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Aakaash Jois

The app drawer and the quickdrawer both list the apps installed. It seems kind of redundant to have two features doing the same thing. Is there a way I can disable the app drawer?

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Can anyone help me with this issue? I am unable to get AnimatedVectorDrawable to animate.

Hi, I am using the DayNight theme in my app. I know that most of the values can be modified to support this by using the "-night" tag ( like, drawables-night and colors-night). I tried the same for mipmap (mipmap-night) and it did not work. Is there a different way to handle app icons for DayNight theme? I am trying to make app icon change as the app theme changes.

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Do you people use Samsung Good Lock?
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Yes. I love it!
Tried it. But not using it now.
Didn't try.

I love the launcher. I want to make it my daily driver but I find some small things which prevent that.

1. How do I change the apps in the first row of that most used apps? It displays Hangouts but I use WhatsApp more. And it displays Chromer but to open a webpage manually, I need to make use of Chrome. So how do I change that?

2. Can I get an options to hide certain apps from my app drawer? Most of the watch face apps show up in the app drawer and I'd like to hide those.

Does Android provide support libraries for creating a bottom navigation bar? Or should I just make use of TabLayout?

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Has anyone found any difference in Battery Life by using the App Optimization in Settings?

Has anyone tried Encrypt device options in settings? Does it have any performance changes on Note 5?
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