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Are people born evil? How far do you let people go in shaping who YOU are? These are age old questions that still have paradoxical answers. Do you see the good in people, being too naive to ignore the evil in them? Or are you a judgey, rude, mistrustful and pessimistic person because of shady people in this big, bad world?(DON'T correct me! I know there are milder attitudes but talking about extremes makes it simple) When you meet a stranger, is it with the air of liking or apprehension?

If you ask me, I might just fit into the latter category because of some terrible past experiences. I don't forgive, I don't forget, and I might even kill but I force myself to see the good in them. Sometimes, I don't even do that. I give up hope in their goodness. I'd rather be with nature in the nature vs nurture debate in this argument, at least, and maybe I'm wrong about it. Over the years, I've learned that its not just about good or evil- there are shades of grey, there is self deception and delusion, there are the weak minded who succumb to the easier way only to be crushed by greater guilt, and some who choose to do the lesser evil for the greater good.

It's easy to tell others its okay when they have to deal with such people, but I've met people who are cruel beyond most people's imagination, with dark, irredeemable souls beyond hope. These people have affected people around them, turned their lives into hell
and changed them in incredible ways To cut an incredibly intriguing, long story short, I'll just say that I know of two grown men were the sons of such a cruel and loathed man. The older son is determined to be nothing like his father while the younger followed in his footsteps. It does sound like juvenile a story for kids to learn morals from... doesn't it? But why not? We don't have to make things hard for ourselves. What I'm trying to say is, we all do get affected but WE decide how. If you're reading this, ****z, you'll know I'm talking to you.

I also feel that a good writer is one who makes us feel sympathy and even empathy towards the villain that we have to brush off before returning to the hero's side. Now if I tell you about how I absolutely loved the story of how a woman fell in love with her torturer and abductor you'll judge me and I won't blame you because I'd also have shouted "Stockholm syndrome!" upon hearing of such idiocy, but the writer worked magic with her psychological approach towards the goodness and pain locked within that monster and WHAT made him that monster, how he was starved for love, was deprived of goodness. He redeemed himself so I was okay with the ending. 
But how far is too far when it comes to having faith in someone's goodness? I like to believe in it, half expecting my hopes to get shattered.

So, dearies, what's your concept of good and bad, and how do you let others make you who YOU are?

Hope. There's a saying in Urdu that says this entire world thrives upon hope. Dismayingly, hope is something too fragile to count on, yet, amazingly, it's also that miracle which makes life go on, literally and figuratively.

Cheers and salaams!!!!!
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People are not born good or evil they are born with the ability to breathe.
I am always amazed at the concepts we project into the world.

For me hope is not fragile
it resists hatred and defeat despair
refusing to judge good and evil is not naive
it resists prejudice and opens minds

Often we create our own heel on earth when we label others. For example I have been following the limited post of +Aalia Khan Yousafzai  that reach me, and from my understanding of your judgement about westerners like me I am supposed to think you are evil, backwards, and uneducated.
 In the world according to the post written +Aalia Khan Yousafzai I am already judged to be something I'm not and usually treated accordingly.

I see people as people for I try not to project the misinterpretation I've been taught to apply. Human made labels of good and evil seem to prevent us from ever seeing the truth.

Yes, I agree that first impressions are more about the predetermined mindset of the observer than the actual attributes of the observed. Often our first impressions are inaccurate and it always makes me wonder where is the extreme of suspending judgement until one has an opportunity to arrive at a less biased conclusion free from our premature misapplication of other peoples' concept of good and evil.

Maybe if we should individually try to reduce the amount of suffering in the world instead of aspiring to be what others define as good, for the road to hell isn't paved with less suffering, it's paved with good intentions that ignore the other sides point of view.

In my limit experience in the world I commonly see that when one reaches for extremes to relate to the world then one tends to only see the world in extremes that warp reality and one tends to present oneself as unreasonable.
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Aalia Khan Yousafzai

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Because the experts said so. Really, it all comes down to this narrow minded statement, and this attitude is also very common among the supposedly well educated people- from the half truths the media tells us, the beliefs imbibed in us-aha.... wait.. not only religious, by blindly relying on scholars but even the belief called belief in the evolution theory, or facts researchers and scientists tell us- which keep changing with time as more discoveries are made, or even old beliefs that come down from generation to generation.

