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What phone currently or in your past would you trade for the new HTC Titan Windows phone?
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Were the phones horrible or the network coverage?
Don't like Windows Phone layout so I wouldn't trade anything in for it. But you can announce the Galaxy Nexus and I will upgrade with a new 2 year agreement.
+AT&T : I hope (when you do decide to announce) the LG Nitro HD, it's not a response to the Galaxy Nexus on Verizon?! We're not that interested in Windows phones (even the upcoming Nokia Lumia Windows phones). WE WANT THE GALAXY NEXUS!!! If companies such as Virgin Mobile/Bell, and US Cellular getting this, why can't 'Big Blue' come through? Stop acting like a Death Star, pony up and make it happen!!!
Can't say I would take one if it was given to me and I don't know anyone that owns one. Sorry.
I would give up my Dell Venue Pro Windows Phone for the Titan!
+Renaud Lepage Have you spent some time with WP7? It does have its fans, but fully understand if you prefer another OS.

+Scott Joniec Thanks for the feedback it is just launching so you may know some who owns one soon.

+Carlos Peña A lot of decisions and work go into which products we offer. Checkout the series on Engadget that showcases the complexity of product launch: We will continue to evolve our Android portfolio and as always appreciate your feedback.
The only problem with Windows Phone, is that it hasn't done anything to differentiate itself from Android and iPhone. There just isn't anything that it does better than the Big Two. I actually enjoy the Windows Phone experience, but it isn't as customizable as Android, and doesn't have the Apple advertising and fully integrated ecosystem. For Windows Phone to compete, it needs to be the same experience from phone to tablet to pc, and everything in between.
None, how can such a big phone have such low screen resolution? Come back with 1280 x 720 and you will have my interest.
No thanks. But please do ping me when you decide to bring in the Galaxy Nexus with LTE. Not only would I trade in my current phone for that I'd also pay full retail price and still sign any piece of paper that you put in front of me.
+AT&T : I actually read those articles (part 1 and part 2) and understand 'a lot of decisions and work go into which products you offer (as you want full control of the process). I get that. I don't understand why this process needs to be lengthy and tedious when there's other carriers (even smaller than AT&T) which have the ability to move quicker-to-market? Tell me then why your #1 competitor (Verizon) always seems to beat you to the punch with the newest phones? Look at their current lineup? RAZR, ReZound, and Galaxy Nexus. For that matter, Virgin Mobile/Bell (Canada), US Cellular have all made announcements to carry the Galaxy Nexus. Most of these companies dwarf in size to AT&T! I haven't even mentioned all the carriers in Europe that are already selling this great phone! What will it take for the Galaxy Nexus to land on the AT&T network? And, months AFTER the competition? Doesn't make sense whatsoever. Be a LEADER than you'll get more respect! Case in-point, did you bother to read all the comments in that article. They are A LOT of VALID points. Take those to your people at the top and address them and just maybe your customer base will stop b**ching and complaining on your G+ and FB sites on your phone selection and service.
None, give us the GALAXY NEXUS!!!!
+AT&T I have unlimited data with you guys and have been your customer since 2005 and you might still lose yet another customer to Verizon because of phone selection... I want this phone and no other, my contract is over in 2 weeks, and if you guys do not plan on getting it, I will most definitely jump ship to Big Red...
I'm tempted to do the very same thing, been a customer for just as long. I would hate to have to leave, but the iPhone 4s was such a letdown that I want a Nexus device and only Verizon is offering it? Unacceptable.
+AT&T yes i did. In fact, I actually have a WP7-themed launcher in Android, and toyed with friends' WP7s. But WP7 is too spartan for its own good, and its so-called "ecosystem" is nowhere near the level it should have gotten to at this point in its life.

BTW: I'm getting anything that has pure sandwichness in it.
+At&t let me clarify, blackberry is wack so I'd trade any berry phone of the past & present to give the htc titan w/ mango a try but what I wish you guys would launch is the almighty Galaxy cream sandwich drizzled over a pure google experience...Umm pretty,pretty,pretty pleassssssssssse?!!
+AT&T Why wouldn't the public want the most advanced smartphone currently available on the second largest carrier? Please bring the Nexus.
I would rather wait for the Galaxy Nexus.
David A
Please bring the Galaxy Nexus, I am out of contract and READY. Make it right, with LTE and same Verixon Specs. January the latest. If not it will be too late and a lot of people would have made their mind. You got me for two more years as soon as you release it. 
when i started the video the google ad was for the galaxy nexus... att&t better get it
Google just needs to bring us the unlocked pentaband HSPA + version available overseas, so we aren't forced to be slaves to a single carrier for two years. Also, pricing for plans with an unsubsidized phone needs to be lower. If my phone isn't subsidized, I should not have to pay the subsidy. This is why the overseas market beats the snot out of the USA market in every way!
+Brandon McNaughton Exactly!!! Very good point made...Best Buy should release it since it supports pentaband, works on any gsm carrier in the states...wuzup google???
I just want the Galaxy Nexus!!!! Come on AT&T
GALAXY NEXUS. It should be a no brainier for big teleco.
+AT&T Here's my grip w/ at& guys need to revamp your charge in the smartphone biz...yeah,yeah,yeah you had the exclusive for a few w/ the iphone but your truly missing out on a huge consumer base who could give a rats a** about the iphone...blackberry is sinking faster than the titantic, windows phone is showing adoption rates @ a snails pace...take this one pointer from a geek who is savvy & keeps dialouge going w/ the everyday consumer on a regular basis>>Ummmm Droids are kind of a big deal; duh!! Why would you ask if we want the galaxy didn't ask if we wanted the galaxy SII then about 45 days later release the galaxy skyrocket(a lte version)...c'mon ma bell stop insulting your customers >_< Btw ask verizon about their android customer base & speaking of verizon are you guys planning on matching their double data promo for the holidays?! #stepyourgameup
+AT&T Please bring out the Galaxy Nexus soon! If you wait too long and CES comes around with all the new tech being showed off, I will most likely hold off so make it quick!

