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I've reached level 5 as an #Ingress agent.

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Dear pundits of the world:

Democracy is NOT a competition.

That is all.

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Holy shit. Legend is awesome.

Excerpt: "Examples of such names are: Farir Axebearer, Fistbeard Beardfist, Sigurd Blackhammer, Ebenezer Clutchpurse, Varin Firewalker, Rhes Goldcutter, Khandar Magehand, Janus Invictus Malleolus, Mangus von Mangusson, and Valhim Rockbeard."

Those of you who attended Metatopia with me will be pleased to know that I FINALLY finished that goddamn box of Goldfish.

Best customer service experience ever:

1) Get a problem, report it, hear back in one hour with a request for the file causing the problem

2) Send it in and in two days they've updated the app to fix the problem and sent me an email thanking me for my help.


App's name is Cheftap, btw.

To celebrate, I will be making cookies! =D

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This is all too important to me personally right now... and there are all too many people out there for whom it's even more important. People whose diseases have not yet been studied should still have insurance to cover whatever the medical establishment CAN do for them. Sign this petition if you agree... they need about 3500 more signatures in 10 days!

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Facebook has announced a new feature today: Irresponsibility Index

This powerful new feature uses hidden cookies to collect data on every single interaction a user has, not just with Facebook, but with the entire web, and accumulates this data in a centralized server bank (access to server bank itself is reserved exclusively for the NSA). This data is then cross-referenced and algorithmic programs estimate an individual's likelihood to be irresponsible on the job.

Our valued corporate clients can then add Irresponsibility Indexing to their service features and when they look at someone's Facebook profile it will provide them with their index value. They can then use this data to determine whether they wish to give this person a job or, if employed already, arrange for a convenient termination.

Anyone wishing to opt out of this feature can choose to do so at any time through their privacy settings. However, we have already deployed the hidden cookies for the past month, so we have a pretty good idea about where you stand. And the act of disabling this feature will cause a meteoric rise to your Irresponsibility Index Value, so we recommend that you do not do that if you want to have any hope of remaining employable. Also, anything you post that is viewable by another profile will be fed into the server bank and unless you are talking to yourself, we will get your data anyway.

However, we want to assure our corporate clients that they have the best possible indication of your trustworthiness, so we have developed a predictive modelling program that uses publicly available data from other parts of the internet to estimate what your Irresponsibility Index value would be had you not opted out. So you might want to make sure you stay in the program, just in case our predictive model accidentally determines you are riskier than you actually are*.

At Facebook, we truly care about your concerns. We have even set up a special e-mail address to take your heartfelt impressions on our new features; Please submit your feelings about this new feature today!

Remember, we value your privacy and your control over your information!

* Preliminary testing shows the predictive model is accurate down to +/- 50%

RPGs and "State-Based" Social Interaction

When it comes to immersion, I like "state-based" models of social interactions a bit more than "goal-oriented" models.

An example of a state-based model would be 3rd-edition DnD's Diplomacy, Intimidate and Charm mechanics. Roll to change an attitude, which lasts the scene. Then roll Charisma directly to accomplish something if you've reached the limits of the new attitude.

An example of the inverse is Burning Wheel/Mouse Guard and other games that treat social interaction by setting an overall goal and working out a compromise.

The idea is that it's easier to work a scene if you have detail -- even sparse detail -- about what people (especially NPCs) are thinking. The constraints also make it easier to roleplay, at least in theory.

The problem is that I've never seen a state-based mechanic I really like. Obviously, 3E's is too simple if you want social mechanics to play a significant part of the game.

Any ideas? Counterarguments? Other models you really like and want to share?
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