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Yes, I'm angry. The implication here is that if you are going to be a stripper for whatever reason, you can only be a stripper. Strippers are not allowed to be anything else — now or ever given how many people lose their jobs when adult history pasts come back to haunt them. But there is more here: the suggestion that sharing one’s personal narrative is a call for attention is something leveled against women all the time — especially those who write about anything relating to sex or the sex industry. It’s a silencing tactic to prevent sex workers — and, quite often, women in general — from sharing their realities. In the guise of offering “advice” Connelly is actually telling Tressler to please shut up.
The Houston Press unceremoniously outted Sarah Tressler as a writer, adjunct professor and stripper, suggesting that she's only doing what she's doing because she wants a book deal and a movie made ab...
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It's not an unreasonable headline, right? Let's try variations: "Senator by Day, John in Diapers by Night." "Megachurch Preacher by Day, Gay Punkboy by Night" "Catholic Bishop by Day, Pedophile by Night." "Conservative Presidential Candidate by Day, Capitalist Predator by Night."
Minor detail, but I'm curious what she's an adjunct professor of?
Equating stripping with sex crimes, such as pedophilia, seems wildly wrong to me. Further, the "preacher/gay punkboy" example is also off-base -- given that the preacher in that example was also a vocal, national figure who spoke out (vehemently) against homosexuality.

All in all, the firing seems unfortunate, unless there was a clear conflict of interest -- which doesn't seem to be the case in this instance.
+Bill Noble , the second tenet of the Society of Professional Journalists' code of ethics is clear: minimize harm. The question: "Does this information serve the public interest?" is a valid one here. I don't think the public was served. I don't think the public had anything to do with this story, whereas three of the headlines you mention do have public implications.
+Matt Shipman , you're quite right! Equating stripping -- a legal profession -- with pedophilia is absolutely inappropriate.
+Bill Noble You're right. The paper's headline in this case had no purpose except to cater to the prurient interests of some of their readers - and to sell papers.
BTW - just wanted to make clear that my first comment was intended satirically.
+Bill Noble , which is what makes the author's allegation that Sarah Tressler is stripping for attention so irritating.
I wonder if the Chronicle will ever give a concrete reason for the firing. Unless they have some ethical clause in a contract or hiring documentation, I don't see them having a leg to stand on. Too bad she is overemployeed, the Chronicle deserves to pay unemployment.
Come to think of it I have never seen a by night article about women I didn't hate.

This is a really vile example, but the kind of thing I see most common is Teacher by day, Derby girl by night or something. They all seem to imply that responsible adult women having lives outside of the office or home is shocking.
+Melissa Hall , it's a form of oppression, I feel, subtly suggesting women are only allowed to have two dimensions, not be complete individuals with varying interests and multifaceted lives.
+Josh Kupke , I hope she pursues a legal avenue, if only to start bucking employer's sense of entitlement toward employee's whole lives.
+A.V. Flox
suggesting women are only allowed to have two dimensions, not be complete individuals with varying interests and multifaceted lives. especially not if one of those interests is sexual.

Sort of a society wide version of the Madonna Whore thing, in fact these titles might as well be written Madonna by Day, Whore By Night!
Everybody needs to appreciate that this outrageous outing was approved by multiple people in the editorial department. In other words, its not like some hateful, can't-get-laid crank posted this on his personal blog. Lots of people at the Houston Press should be ashamed.
Does anyone have a time limits for our acting as if all thing either enhance or degrade us? Will anyone ever accept that it can be so tiring
A.V. I would like to share a perception of how quite a few men see women. would you go to its about bottom of page "fear" is title of post
+james mercer, I'm out at the moment, but the next time I have some time on the computer, I'll try to check it out, thanks.
It's possible that he's scarred with gynophobia. Looking through his blog, it's consistent with his inability to take responsibility for his actions. But like +Ellis Booker there are editors who let this pass too. When you look at the behaviour of the owners of the paper with regard to sex work the who thing looks rotten.

The hysteria can be whipped up against any women by any paper, but Village Voice Media have a particular interest in reassuring men that sex workers will live forgotten lives.
+Alun Salt, I actually feel very differently about the situation on Backpage: it's not sites that do this to women, it's the law. Decriminalizing prostitution would make it so much harder to traffic and enable other sex workers to come to law enforcement with information.

Picking on Backpage -- or Craigslist -- is a cheap, shallow attempt by politicians seeking reelection. It's so much easier to point to the web and say, "see? It's gone!" than it is to actually do anything that will improve the situation of sex workers.
I can see your point, and I'm coming into this from the shallow end, so it's almost certain I'll be wrong about something. In this case it's not the women but VVM's attitude that bothers me. If they're going to take these adverts and then follow through with misogyny in the editorial side then this looks like an intentionally abusive relationship. From my position of ignorance it comes as a disappointment that something associated with the Village Voice takes this line. From what little I'd heard I thought that they were good guys.

It's not really as simple as goodies and baddies though. One of the reasons I know I'm in the shallow end is that I didn't really pick up on one of your comments, what's the Chronicle's role in this? And the same story is going to come around again sooner or later with different names but the same script. I'd like a simple solution to fix this and obviously there isn't one. You've made it clear how important it is I support any colleague in a similar situation. A pledge to make a stand over an event that's not likely to happen doesn't feel like much help.
I would say men generally feel threatened in the workplace by women who may be willing to leverage their assets in ways that may give them an advantage. Essentially, they think, "if she's willing to do that, what else is on her list of things she'll do to get ahead. Where is she going to draw the line and how am I going to protect myself from that".

I can't say this is me, there are just too few women around, if one chooses to sleep to the top then so be it. Yes, I realize this is not what she was doing, but I am saying a lot of men (and women for that matter) are going to be left in a vacuum as to where she may or may not draw the line in her 2nd career.

