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I am working. But I should be doing something more like this. You?
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I am pottering about. But I should be doing something more like this :)
Im working and should be working. 
I'm stuck at work as well, things like this don't help, lol.
I would if the internet would stop being interesting. 
+James McHale, I feel like I should apologize, except, well, I'm not sorry. I really ought to be tearing this house apart. 
+John Edgell, on a scale from one to ten, how awful is it to pistol-whip someone awake at 6:30AM on a weekday? On a scale from one to ten, how likely is this to result in coitus? Yeah, I thought so.
+A.V. Flox for sex? 
I dont htink ive ever complained about being woken up for sex, sleepy sex is the best way to wake up. Best way to start the day as well.
Oh, hell with it. See you guys later. xo
+A.V. Flox Lol, so true. I'll start drafting my 'Hot Assassin' wanted ad :)
Careful, devoted readers will know this isn't the first time you've mentioned Mr. & Mrs. (2005). Consider a future post about why this film--a favorite of mine, too--is a touchstone for you? I've my own thesis, but will keep it on the shelf for now.
I was doing a fair job of work with minor multitasking...and then you go and post this. Damn you +A.V. Flox ! You have me all confuddled now lol
+A.V. Flox There's no accounting for taste. Some people would love to be pistol-whipped awake at 6:30 AM.

And now back to work...
I could argue with that sentiment but that would be foolish beyond belief
Well! That worked out well for everyone involved. How are you guys holding up?
+Ellis Booker, what's there to say? Action romance done well is hard to come by. I love this film.
+A.V. Flox Things are just fine on this end, though I must concur with +Rachel Blum. The occasional daydream is flitting to and fro about my brain.
It's so nice to have you back, +Rachel Blum. December was cruel and unusual without you. 
+A.V. Flox Aww, thank you! (Not that there's anything wrong with unusual cruelty ;)

It's good to be back, too. Though it'll have to be in moderation.
+Rachel Blum, you're right; that doesn't work. How about: without you even edge play feels like something out of Fifty Shades.
Not to over think this wonderful scene, but I'd say it's a mistake to focus on this or that move or slap. All that lovely choreography is simply expressing the emotion of the scene: A married couple rediscovering each other, including the exciting, unknown, possibly dangerous parts.  "Hi, stranger," Jolie says. That says it all. 
+Ellis Booker, she says that at the beginning, too, the first time they wake up together. It's such a great detail. I honestly think the key to romance is always remaining partially a stranger and allowing that in your partner. 
+A.V. Flox Ever wake up in the middle of the night and see, in the inky-blackness, a new lover watching you from across the room, smoking in a rocking chair? Yeah, like that. 
Only with my cat like reflexes. Its all i need. I keep my kevlar helmet under my bed for burglars though. That would leave a dink. I would be more worried about my wife waking to find a strange woman after her husband,  
+Ellis Booker, no, that's creepy. But he's totally allowed to look at me curled up on his chest as he plays with my hair. 
+A.V. Flox What a loaded question :)

Yes, it was indeed. Very relaxing, especially since I also had time off at work. Caught up on some reading, lots of sleeping, and a few other things that I rarely get to do.
The thought of waking up to find two attractive women wrestling over me doesnt sound all that bad to me. 
+A.V. Flox Thanks for saying it was creepy. It happened in college, and it won't surprise you to hear that I remember the incident in vivid detail. 
+Ellis Booker, there's got to be a way to do it that's not alienating even as it is adoring. Great Expectations has a scene between Gwyneth Paltrow and Ethan Hawke that involves her smoking, a silhouette at the window. I want to say she's sitting but I can't recall. That's alienating also, of course. Is it the cigarette? The distance? 
+A.V. Flox I think it maps to the discussion at hand: The Stranger. See, we'd only just started seeing each other. We were, literally, still strangers. To fill out the story, I sat bolt upright and said, probably too loud: "Hey, wait...What. What are you doing?" "I'm watching you sleep," she said, softly, her face illuminated for a second by a drag on the cigarette. "Well don't," I said. That's all I remember. We weren't a couple for much longer, but the details of our last night together is a whole other story--one I'll deliver another time.  
+Ellis Booker, strangers and alienation don't jive, though. There is a special intimacy between strangers, a freedom. I feel too much alienation clouds that purity with expectation and twisted longing. 
+A.V. Flox Ah, but do you have that much replaceable furniture? 
Is the suggestion that one needs a prop department (preferably standing by) for good sex? 
Is this a writerly trait, I wonder, +Ellis Booker? The ability to recognize that and the compulsion to long for it? 
+Josh CuriousJosh, Americans redecorate often enough -- why not? Replacing everything doubles as therapy for the suburban malaise!
+A.V. Flox I'd say that taking an observational outpost is easier, less complicated, less messy with strangers, whether you're a writer or not. For people inclined to do this--whether they're writers or not--maintaining intimate romantic relationships will always be a struggle, unfortunately.  
Can't say about the pistol whipping, +A.V. Flox, but if you're curious what happens after two potential partners blade duel for a while, then I have some stories for you...
+A.V. Flox  I see! so this is a sponsored post for Ikea disposable furniture! 

