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The +AT&T Fan Page has gotten their hands on our newest +Windows Phone, the +Nokia Lumia 900. Tune in tonight at 8PM ET to their U-stream to hear them talk about the coolest features and ask questions live. Will you be smoked by a Windows phone?
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At&t should be bringing the new Nexus instead or I may have to switch to Verizon.
I'm really disappointed with AT&T. They opened pre-orders for the Nokia Lumia 900 on March 30 and I jumped on the opportunity and ordered 2 Lumia 900's at full retail price. According to the latest when checking the order status, there is no indication of when these phones would ship. What is the sense of pre-ordering, with the promise we would get them a couple days before everyone else and then renegue on it and not even give us a new delivery date? Is that what's really going on or are they just not updating the order status.
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