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We're live, discussing current trends in pleasure and bringing a taste of the XBIZ Awards to you from Century City, Los Angeles. is hanging out with 3 people right now in a live Hangout On Air! #hangoutsonairsteph wanamaker, A.V. Flox, and Dave Levine
Sex Toy Dave at the Adult Industry Xbiz Award Show w/ Matt Rappaport, A. V. Flox & more! and 3 others participated
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+Lionel Lauer you can say whatever you want on YT. Pretty sure there have been looooooots of videos on there with the F word said in them :^)
Circumcision can affect one's size, due to the scar tissue not being able to stretch as much as normal skin.
1/6th of my size is scar tissue. "Ol' Scar Tip" was my name in college.
hi everybody, hi AV
having connection issues, but listening in in spurts
What's the lifespan of your sex toys? Do you retire them? Break them? Get bored of them? (And the partners they came with?)
I went to a rather famous Quaker school outside of Philadelphia, so the health class wasn't terrifically, ummm, helpful. 
+steph wanamaker You have me picturing a woman getting herself off with a toy that's cabled to a giant solar panel. Too bad if a cloud passes in front of the sun. ;^)
+A.V. Flox sure, if you just want me to talk about exotic genitalia from the natural world!
+A.V. Flox  - Have you seen this yet? I saw it recently and thought of you immediately for some reason: Hysterical Literature: Session One: Stoya  I just remembered it when you mentioned the narratives you enjoy.

It's so beautiful and I love the choice of literature she picked. The actual moment is so incredibly beautiful. Art + release. 

(read her explanation first:  --- pretty sure she has one of my favorite blogs at this point in time)

(also, finally returning your email, I swear!)
+Vivienne Gucwa , yes! I have a killer interview with Clayton about it, too, that I have been waiting to post! I can't wait to share it with you guys! I bet you have an interesting take on the portraitist aspect of it!
The conversation is almost drifting towards what I was commenting on earlier in the thread...
Sorry I couldn't attend...was dealing with something on the opposite end of the spectrum instead.
+A.V. Flox finally someone who just said no to ´member´ :) The most ridiculous word in the English language and no, these don´t come with a membership card. 
Due to the T&C I can´t expand on it, but girl what a complicated hangout if you really need to obey by all the rules and still talk about sex.
It's already got several folks on it so unless the person involved wants to pop up more publicly I won't notify new people to it.

More that I kept getting invited to this happysex thing last night while watching someone on Hangout get phone calls because her stalker posted her number and address repeatedly on 4chan.  The discrepancy was sigh-making. :(
d'oh! I missed this! Just getting home last night from CES.
pfft... all the fun stuff happens while I'm at work.
+Kimberly Chapman, as long as they keep it to her phone, we're okay. I'm worried people will start showing up. 
That too.  Thankfully the people who will call are average 4chan fuckwits.  Only psychos will go to her house.  The trouble is, only psychos will go to her house. :(
Agreed, although as part of the discussion we all recognized that this sort craves that, because he desperately wants to paint himself as the victim (of her, of women, of society, of everything except his own asshattery), so even the mere threat of retaliation against him gives him fuel to keep going.
+Kimberly Chapman, so basically the answer is: "Try not to live in utter fear, hopefully the asshole will get tired of harassing you"? That doesn't work for me.
No.  We acknowledged that this guy (and many of his sort) won't get tired.  At best he might find another target, but that sucks too.

There is no good answer.  That, in and of itself, is the problem.

Frankly nothing's going to change until society does.  When this shit is a) funny to some, b) entitlement to many, and c) inconsequential to authorities, we are left with various coping elements here and there but no good framework to stop the nonsense.

You don't like it when people label or pigeonhole you, so I'll ask you not to imply that I'm sitting here doing nothing simply because I recognize after decades of direct and indirect experience that vigilantism doesn't help.
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