PS. I switched from +AT&T to +Sprint because of the EVO 4G and the lack of Android phones on AT&T at the time. Sprint's network sucks and I want to come back to AT&T but it will take the Galaxy Nexus to do that!

I'm thinking about going to Verizon but I would much rather hand my money to AT&T!!!!

Thanks and I look forward to my AT&T Galaxy Nexus very, very, soon! :)
Jon Davis
90 galaxy nexus comments in 4 hours before you locked the above post... this one gets 40 in over 24 hours. Probably get the galaxy nexus and sell them while it's hot. duh
@ Carl Bender we sure do & the nexus tablet that's coming!
can we just cut to the chase and get the galaxy nexus already? i have been using this 3gs for far too long.
AT&T needs to anounce the Nexus soon or I will leave AT&T for Verizon by Christmas, and take my 5 lines with me
Galaxy nexus, and that all we want!!!
Jake Utah
The only reason I have considered leaving +AT&T in the past was to go to T Mobile to get my Nexus on faster than anyone else. The only reason I am considering leaving AT&T now is because Verizon seems to have first dibs on the #GalaxyNexus. Do you get my drift. I would love it if you you took the lead and demanded consistent, timely Nexus releases... Starting with this one. All I want for Christmas is my Galaxy Nexus.
Can you please bring the Galaxy Note here and a 64gb Galaxy Nexus to compete with Iphone 4S....
I guess ATT is pretty poor at getting this coz if we go back and see nexus one -- T-Mobile, Nexus S -- T-Mobile, and Nexus Galaxy -- Verizon when will ATT be able to release a flagship phone 2020 I guess. I am still stuck with Motorola Backflip....I sorry we all need the Galaxy Nexus ASAP b4 holiday season done with reading all the rumors everyday......Galaxy Nexus on At&t...
Get a Galaxy S 2.. Better than Nexus when Ics will come to it...
It is better, better camera, more powerfull, full SD card support which IMO the my only reason not to get it...I don't want to be forced on just internal storage..I mean WTF this is not an iPHONE>..
actually had it for a week and then saw the ICS release returned will pretty late until SGS2 gets ICS on it....
Am wondering if the Samsung infuse will skip over gingerbread & get ics!
+Verlon Carroll I think it will not get it...but the source code is out...its better to wait for a ROM...I am waiting for a ROM for my Galaxy S 2..
+Ferny D. Please keep me posted, you think we'll get a Rom for the Acer iconia a500? to been there?
I'd trade my current Dell Venue Pro
not a thing but I'd trade my captivate for a Galaxy Nexus and a 2 year contract
You can buy the unlocked version when it comes out...
I would leave my current carrier for att if you brought a Galaxy Nexus over. Can't say the same for that lackluster wp7 joke.
Hmm I like WP7, it's just not my cup of tea. Bring the Galaxy Nexus - don't let Verizon get some of your customers because of the lack of a phone. I'm waiting it out for the Nexus - bring it quick! Lol. 
ICS coming to Galaxy S2 in January 2012
+Mark J I wouldn't call WP7 a lackluster joke. I currently own a Dell Venue Pro WP7 device and came from an iPhone 4 and prior to that, a Samsung Vibrant.

I would certainly say it's a matter of taste, as each person certainly appreciates different things in an OS. WP7 came late to the game, but they are making strides, in my opinion. They do have to catch up to Android's and iOS's years of head start. Having a third competitor in the game (Windows Phone) also may help bring more innovation.