I clarify- we must, and I do appreciate the time experts spend researching on a subject and lending us that knowledge but I think in order to respect their findings or conception, we should make an effort to understand their reasoning and if that expert discourages queries then there must by a fault in his or her hypothesis. We can't lose our individuality, not use the brains we're blessed with, by swallowing anything and everything we're given without question. This habit of blind acceptance and ignorance has created rifts between societies. I don't think I need to state the hows and why's of it. I'm most familiar with Islam so I'll give an Islamic example, that the reason we're Muslims now is because a long time ago, Muhammad (S) spent hours questioning his own beliefs of idolatry and his companions also had the *courage to challenge old beliefs. 

Chemotherapy and many other medicines were supposed to help cancer patients but it's done more harm than good. Aspirin turned out to be fatal. Similarly, a lot of chemical medicines do help, but create far larger side-effects. Instead of finding away to prevent diseases, which would make the pharmaceutical companies collapse, we're made to be a part if this drug industry. Oh yes, you do hear terrible stories and warnings about drug addiction and here we are, at least dependent on paracetamol if not anything else.

The next part of my endless rant is about the media. What I say will be nullified if it conflicts with what a hot shot politician says or "reputable"  news channel states. Who certified them?? Faulty humans like US.

Before I end this, I would also like to mention an experiment Milgram in 1974 did on obedience. In short, when the student volunteers were deluded into thinking they were given the right orders by a certified figure of authority, that is was completely safe and important to the cause, 75% of them gave lethal electric shocks to the later on, unwilling volunteers. Hard to believe, but it's human nature. Of course, the"unwilling" volunteers were fake and the shocks weren't real.

If we don't begin questing for knowledge, then we're doomed and all those who know what they're doing will rule over us while we worry about mundane issues and squabble over petty things

So, dearies, to what extent do you go by the words of experts and how often do you question, or attempt to gain knowledge?

This post was inspired by one of the most awesome people I've met here on G+ +Francis Anderson 

"Anyone who pursues a course in search of knowledge, God will ease his way to paradise. - Prophet Muhammad (S)

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+Sharjeel Shaikh if this is your response then you clearly didn't read the verses right. You're hopeless. So now you have also introduced the concept of ghosts into Islam. As far as I know only Jinn and angels exist as per the Qur'an. When we die, we enter another dimension that is cut off from this world. The hadith contradicts with the Quran. The only way we can ever communicate again is after the Day of judgement so yes, I need proof that living people can communicate with the dead or where Allah permits or orders us to ask from the dead and not him. Where? Where are we encouraged to do that in the Qur'an? Allah says, "Invoke in me and I will respond." Did I read invoke in the PROPHET? Sorry but we are not Christians. Na'uzubillah every prophet came with the message of asking from Allah, not humans. Again, you bring sectism while I talk about Islam. Of course if you tell non Muslims of some ridiculous customs of asking from ghosts or bashing yourself black and blue, it doesn't make sense to them. Instead of calling upon our Lord, we should depend on the ability of the dead to hear us because of a hadith we read and interpreted? Or misinterpreted? What if only the newly dead can hear you? Ever thought of that possibility? Why is it wrong to only ask from Allah?
+Mohib Saloh I have always respected you but you have hurt me by implying what you just did. I feel the pain of my shaheed Muslims. I have lived the decent life of a Muslimah who prays ONLY to Allah and gives Zakat. You have NO RIGHT to say such terrible things to me. I haven't done any crime for you guys to pick on me so harshly.

If anything, as I draft this comment, I must add that I've been very disheartened by the response I've gotten for this post and from the kind of terrible private messages I'm getting, I'm going to remove a lot of people from my circles and block them. This argument is going nowhere. I hadn't intended it to be a religious debate but some adamant people here just can't see past what they allow themselves to see.

I'm sure we've all had a say. Some of you will ask from dead people, thinking it's a better way to reach Allah although I believe he's close to our hearts. He has said it himself, but you don't believe it. Whatever verse I show you, you will see past it, I know that. I pray to Allah and only Allah, I ask from him and only him and I'll keep doing that because that's what I know it right because that's what's in the Qu'ran and that's the message Muhammad(S) brought to us.
 Also, please don't message me for a few days. I'm going through a very busy and stressful phase.


Aalia Khan Yousafzai

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I wished you last year,
Not knowing it'd bring me here;
To have come to know someone so fussy, yet so sweet,
Coming from a person here so "busy" but hey, does greet!
You're annoying at times, and it's you- you're great!
You're always finding ways to conquer twists of fate.
You're noble in your own ways,
And humble in every way,:
You get sad so soon, but then rise so high,
And this awesome friend is mine!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY +Ghulam e Mustafa !!!

