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Summary: Fluke says that the President had some words of encouragement for her, and thanked her for speaking out on behalf of American women. In addition, he said her parents should be proud of her.

In addition from Presidential support, Fluke's University has defended her, calling Limbaugh's remarks misogynistic and Fluke "a model of civil discourse," even though it's Georgetown University's refusal to provide birth control coverage for its students that prompted Fluke to speak out in the first place.
Sandra Fluke, the young Georgetown Law student who has become the face of the pro-birth control mandate push, received quite a phone call before appearing on air with MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell today:
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In other news: Fuck you, Rush.
Limbaugh should go away. The media should lock him out once and for all.
I just posted an article about Rush Limbaugh's apology. He tried to explain it as his attempt at humor. 
+A.V. Flox

Yes he's clueless. One can only hope that he makes enough gaffes that all his sponsors leave him. 
He can be a liar and clueless. :)
As far as the University, I assume the people coming out in her defense are academics and administrators coming out of academia, whereas the ones denying women their health needs are religious leaders, coming out of the church, and thus slaves to doctrine.
+Euro Maestro , the way he was playing her clips in his follow-up show suggests he's very well aware of what she was saying. You have to hear at least some of it to pick and choose as well as he did.
+Ryan Cole , that said, I do know many Catholics who back this measure. They see their moral obligation as one between God and themselves, something each person must choose, not something they must impose on their employees. My parents are among them.
I don't know catholics in the USA but in Europe, they are more than often at the forefront of social fight. The hierarchy might sometimes take reactionary decisions but the troops are not like this.
A small fringe of catholics are extreme right conservative people.
For me, the frightful christians are the pentecostal, evangelical churches. They are extremely conservative, fanatics and not concerned at all in social goods. They are just machines to generate cash. In Europe, they kept under control but in Africa, this is a big concern and I believe very big trouble will come because of them.

I heard pentecostal pastors in Africa claiming that HIV is coming from contaminated condoms, menstrual pads... I heard them say that homosexuality is an abomination which should be condemned to death. They are the scum of Africa.
Tim S
Part of Limbaugh's apology reads "did not mean a personal attack on Ms. Fluke." How else could his words be construed? I agree that he a hypocrite and a liar but he has the freedom of speech guaranteed in this country. Ms Fluke also has the freedom to sue him for slander and defamation of character. I agree with Euro Maestro, it is his MO
+Timothy Shearon Yes, when I called you a slut and a prostitute and said that you should post your sex videos online, I didn't mean that as a personal attack.
+Olivier Malinur , that's horrifying. Unfortunately, the reality of Africa is not far from the fundamentalist Christian reality of the US. Every time there is a natural disaster, for example, one will hear of a church preaching hatred, saying those affected by the disaster are sinners who deserve the wrath of God.
Rush is a dumbfuck that keeps the left/right paradigm going by feeding the political whores a steady diet of bull shit. But, a broken clock is correct twice a day, where to politically force one individual to pay for the benefits of another is not only a political whore, but they are a bottom feeding parasitic leech on humanity.
Such politician must certainly be paid by Democrat. It's good and, for a foreigner, funny to see those excess.
+Stefen Randall , the notion that "we are all" going to be to forced to pay for this coverage is absurd. As clearly stated by the act itself, the cost will be footed by insurance companies, whose margins can easily handle the cost -- and many other preventive costs that people really should not be paying such outlandish sums of money for, given how much we all already pay for health insurance coverage in this country. No one is getting anything for free: these are people who are paying for health insurance already.

The fact that this is being paraded by certain people as some horrible thing we're all going to have to pay for is absurd. This isn't plastic surgery. This is something many women need in order to avoid complications from cysts and endometriosis, which will cost a great deal more for insurance companies to treat down the line. Further, the women who use the pill exclusively as a form of birth control will be saving insurance companies the money required to pay for OBGYN visits and other care, which far exceeds the cost of a year of birth control. Where in all this do you and other hard-working people fit in? You don't.
+A.V. Flox The only legitimate interaction between individuals, is offer and acceptance, direct exchange value for value.

No one can force someone else to buy their product which makes the national heath care not only a fraud, but organized criminality.

Government is command and obey, indirect exchange getting something for nothing. Government is nothing more than an organized crime syndicate, used by the criminally insane, hiding behind a facade of legitimacy offering a service at the point of a gun. Being complicit in organized criminally will make a criminal out of you.
That is actually a perfect solution, as criminals get free healthcare when they are in prison. Genius!
>libertarians showed up.

The line of demarcation between the morally sane and the criminally insane is reality.

Politics is using the delusion of the left/right paradigm of collective power to get the individual to do what they could never get them to do, individually. Pure criminality. NO one can be political without being criminal.
[Sips coffee with some amusement.]
But, +Stefen Randall , everyone is doing politic. Your posts are politics. As a citizen if the USA, you are a politician.
You can vote, you can protest, you can go on strike, you can organize signature petitions, you can speak in public, write to your voted representative. And much more.
You are a politician.

On the other side, you have the right to go in desert island and try to create your own society, in fact, try to survive without the help of a structured group.
Good luck. I tried it on a greek island called Peristera, offshore if Alonissos, in the sporads.
I succeeded to survive 6 days, then I took a boats and ran away.
+A.V. Flox
Consensus doesn't make something right.

True is true, even if no one believes it or not.
False is false, even if everyone believes it or not.
That is the same ludicrous idea that everyone is born a sinner that religion puts out, and it is only religion that can save you. It should be no surprise to anyone that government is the same construct as religion.
I listened to this testimony up to where she claimed $3000 as the cost of birth control, what? You bet it will be once it's included and paid for by your insurance. It's a Racket, Rush and Sandra are surely BOTH in on it and you're the looser in the deal.
+David Stickney , I'm sorry, by all means tell me your experience purchasing the oral contraceptive pill. Surely you know more about its cost than she does.
I helped pay for my ex's birth control, because we were a couple, and since we were having sex, it was also my responsibility to prevent unwanted pregnancy. Fortunately, most of the time, she was insured, and it was covered, but for a while, we were both uninsured, and it was a hardship, but not nearly as much as an unplanned for child. So, are the Catholic church and our beloved Republican politicians going to pay for rasing all the unplanned children that would be born if they have their way?
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