Americans... wreck your house with sex... Ikea furniture will break quickly anyway... more stuff and redecorate annually with Ikea!
Your disposable buying habits support our american life.
LOVE Mr. and Mrs. Smith ~ crackling electricity between Angelina and Brad.  Rowr.
+John Edgell  The thought of waking up to find two attractive women wrestling over me doesn't sound all that bad to me.
It isn't. Although I wasn't asleep at the time. Then they decided to gang up on me.</smug>
+A.V. Flox How do you mean, the key to romance is always remaining partially a stranger? A stranger in what sense? And is romance here the same as, related to, or distinct from love?

I think lovers need to retain their individuality to be healthy, but there's a lot to be said for a relationship where partners know each other inside and out and have no secrets. It can be a great source of comfort. 
Well, I'm going rock climbing with someone cute tonight... that kinda counts, right?
+Lionel Lauer nope.  Climbing harness isn't that comfy over my clothes - I can't imagine...

ok i'm not even going to finish that sentence.
+Lionel Lauer it is totally not about how it looks.
But even straight up rock climbing is pretty fun.  Rope, knots, trust in each other's hands...  there's always time for nekkid later.
No one should freefall naked, +Lionel Lauer. That's all I'm saying about that one. 
I hope I get to hear some DETAILS. How did autocorrect get dildos out of details? Sigh.
+A.V. Flox Yeah...freefalling in the nude? That just sounds like it'd leave you numb all over, and not in a good way.
+A.V. Flox you just made me gigglesnort my coffee!  Details may be arranged... dildos are not typically part of my climbing kit.

I am less worried about freefall naked, and more worried about the landing... you have to roll, right?
There are some bits of me (starting with my shoulders) where I just don't want gravel rash.
And a certain amount of physical coordination, which I am notoriously lacking.
nope, I have done precisely one tandem skydive and we landed on our feet no problem, I was clothed though
+Lionel Lauer I climb because I love it - I can go as slow as I like, it's at least as much about the mind game as the body, there is no competition except with yourself, and it makes me feel strong.
I am precisely the wrong body type, and a total wuss who is not prepared to kill myself trying, so I'm not any good at it.  I just do it for fun.
+Perry Winkle if I'm climbing with you, and I'm in trouble, you had better have both hands and all thoughts on the rope you're holding that's keeping me safe.

Oh yeah, the other good thing about climbings is the view when you're belaying :)
If I'm climbing with you, I still might try to give you a hand in certain places ;)

If you're in trouble, of course I would do my best to be a good anchor.
If I were climbing and my date was groping me ... that will not go over well 87% of the time.
If I was the date, I would limit myself to the other 13% ... at least until later
Ive done 30 or so sky dives and about 10 military jumps. Never managed to do one naked. Got my testicle stuck under the leg strap as i jumped once. That hurt. 
I heard Angie has some serious sex appeal IRL.  Some women are hot irregardless of how they look it's just by how they act.
+A.V. Flox: Oh don't worry, I can be very well behaved. Sometimes. Occasionally. A little.
Perfect, +A.V. Flox.  Always important to be prepared.  [puts fresh roll of duct tape in with the blades]
You've come to the right place, then!
If I don't get pistol whipped I will get blue-balls. Thankfully I don't get blue-balls sleeping alone.
Speaking of climbing & pair bonding, there's something I love about King Lines.

In this climbing film, probably the best sport climber in the world travels the globe to find the most amazing climbs including some sick volcanic rock in Venezuela & the awesome arc in Mallorca.

While stopping to compete in Spain the camera shows a couple of shots of the very beautiful Daila Ojeda in what appears to be the first time they meet.

I noted a certain look in her eyes as she watches him and did some googling after the film only to find that they are now a couple. Aesthetically, one of the best shot & edited climbing films out there.

Who knew that Brad and Angelina were method actors.
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