(You think I could forget, han??)
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awesomes post.....its greating to me to see 

Aalia Khan Yousafzai

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*Are you a victim of advertisements? We see the ads for the supposedly "best" products, or entertain ourselves or get terribly annoyed when they interrupt something we're watching with great interest with lengthy advertisements but how does it really affect us and society in general?

If you ask me, I'm all anti-ads. They're misleading, full of exaggeration or totally off the point at times while at others, they have this psychological effect on the youth these days- the brand fever and the celebrity complex. "Bad boy is cool" complex for boys and. "The thinner the better" for girls because ads aren't limited to TV commercials. There's the issue of what the magazines and tabloids promote, even movies. There are also posters and billboards. (talk about clutter and deforestation!)

Also, I never achieved the incredibly smooth and silky hair using Sunsilk!

I think the only way to find a good product is looking for it, and if a product is really good, there's social media where friends recommend each other like crazy and it gets popular. Moreover, I haven't seen Apple spending as much as the other companies on advertisements at all but we all know it's the best!
Ads should be catchy, to the point, un-exaggerated, consumer friendly especially cost wise with no convenient omission of the disadvantages. If the thing is good, it sells. In fact, when I see a product being advertised rather too much, it only proves how desperate they are to increase the sales.

What are your opinions, dearies?

Oh by the way, I say, with a careless wave of my hand that this topic was up for debate in my college and you all know how I am with debates ;) AND it was aired on national TV :D We didn't even have too much time for prep. Just enough time before the cameras went on.

So here's my food for thought for you. Your opinions matter to me so let's keep this friendly exchange alive :)

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Hi alia how r u 
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Oh yeah!!! I am burstin' with joy! Greetings and Salaams, dearies! Hope you're all doing fine. As for me, now that's me getting a certificate for my writing in front of the director, delegates and ambassadors :D
More reasons to be bursting with joy? My dad showed up for my birthday AND for this grand function which happened to be the day after that. It was a HUGE surprise for me. More reason to be happy? 
I just came back from my good ole village to Islamabad. It's been refreshing, after all the pressure of college and  mock exams. I've been writing lots of stories, articles and poetry and shall share them one by one but that's all for today!

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haaaaaaaaaaaan waqayeeee mjheyy dil sey khushiii huee thi :D :D 
excited b thi me :P 

or yeh baqi pics b dekhin meney woow :)) +Aalia Khan Yousafzai 
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Aalia Khan Yousafzai

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How many times have you lied to yourself? I know we all have, but the depth of the lie is what matters. No, I'm not talking about religious issues. Unfortunately, I live in a society where people can't see past themselves or their comfort. A short half hour ride with seven girls for a trip arranged by my college made me want to jump out of the window because of their over-use of the word "OhMyGod." "OhmyGod the seats!" "OhmyGod her three boyfriends!" "OhmyGod her hair" and so on. The best one so far? "My family comes from such and such elite cast and I won't be able to marry any one lower than us!"  They can't stop fretting and complaining. Then they ask me why I don't have many female friends. Where am I getting at? These girls, for example, are indulging in the self deception that they're over everyone, that no one understands them or their problems- problems that are petty compared to what others are going through.

When we return from our trip and back to college, we disperse. At least I do, away from them, as I pass by a girl ohmygoding about how all the boys love her. I see the ignored girl I saw earlier now gone blonde from brunette. She looked pretty even with her chocolate brown hair. She tries so hard to fit in.  It's all she wants. She thinks she has to, that it will make her life better. Maybe she even envies me for having the opportunity to mingle with the rich girls.  She despises them as much as she wants to be part of them.
What are we doing? We want to become the people we despise. It's going on at every level, not just this college level.
Most of the people of Pakistan hate the US for the drone attacks that killed many innocents, and it's only the elite class that is dying to go to the US, not for studying, not for any noble purpose, no- it's for indulging in the partying and no-strings-attached-relationships culture of the Western lifestyle. Drugs. Drinking. Relationships left right and center. That's what rich kids do here and there, and they will without being questioned when away from Asia. what happened to dear patriotism, our rich culture and education?

The West thinks we don't have enough education or resources here. They're wrong. The problem is that the resources are gone unappreciated, unused and the opportunities are ignored.