In my university days a stripper sat next to me. In this case she was lost, and tried to use her womanly assets and flaunted that she was a stripper to me to as a method to leverage my help. I would have helped her either way, she just had to ask, as no everyone is as good at certain things/courses etc. How was this type of behavior going to continue into her professional life after school though...?

These ideas that are being labeled as sexism, and in some cases may actually be so, but when someone does something unpredictable out of the set of norms you operate in then there are legitimate concerns to question how they treat these norms themselves. People becoming defensive and feeling threatened when the norms they and their colleagues operate under isn't unrealistic, or even unacceptable. How they voice and deal with these concerns my cross the line but that is out of the scope of the point I am making, nor will I defend inappropriate responses beyond saying they aren't outside of the game anymore either, as the rules have changed.
A.V.stay away from the post I asked you to read. In reading some of the responds I will share and be gone. I consider myself a very lucky individual. I went into military at 17 and stayed for 23 years. I got a chance to live with, almost marry whores, strippers, prostitutes and bible believers. The thing that allowed me to laugh was when I returned to the United States, I had to deal with the most moral/immoral, ethical/unethical individuals you will ever meet. The blog would allow you to see me as crazy. The lines I wanted you to read goes as such. "And our female gender; you come from my rib, you enticed me to eat the apple, and your true name is Pandora". The lady mention 2 dimensions, You have no dimensions unless I authorize it. The sad part women are so use to that attitude and men are so use to having that attitude that nothing important has changed. Look at what is used to determine which state a republican will win. Now do not take that as the democrats are better. When I left Vietnam there were two things I promise myself. I would never vote or allow another person to call me a christian. The one thing I did learn, women can be and often are life savers.
+Alun Salt , here are my more developed thoughts on the harm achieved by people who want to shut down sites like Backpage and Craigslist:

This post focuses primarily on Craigslist, but the opinions are the same. What I don't mention is that Backpage was the entity that started charging to enable people to post erotic services ads in order to create a paper trail. The article goes on to illustrate how, in lieu of laws that allow sex workers to come forward with information, law enforcement can use sites to locate traffickers.

This article about Ashton Kutcher's DNA Foundation's crusade against the Village Voice adds more background on how these efforts thwart global policy to the detriment of sex workers and victims:

The latter also links two instances where I took on the Voice's coverage of both sex industry and sexual assault. I did this while working for the Voice, and having worked for the Voice I can say that the problem isn't company-wide, as +Ellis Booker suggests. Yes, editors have occasionally been involved in terrible coverage (as in the case of Ward Harkay's outrageous treatment of the Lara Logan assault story), but for the most part, bloggers function with little oversight. If you look at their Afterdark property (which originated under LA Weekly, another Village Voice Media weekly), you will see a completely different form of coverage of commercial sex. In fact, I've seen Afterdark take LA Weekly columnists to task for failing to correctly address an issue (as in the case of the L.A. condom ordinance, for instance). Sex-negativity is pervasive and unhelpful, but I won't throw the baby out with the bathwater.

As for your share of this story, where you say: "When the story comes out it's always the shame of the woman that's the story and never the parenting of the adults who leave their children free to watch porn and who knows what else." As a former stripper who's been walking the periphery of the sex industry for years, I refuse to allow you to bring my parents into your uninformed assessment of my life. Who are you to say what they did or didn't do? What do you know? You don't. You don't. It's this sort of generalized judgment that leads to bad policy and ridiculous crusades against women and men in the sex and adult industries. You don't know anything about us. If you want to help, you'll listen and read instead of sitting there casting judgment on things you don't have any real data to substantiate.
My apologies. I hadn't realised the share could be read that way. I can see that's offensive. I shall try to edit it to make it clearer what I mean.

Usually when I've seen this kind of story it's about a teacher or faculty member who has done nothing wrong in their job. What has happened is children where she works have stumbled on photos, or else there's a cry of "won't somebody think of the children?". In this case it's the parents of the children that I think have parenting responsibilities. It's not meant as a slur on whoever is being made a scapegoat.

As you suggest, I'll shut up and read and, I hope, learn.
Why does this story keep showing up in my notification box?
I am asking do not know answer or being funny. Your lead in right? I commented on what was interesting and I had something to share. I did that. Now new ideas to share. I have no idea how this works. who saw my comment. no one seems to respond to it. When you were having philosophical moment. I shared, There was no is he for real, does he really think that. Or as I look at bottom is it my setting. Ignorance is not always fun for me
There may be as many as a million individuals. Who could say dummy go do this and you will not have this problem. As you can tell I am not one of them. I love human problems and attempting to solve them is my joy of life. computer, way beyond this elderly brain
+james mercer , I'm sorry, I thought you told me not to read the post -- do you have a post you want me to read?
A.V. if you had the time there are 44 posts I would like you to read and share your thoughts on. With the notifications showing up I felt the need to share my perception. My poor brain make links where there are none (but I do not know how to sit up any kind of computer link. the links I embrace are like every setup we got. bottom/low end to top/high end. How many girls will have left home in the time we are having this conversation. How many will be met and brought into the business at the low end. How many will feel shame, get introduce to drugs and misuse. How many will kill themselves or be killed. How many stripper actually do so in shame, therefore family and friends do not know and use drugs to get through a performance, just earning a living to be stalked by (you figure out a word/name for them). How many I am high end true attitude is to look down on low end and act like the moral, ethical ladies look down on them. And the men, how many of them have the attitude I described. And while we are discussing, another one dies. After our discussion nothing has changed. Lately, each morning I go to twitter, facebook, google+ and say, No sin, no shame, no guilt, no blame, Happy Breathing Day. My needs are simple and that is what I want.
Oh, for Christ's sake.
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