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Aalia Khan Yousafzai
Your ethereal soul can change the world
Your ethereal soul can change the world


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If you care about me, if you have known me on G+ for all these years,
if you've at least been following me, please don't ignore this post.

Okay, dearies,

This may not be as serious as I've made it look like, (or maybe it is) but I know I have been ignorant and I haven't been posting as much as I used to, and then I have this "stupid minimalism thing going on" too that many of you don't get. (but I love)

You guys have been with me for about five years now. Five years. I would pour my heart out here on G+ and you people would read it. And I feel like such a bad person for abandoning all that because... yes, here goes why I've been weird...

First of all, YAY! I had this new haircut! I love it!

Secondly, I've been DEPRESSED AS HECK.

My mother passed away because of cancer.

I went through severe financial crisis.


Moving to a new city.

Drama, drama, family drama.

More deaths in the family. Like, four more.

People I love betraying and backstabbing and exploiting and hurting me.

I was also part of a police investigation (unfairly)

And much more.

I am not in Oman any more. I am not a teacher any more.

Now I'm more stable. Still not that stable but hey, see I'm smiling!

I want to be back in action on G+.

So it's your say! What do you think I should start writing? Articles? Poetry?
Any topic that you would like me to talk about? Any question about Islam?
Or ANYTHING else for that matter?

It's okay if this post goes ignored. (it's actually not. I'll cry) But I promise to start posting again and being with you people.


And I've missed you!


P.S I was told that having coffee is bad because it kills the nutrients in milk. Well, TAKE THAT! Black coffee. Check. Healthy Milk. Check.

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And I am back! Unfortunately, I wasn't able to make it for the guest interview but hey, it's all the usual fun. Make sure to listen in!
+Buddhini Samarasinghe & The Dystopian Breadmaker
Geek Questioner Podcast #0082
Covering Dec 1st - Dec 7th, 2017
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This week I geek out with science writer, voracious reader & bread experimenter, @budd +Buddhini Samarasinghe from her home in London. Join us as we learn about her day job helping translate science into English, some of her thoughts on the state of scientific research, the tragic end of her Runescape adventures, and a whole lot more!

Following the interview, +Aalia Khan Yousafzai joins me to discuss your answers to the week's questions. We find out where you'd be stuck fictionally, what animals you'd love to transform into, the movies & TV shows you prefer to watch in groups, some very funny uses you came up with for chicken, the real locations in our solar system you'd love to visit, how your purchase of Icarus wings went, your examples of sentences that make no sense in 1997 and more!

Join us for our latest shenanigans and if you enjoy it, please subscribe and share us with your geeky friends! Oh and sign up if you want to be a guest!

Guest Links:
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Timeline & Question Links:
00:00 - Interview
30:36 - Commercial - Melange Addiction PSA
32:53 - Friday:
38:35 - Saturday:
42:25 - Sunday:
46:38 - Monday:
51:16 - Tuesday:
57:02 - Wednesday:
60:19 - Thursday:
65:15 - Wrap Up

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She wears red lipstick
And curls her tresses
To turn "Hello no!"
To sweet "Hell yeah!"

Acid disentegrating the heart
Seeps to eyes, concentrating afar,
Flows to planes of her face.
Who can say now that she's misplaced?

So goes the story of vanity;
The story of obsenity-
Armour she wore for sanity
To lead her to serenity.
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Hello dearies!
Here is another one of my poetry recitals. This one, I think the people who really know me would get. I've been "in control" while saying it out loud as the whole context is about having a sense of control.

I hope you enjoy!

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Hello, dearies! How are you doing?

So I recorded another one of my poems! Click on the link to listen!
I was hesitant about this because you might have trouble trying to understand what I'm trying to say and it might sound like utter random excrement but I've always been honest with you guys and I share a lot with you so that's why I'm doing this. I have already recorded the next one and that one's more heartfelt and less cryptic. I'll post that one too, in a few days.

Take care,


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Fallen Angel
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This is a VERY raw piece of poetry that took courage to recite and courage
to post but you guys deserve this from me.
Also, please don't worry about me. I am fine. I got carried away while reciting it but I'm perfectly fine now.

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I made a voice recording for you!
Click on the link to play and listen to my voice recording and do give me feedback if you wish (no, really, I want it, DO give me feedback!)

I apologise for the bad audio quality. I also wanted it to fade out in the end but messed up, for anyone who would think this is an (admittedly) pathetic, amateur attempt so yeah, just focus on what I'm saying rather than how bad the recording sounds. I'm also suffering from a cold so my voice isn't in the best condition but I spent ALL afternoon making this.


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