Now the boys' side- they feel the need to pull in girls. Without that, their self esteem goes down and what do they really end up doing in the process? Messing up lives. The girl who was ohmygoding about how boys love her? What do the boys have to say about her? That she's a cheap girl who can be used any time. That they're they best players and just because they give a girl attention doesn't mean she's the most beautiful creature on earth. Boys aren't that dumb- they can see whether a girl is using him as a trophy, to hog money or just to make herself feel better. Needless to say, the boys aren't with them for any noble reason. 

I've seen people change. They get money and they change. Maybe it's arrogance or just selfishness. But I see that as being ungrateful for the friends who could could have and had done anything and everything for them. Money is important, but it can't be trusted. I've also seen people change when they lose money. They become bitter, but never let go of their arrogance. And those people who they hurt? They'll hurt them when they get the money.

It's all a perpetual cycle.

We think we can look at ourselves in the mirror without guilt. Can we?
We think it's a job we need to make us happy, it isn't.
We think it's a degree, but we often realise it isn't.
We think it's finding love or money but who are we fooling? We end up being insecure or vain in that quest.
We think it's beauty. Maybe it is important but what will one do with an empty, flamboyant shell?
We feel we need to follow our passion, but what if we're doing
something we'll regret forever to pursue what we think we want?

No one's life is perfect, but when we go to bed at night and feel
content with what we have and motivated to solve our issues
and help others, then that's perfect.

Cheers, dearies!
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Article z so Awsome that I Was so in it that never know when the last line finished and did'nt wanted it to ........:-)......its perfectely perfect.....
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Aalia Khan Yousafzai

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One glance; your eyes speak volumes;
Unbidden, like smoke rising in plumes.
You glance away, masking it all.
They can't betray; the eyes are saying it all.

A glimmer of hope;
A shimmer bestowed,
A glimpse of your soul,
Is all I own.

A story untold,
I dare it unfold for me to behold.
What's beneath all those layers?
Beyond the words of all the sayers?

You feel it- that freezing surge of fear.
I feel it- that boiling urge to hear.
I'm here, oh, I'm here,
To wipe away your every tear.

We both look away, never to speak of it again,
But I should say- I do understand,
That burning, hot desire,
Like blazing, amber fire.

We both walk away, but I should've said I do care.
I'll just go away, but you should've said you do share,
The need to bond;
To be freed, you too long.

I feel the change in the ambiance;
That shiver, that radiance.
The soul quivers in its stance,
As this glorious scent wavers like dying fire in a sconce.

To the same path, we belong.
But these united paths have long been forlorn. 
And alone, we choose to go on,
While those who mean nothing to us cheer on.

Unbidden, the thoughts sizzle, arise;
Forbidden. We silently bury their demise.
A safe haven is the sparkle in your eyes.
It's given- their depths could never be surmised.

This haunting beauty has many duplicitous faces.
Your soothing aura has many ubiquitous traces.
My essence is in these chalices,
That you might call my eyes or oasis.

If only you could hear the rhythm of my heart,
You'd have known it's synonymous with yours from the start.
You're bright, and you're dark,
Like I'm subtle and I'm stark.

Oh, but we'll never convey,
All we have to say.
We'll just turn and walk away,
From magic as ethereal as fae.

Forgiven, I let you part,
To let you slip away so far.
And yet, together, here we are,
To smoulder, to fight, to conquer.

I'll defy this throbbing pull of gravity,
In a heartbeat, like an ebbing tsunami, might make you my enemy,
But the glint in your eyes is a reflection of mine,
Beneath our cloud nine.

P.S Not every poem is written for a particular person and sorry to disappoint you all but I'm still not in love :P
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Aalia Khan Yousafzai

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I won't deny that my heart will flip and flutter and I'd flash a smile if I see Ian Somerhalder right in front of me because yes, I do  appreciate beauty and before anyone throws the phrase "beauty is in the eye
of the beholder", I would like to say that maybe, just maybe, physical beauty is universal. Now who hates the sight of a breathtaking hanging garden?

But you know, it takes one rude remark from a handsome face that can make me want to punch it with equal passion. It takes you one second to crush a beautiful flower if you know it's poisonous and could possibly harm you. If you intend to keep it then you're delusional.

