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Love conquers all, they say. Sometimes it does. Often it doesn't. I don't think it's a question of real love versus false love so much as the reality that love -- like longing, desire, faith, and even hate -- are facets of the cycle of hope and despair we inhabit. As with rock, paper and scissors, we never know what will see us through until we see the future's hand. Sometimes pure desire is enough to keep us going. Sometimes even love itself can't bring us home.
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Yeah......I agree. Happy New Year A.V. 
I don't think love is the issue here +A.V. Flox, but a matter of who we are loving. If we are counting on love from an external source, then yes, we will always be subject to the whims of the cycle of hope and despair. What we need, what we should learn to do, is properly love ourselves. Easy to say, not so easy to do. It's worth the effort though because when we succeed in that we are no longer at the mercy of others. We have a source of love that we can count on no matter what is acting upon us. Then we don't have to be concerned about being brought home because we will always be there.

Have a Happy New Year!  :-)
"They" say a lot of things. Unfortunately, in my experience, "they" are not always right. But with a new year, there is new hope. Happy New Year to you +A.V. Flox !
A friend had a sign in her garden. It read, "Bloom where you're planted". I remember it at times.
+Fred Fifield Well, nor should it. No love, no communion is perfect, but we can't let that stop us from trying:

Entre ce que je pense, ce que je veux dire, ce que je crois dire, ce que je dis, ce que vous avez envie d’entendre, ce que vous entendez, ce que vous comprenez... il y a dix possibilités qu’on ait des difficultés à communiquer. Mais essayons quand même...

- Bernard Werber

(Between that which I think, that which I want to say, that which I think I say, that which I say, that which you want to hear, that which you hear, that which you understand... there are ten possibilities for miscommunication. But let's try anyway...)
+Lionel Lauer Love is the only way to true victory; the only way to truly conquer an enemy is to make him no longer an enemy. But this does not mean that things don't sometimes fall apart. And sometimes stubbornness is all that holds two people together - for good or ill. 
Look at all the well wishes! Thank you! 
Love doesn't conquer all, but if you can walk away from the ruins knowing you have loved well, with your whole self, it's much easier to walk away and find the next thing to walk towards.
Nothing conquers everything.
But some things make for better memories.
Final de Ano tempo de parar, analisar e fazer uma completa
reflexão sobre a vida, pensar em cada momento vivido para descobrir
qual foi o saldo positivo de metas planejadas.

Neste ano que está surgindo tão cheio de promessas e esperanças
que venha marcado pela alegria e pela bem aventurança e realizações.

Que o futuro abra as portas de todos os corações prontos
para ele e que ajude aos que não estão prontos a se aperfeiçoar .

Que se tornem corações fortes grandes e completos de otimismo,
compreensão e força.

Para você essa pessoa tão especial queremos desejar
toda a felicidade desse novo tempo que se aproxima.

Que toda a esperança, emoções, vitórias e alegrias caiam como
uma enorme chuva em sua casa e sobre você e seus familiares.

Na passagem do ano que a luz divina se acenda dentro de seu coração.
Desejamos do fundo do coração que a promessa do ano novo seja cheia de esplendor e magia.

Boas festas!
+Kristin Milton  Soo True ! To give up is to admit defeat. It's people and events in our life that helps us learn about life and grow emotionally.
Happy New Year. I would suggest love as you describe it is but one aspect of  a lasting relationship. It is more about the relationship as a whole. The concepts go back to ancient Greece and probably further: eros, philos, and agape all describe different aspects of love.
Love conquers nothing, I would dare say. Love, however, is a source of infinite courage and willpower. With love, "giving up" doesn't even enters our field of awareness.

However, it takes wisdom to know that sometimes, no amount of willpower, courage or dedication will be sufficient to achieve the outcomes we desire. It takes wisdom to realize that not everything we want is what we need. It takes wisdom to know when to simply accept things rather than fight against them.

Love is a good emotion to have on our side, but it can't be the only thing steering the ship of our lives.
Sometimes pure desire is enough to keep us going. Sometimes even love itself can't bring us home.

Love is not only a deep emotion between a man and a woman. Love has a lot to do with responsibility before our reason even knows the concept of responsibility. Love is trust and cooperation with all that matters to us, and a deep sense of connection with life and our place in the world, our home. Even animals, not capable of much reasoning, are capable of love. Being smart and responsible is overlapping with caring that is an important part of love. If we didn't need love it would not have evolved and it would not be as strong as it is. Love is the connection we have with those who are our home.
+Sean Heffernan is that how you read it? I intended to say "not only", which means "also a deep emotion between a man and a woman but not only that but many other things as well".
+Sean Heffernan let me just refer to my concluding sentence, I'm quoting my earlier comment: Love is the connection we have with those who are our home.

Feel free to include your family, close friends, spouse(s), lover(s) regardless of gender or their number, pets, etc. Whoever really matters to you in they ways they do, excluding perhaps pure business relations. I wouldn't be surprised if some people even loved their business...
"Love is the province of the brave" -- TV on the radio :)
Have the Happiest of New Years lady. :)
Love, Desire, Passion
Emotions, Motivation
Challenge overcome

(a little haiku for you)
I lost My wife Sept.28/2012. It feels like the hole in My heart will never heal. I know She wants me to move-on and be happy. It's not always possibly for the intellect to override the emotions I feel with Her loss. I know It will get better with time .Thanks for the support. It is much appreciated.              Preston.
Sorry to hear of your loss +Preston Goossen. Yes, time heals and open your heart to love of various kinds.

+Preston Goossen, my heart goes out to you. I'm glad if my discussions here can privide a little warmth and community to you. She will never be replaced, but I think there is much in your heart still to give and you will. 
I don't bandy the word "Love " around lightly. It refers to a deep seated feeling that grows with familiarity over a period of time and adds so much to one's life experience that I am truly sorry for those people that never have the joy of knowing someone in their life that brings so much meaning.  
Is love an emotion, an energy.  It`s stronger between families, the more I understood love the less I relied on it.  I think for males staying ego-centric (self-centered) is better and just seeing who wants to fuck and going from there.
hi A.V? please don't worry you know thath everyone has somebody who loves her in some place and it is good to believe in youself anorther to live as well...i hope that love come in your life to give the joy you want ...take care of you you are a good girl ,so a beautiful woman ? see you next time
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