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It's a Friday night and we're up to absolutely no good. Will you come play with us? I've teamed up with +Dave Levine of to bring you a taste of XBIZ's 2013 Awards -- one of the biggest shows in adult entertainment.  +matthew rappaport and I are hosting a Hangout On Air tonight discussing current trends in pleasure and sexuality, with frequent updates from Dave, who will be reporting live from the show. Bring your questions, quips and curiosity and experience the event from the comfort of your couch, where clothing is always optional. 

To RSVP for the event, visit the event page here (if you have set your location accurately on Google+, the event page will tell you the time of the show in your specific time zone): 

If you are in the adult industry or have a lot to say about it, leave a comment and we'll consider you for a segment. 
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That's a great use of HoA +A.V. Flox, incorporating the live element is going to be an interesting challenge. :-)
+Fraser Cain, I know! I'm really excited to give this a try. None of us have used Hangouts quite like this before, so it will be fantastic to check it out. It's my hope that we'll continue to get creative with the tools we have at our disposal so we can give people the best experience possible.

Do you think you'll tune in? How might we incorporate a little science into this? I was having an interesting discussion with +Michael Habib about how an anatomist might measure male genitalia most accurately...

How do we get the universe into this? ;)
+A.V. Flox We incorporated a remote element into our Curiosity landing coverage, with two people actually stations at NASA JPL during the landing. It worked really well, mostly because NASA has really sick internet speeds. I'm not sure what kinds of devices can join an HoA, right now, so you might be stuck lugging around a laptop with a portable 4G connection.

6 inches = 4.93894764 × 10-18 Parsecs if that's at all helpful.

Or 1.61090368 × 10-17 light years
"6 inches = 4.93894764 × 10-18 Parsecs" -- oh, +Fraser Cain, you're hilarious.

I envy you NASA speeds. Dave is going to be doing it from a tablet, so we'll see how that goes and report back. I wish we were in Japan. 
+Tommy Leung, that would be an awesome discussion. You free tonight and in the mood to jump in and talk a little about that? That would be epic. I know I haven't seen any duck cock-shaped toys. Maybe under the fetish section... ? 
(A woman posted about sex and not only did no one say "nice bewbs, wanna chat," people responding started talking about Parsecs and cladograms. I wanna plus Google+ so hard.)
+Tommy Leung, oh my God. I didn't even think about insects. That is absolutely fascinating. 
+Tommy Leung, I'm going to ping her and see whether she might join me to talk a little about her show. Great idea! 
You are wonderful my dear, yet of all the things you report on, the sexual topics are of least interest to me personally.  I'm sure it will do well in any case... it is the world we live in.  Wish you all the best!
+Todd Green, that's kind of a bummer seeing how I'm largely, you know, a sex columnist, but I can assure you that sex encompasses many disciplines. You never know when biology, economics, physics, chemistry, law, politics, technology, literature, mathematics, or philosophy will pop up next. That's the best part about sex -- it touches so much of everything.
I'm totally confused. According to the event page, this happened yesterday, & I missed it. ?!?
+Lionel Lauer, is G+ not doing time conversions properly for those of you who are across the International Dateline? 
It is happening in one hour and eighteen minutes or so, +Lionel Lauer, for the record. 
+Lionel Lauer, interesting. When it goes live, I will share the Hangout with you. Do you want to join us to talk about sex for a bit? 
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