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"I don't think I'm cynical!" I exclaimed. "Do you think I'm cynical?"
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I love Minchin.  It'd be really cool to get to go to one of his shows some day.
Tim Minchin turns my head around. In wonderful ways.
Having finally been able to watch the video... Seems likely. :D

Though it seems to me that the thing that makes a good pairing a great pairing, as with wine, is not just the base ingredients, but the maturation process. Given a good match and enough good years, and the right kind of work, symbiosis does - as he mentions - seem to set in. Hopefully not like bigotry, though.
Totally true yet it makes love feel even more special to me. A process that you work on together is more fun.
+Christina Talbott-Clark, I have a lot to say on this topic. Alas, it lends itself not to my mobile device. Perhaps a Google Hangout when I'm back on a stable connection! 
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