a bad person for abandoning all that because... yes, here goes why I've been weird...

First of all, YAY! I had this new haircut! I love it!

Secondly, I've been DEPRESSED AS HECK.

My mother passed away because of cancer.

I went through severe financial crisis.


Moving to a new city.

Drama, drama, family drama.

More deaths in the family. Like, four more.

People I love betraying and backstabbing and exploiting and hurting me.

I was also part of a police investigation (unfairly)

And much more.

I am not in Oman any more. I am not a teacher any more.

Now I'm more stable. Still not that stable but hey, see I'm smiling!

I want to be back in action on G+.

So it's your say! What do you think I should start writing? Articles? Poetry?
Any topic that you would like me to talk about? Any question about Islam?
Or ANYTHING else for that matter?

It's okay if this post goes ignored. (it's actually not. I'll cry) But I promise to start posting again and being with you people.


And I've missed you!


P.S I was told that having coffee is bad because it kills the nutrients in milk. Well, TAKE THAT! Black coffee. Check. Healthy Milk. Check.

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*How's your Eid going?"
A warm Eid Mubarak from me to y'all! For many, it may be boring or hectic
or what not but for smart people, it's not very difficult to have fun!

Cheers and salaams!
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Really great getting to know +DeAno Jackson (who ditched me for the first part of the show (no, don't take me seriously (do take me seriously) :)
Geek Questioner Podcast #0060
DeAno Jackson & Urkel The Battle Mage
Covering June 16th - June 22nd, 2017
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This week we interview the executive producer of +Geeks of the Round and someone I've been dying to geek out with for years, +DeAno Jackson. Join as we discuss everything from being behind on video games to having a close encounter of the Samuel L Jackson kind, and so much more!

Following the interview, we discuss your answers to the week's questions. That means we check in on your reading survival, learn about the documentaries you love, find out which fictional dads remind you of yours, witness the strange things you would add noodles to, hear how your trip to Oz went, discover your favorite summertime activities, and a lot more!

Join my co-host +Aalia Khan Yousafzai and I for our latest shenanigans and if you like it, please subscribe and feel free to comment below! Oh and sign up if you want to be a guest!

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27:27 - Friday:
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58:56 - Wrap Up

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Shoaib- one of our brilliant children at The Tent School System. He's the first to answer questions in class and the first to leave when school is over!

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It was a lot of fun!
Geek Questioner Podcast #0059
Jenn Kirkland & The Fish Named Jim
Covering June 9th - June 15th, 2017
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This week we interview Seattle native, writer, mom & all-around geek +Jenn Kirkland. Join us as we seriously nerd out over doing tech support, geeky parenting, gaming of all kinds, killing astronaut Barbie, being River song & so much more!

Following the interview, we discuss your answers to the week's questions. We discuss your first unhappy endings, what your family motto's are, your favorite series to binge watch, putting Batman in strange places, who you'd have direct the story of your life, some of your product reviews of Melange, what fictional city you think is the most dangerous, and more!

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Here I am, chiseling stanzas, molding verses,
Mixing hand-picked words like I am brushing tresses,
Trying to identify colours of feelings
Trying to entertain myself among the wailings.

The tip of my finger caresses the paper
That knows all my secrets. As if it's my lover,
It makes me forget for some time. Who's the sculptor?
Waves hit me. Oh, it's just grief, my dear paper.

Red. Red. I'll paint it red, bleeding red. Blooming red.
Across the curving planes of a frozen smile's lips,
And the tip of the outstretched finger's softened tips,
And a slender throat, trapped by things unsaid.

The small feet, you'll see, don't belong on the ground there
Or the pedestal, or on the bed, or in a carriage, but air-
Ebony, stone tresses will then turn to flowing silk
And oddly jutting shoulder blades will grow their wings.

The arched back is a pose of utmost prayer,
Somewhere between pleasure, pain and stubborn hope
For one leg still stands firm when the other bends.
Face turned up, defiantly with eyes of purple fire.

