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There's a relatively new network for meeting planners with a great group of people to connect with. They are full of great ideas and advice and are extremely open and willing to share their experiences and knowledge. Check them out!

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We used to call them ice breakers. As much as people hated them, the idea made them laugh and they worked. Well, they've come a long way, and are gaining momentum as networking opportunities at meetings and events. Here are several really great ideas!

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There is a lot of material out there on speaking up. However, some of us are in need of slowing down… thinking more carefully before we speak. We're thinking so fast and about so many things at once, it's sometimes hard to articulate those thoughts in a way that makes any sense to anyone. Some of us are also natural teachers. We want to share all the information we've learned about something. Me? I'm guilty of both. This article gives some good advice for people like me, and for people who need to slow down for other reasons. It explains concepts it took me a lot of years, frustration, and shooting myself in the foot, to figure out: things I am still trying to perfect. "Without understanding and buy-in from those you need to complete your idea, the information presented ends up being translated as “noise.” That's not really a good foundation for communication. Maybe by posting this, SOMEONE will get clued in earlier than me, and save themselves a lot of grief! 

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Most of us have had to do a good bit of negotiating with hotels. I thought this article had some good information about that. Let me know what you think about the article and what your suggestions might be. 

CONGRATULATIONS to Castles & Crusades for being our very first Lunch On Us giveaway winner!

He will be receiving a $50 GIFT CERTIFICATE to a national restaurant chain of his choosing. Please congratulate him and post, like, subscribe... Remember, this is YOUR space. You come here anyway, connect with others who are doing what you do! You can even add groups here! We'll be watching & responding. :)

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It's official! We are now AV Advantage! Please bear with us as we make this transition and keep an eye on us! We have lots of new and exciting things coming your way!
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