Now attraction is a tricky thing. After an initial attraction due to physical features, it's a beautiful person that attracts and demands attention. These people may not be celebs or the cream of the society, but the devotion and admiration they get is immeasurable. I've seen a wrinkled, old, disabled woman being treated like a queen by her entire family who considers everything about her to be beautiful. They are there 24/7 sons, daughters, husband, in laws to answer her every need because she has a beautiful soul. Any woman her age would want to swap places with her in order to be surrounded by so much love.
But what happens to vain, shallow people once their beauty fades away with age? Once the fans of their beauty find someone better to admire? Bleakness.

I see so many people spending millions on treatments to tweak their bodies to achieve a level of physical beauty. Who are they pleasing and fooling? Themselves or the onlookers? Do we need to look a certain way in order to be appreciated? Do we have to fit into their requirements in order to be liked? No. I don't think so. While genuine people may be hard to find, I don't think we should waste our time trying to temporarily attract fickle people.
Oprah Winfrey is loved by many not for her physical beauty. It's because she is a beautiful person who had inspired many and whose spirit I admire. 

I just finished reading this great book called Entreat Me by Grace. Draven. Loved it! It's a retelling of one of my most favourite fairy tales called Beauty and the Beast. It really made me think, since I live in a society where girls are paranoid even about a wayward strand of hair. How Louvaen came to love the beast was epic.

Beauty is universal but its recognition is only in the eye of the beholder.
We all like to look good in order to be confident and build a good self esteem but if we're already confident, we won't worry about our looks.

::Takes a deep breath::

So what is your perception of beauty, dearies?
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Would you ask the Prophet to make Qu'ran al karim shorter for you ain't got no time? Some things need more words than others. No offence intended.
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Aalia Khan Yousafzai

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I know your first reply will be a big, fat NO but if you stop and think, we all have at some point of our lives. The benefits and wisdom of being nonjudgmental are numerous but I was wondering, how much is too far? As in, when does one lose the right to say, "Don't judge me!" Because as we all know, too much of anything is harmful. Are we hypocritical by being nonjudgmental about women and their nudity while virgins or burkha clad women are looked down upon these days? We're open minded enough to accept homosexuality but cannot accept the concept of consensual arranged marriages. Drinking wine can be accepted and is not judged but if someone abstains, they're backward. Are these all not CHOICES? To me, the whole concept of judging only revolves around fitting in a specific perception.Is it still judging when you judge others for judging? Is judging just limited to not letting others interfere in your decisions, however WRONG they are? Is it still judging when we interfere when a son is mistreating his mother? Is turning your face away from problems liberalism, just because we can't do anything to change the situation?

I'm not a very judgmental person, but that doesn't mean I close my eyes to issues that need attention. This goes far beyond pointing at the probably devastated, "feelingless" woman who didn't cry upon her mother's death, or the girl notorious for "stealing boyfriends" or "the boy who breaks hearts" or "the race that will go to hell."_It's about acknowledging the truth, even if it means admitting there are various versions of it, and being a mature adult about it rather than playing the blame game with the 'mightier than thou' attitude. It's about _seeing reasons for the attitudes of others, not making excuses for them. It's about seeing the bigger picture, and finding the good in others no matter what.

So, I'll ask again, dearies, how far do you let yourself judge people and what do you decide to do about it? I might just share my stories too!

I'll depart by telling you about a very famous Hadith(Islamic record).

There was once this pious man whose neighbour was a prostitute. He would disregard her all the time about her disgusting acts and immoral way of life. One day, the woman was passing by and saw a thirsty dog. She brought the dog some water in her shoe and Allah loved her kindness so much, and disliked the man's arrogance and found his judgmental attitude so wrong, all his good deeds were transferred to the prostitute's 'deeds' scale and all her bad deeds were transferred to him.

Have a good time, dearies :) Ciao!
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wow, such an interesting topic. I don't know whether it will make sense or not but i think we have the right to judge people :) but partly, for this life only not the life hereafter. why i am saying this ? there a reason behind it. judgement on behalf of action is necessary for the sake of justice. if we won't judge people then there would be no peace in society. yes, it is not necessary that all the judgements we made are accurate 100 %. And i think both the religion and society (moral and ethics) allow us to judge people for their action for the sake of providing justice and maintaining peace and stability. the rest is in GOD's hand, may be, according to us a person might be wrong doer but he might be higher in ranks then us in court of GOD. 
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I also write short stories and am currently working on a novel. None of my stories have been published and hardly any has been shared on social media.... as yet.

Still, no one has succeeded in this AS OF YET...
Without deleting the above while editing, I might just say that someone finally answered the question but that doesn't mean you can't give it a try ;)

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