Somewhere above the heart, her fair chest is blackened
But she still wears white, against her will weakened.
The dress would flow around her if she just twirled
If he held her outstretched hand to dance with her.

But they just proudly placed her on a lone pedestal
Admirers galore. Their stares make her unravel
As her eyes shine brighter with the blazing purple.
Yet, she stands. She stands against hurdle.

There is a bead upon the swell of her round cheek,
It came from the sky that wept for her, it had been.
With every sick heart and blind eye that admired her,
It felt like stabbing, telling her of her true worth.

Locked with emotion, the hollow of her throat's deep.
Deep as the black hole in the seventh heaven's keep.
Her chin sticks out to make it seem little, shallow
But her pose is of she who'd jump in the black pit below.

She wouldn't care to be shattered- she's made of bits.
Wouldn't care to be honoured. Her heart is but sick.
She wants the frozen smile to melt into warm lips
And bright light upon her blackened chest, where it dips.

She now enjoy's the rain's brutal peltings on her,
Yet, they don't take the bead away, in her honour.
She could fall apart or she could stand tall, smiling.
She stands tall, still, smiling, in hope, through the harsh pelting.

Here I am, chiseling with ink, pen and paper
I am creating from loss, pain and desire,
Something of beauty, something of wonder, right here.
It's up to you, who you want to be, bringer of tears.

#poetry #bleedingwords #art #sculpture
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Has anyone ever driven you crazy?
#feminism #women #crazy #minimalism

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I'd like you to actually think over this, dearies, because once you get through
this article with total honesty, you might not be the same person again.

How much of your real self do you show, and how much do you hide?
Do you even have a "real self"? (I'll expand on this question later on here)

I see people every day. I meet them, I interact with them. And I also feel it when they're too lost in their endeavours (decided by their family or society) to even have these two selves.

I know it would be very daring to come up and be honest about hiding
some part of yourself from people because you obviously do it for a reason.

(you can ignore below paragraph. It's just me rambling about myself. It's just supposed to give you courage to be honest)

So maybe I'll do it first too, seeing how I've been attacked by honesty lately. I, for one, would say that I have about four to five selves? Hahaha, really, I do. And they're all real. Because of the situations I'm thrown in, I have to decide which version of myself would suffice and all of them are pretty similar. In all of the versions, I am smiling and I try to be kind and polite. I try to be honest. But then it comes to how much I share with given person. If I am having the worst day of my life, or if I have something that makes me ecstatic, would I share it or not? Probably not. Would I be reckless? Would I let lose my temper? Would I talk to inanimate objects like I usually do and talk about fairies and wingardium laviosa or accio or how I'm SO fluorine? Would I giggle as much? Would I actually share what I do all night? Would I crack satirical or lame jokes? No. And it's not even my choice any more. It's just me, these days. Sometimes I'm just to embarrassed of my troubles. I want to be strong and the first thing I'll do is show others I'm strong, that it's just not affecting me.

But then again, I mustered the guts to share this all with you! To sum it all up,
I hide my real self many times because I don't think I'll be understood
and because I don't think it's worth it and I like keeping up a certain
reputation in my circles. Period.

Now, coming to your REAL selves, and the so called life changing part of this article. I'll get back to the second question and in more detail now-
How much do you think your society or family ACTUALLY affects you in
the way you dress, think or make decisions?

This is a tough one because, many of us don't even know who we really are.

What would you be like and what would you do if you didn't have to get a degree?

What would you be like and what would you do, if you didn't have that job that you depend on?

What would you be like if you had to dress just for yourself?

What would you do if you suddenly found yourself on a marooned island
for a few years with a few best friends?

Do the answers make you happy? Why not?

After you have these answers, how much do you think you'd want to utilise them and apply them to your life positively?



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So this is what I've been up to, dearies!

#education #students #teachers #knowledge
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