But just as well, I will say Android 4.0 is looking very nice, and that Galaxy Nexus is certainly on my radar.
I highly doubt Galaxy S2 or Skyrocket on at&t will be getting ICS in January of 2012. Have you not noticed the lack of android OS updates on carrier/skinned phones?
Even doubt you will see an unlocked version get it in January.
Ditto on the Galaxy Nexus. As much as I would consider the Galaxy S II Skyrocket, I'd pull the trigger for the Galaxy Nexus if it showed up say, before the end of this year? If it doesn't show for another six months, then it's way too late.
If you get the Galaxy Nexus before Sprint, you can count me in. I'll switch both me and my wife over.
Looks like ATT had pulled down the request for having the Galaxy Nexus......this is another reason why ATT sucks.
PLEASE GOD sell the Galaxy Nexus! Would be a day 1 purchase for me.
Why take down the other post ?? i switched to att for the iphone , ill switch back for the SGN. Its about phones for me as the service is equal in my area.
We want vanilla Ice Cream Sandwich. We want the Galaxy Nexus.
+Ferny D. If you live in the U.S. where did you get one bc if +AT&T is really considering getting the galaxy nexus itz going to be dumb late...I need one like yesterday!!
I'll trade my HTC Surround if you'll give me an early upgrade. :)
+ 1 for the Galaxy Nexus... AT& T you better get this right or you might be loosing me and others to Verizon
I would trade my disdain for mobile providers if they would figure out they should always be carrying the Nexus branded phones. I personally don't get any Android device that isn't running Vanilla Android. I dislike a lot of the UIs, and find the only real purpose they serve is to make people wait months on end for an update, if they get one at all. I love my Nexus One, but no update to ICS...I need the Galaxy Nexus!
Maybe, but a Galaxy Nexus would be just as cool to me
Galaxy Nexus. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE AT&T- you have to get this phone.
Waiting for Galaxy Nexus. I don't want a Windows phone or any other phone At&t currently have. I am a long time customer but the lack of highend phones may force me to switch. :(
Galaxy Nexus or Galaxy Note get on it!!! why arent you selling these
Seriously considering making the jump to Red for the Galaxy Nexus!!
I have to say it do bring the Galaxy Nexus please!
Rui Li
Galaxy Nexus! Yes!
+AT&T : I smell a conspiracy coming along....first you take down the Galaxy Nexus question on G+ this morning (people were still +1'ng it!), and you (AT&T) don't post the same question on demand for the Galaxy Nexus on FB...what gives here? Did you just want to grow your circle base quickly on G+? Now, you have the attention of the Google community waiting on whether or not this is going to happen (silence is golden) while Verizon users are going to have this shortly? The GNex is going to quickly become one of the best-selling Android phones to-date. WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT??? YOUR MOVE +AT&T !!!!!
I wouldn't buy Nexus from AT&T. They can't support the devices they have now. I'll wait for a Euro version.
Nobody (that knows about the Galaxy Nexus) wants a Windows phone. I have 15+ years with AT&T (Cingular, SWB Wireless). I'd love to have a 4G (LTE) Galaxy Nexus with AT&T right now, but if I don't hear an announcement in the next couple weeks, I'm moving to Verizon. AT&T: get the Galaxy Nexus or start losing customers!

BTW, you aren't doing yourself a lot of favors by removing popular posts. I feel like moving to Verizon even sooner, just for pulling that crap.
I have only two words for AT&T:
Galaxy Nexus.
I also am temped to leave AT&T after years of loyalty to go to Verizon and get the Galaxy Nexus(if it had Google Wallet it would happen for sure). However I would prefer to just get it on AT&T. Also don't screw with it and stop blocking downloads of apps outside the Android Market it is lame.
Turned back in my iPhone 4s in hopes that phone would be released soon. I really want to stay with AT&T but your lack of initiative on the Galaxy Nexus is really making me consider other options . 
My Atrix is showing its age, Galaxy Nexus please!
I'd be more than happy to trade my HTC Aria for the HTC Titan.... and trade that one for a GSM LTE version of the Galaxy Nexus. I hope AT&T gets that phone...
Haha "you have to switch to AT&T, of course..." All 5 of them will sell it on eBay within a week. If you're on Cricket, you can't afford AT&T. Hell, I'm on T-Mobile and I can't afford AT&T, but that point is moot because I hate them so much (10+ years with them, 10/2000-12/2010) I refuse to REDUCE my bill to get back on my family's plan with them. Youuuu suck.
You know what would be really great however? If +AT&T offered the #GalaxyNexus! Please listen to your customers!!
GALAXY NEXUS would be one of the smartest marketing decisions you could make ATT! Bring this phone on your network and you will have a lot of T-Mobile customers along with Sprint jumping ship! We need #GalaxyNexus!
Would never downgrade from Android to Windows...Would only trade for the Google Galaxy Nexus...nothing else comes even close to this superphone.
only thing I'd trade for this crappy Windows phone is an very old Nokia L6. Then I'd sell it and get an Android phone (Galaxy Nexus). =)
Ty B
We want the Galaxy Nexus!!!
Galaxy Nexus... and don't load it up with bloatware.
13 days until my upgrade. Really hoping to see the Galaxy Nexus on the docket for available phones even at a $299 price tag. Don't make me get rid of my unlimited plan +AT&T because I will if needed! :D
I would say None, I would buy a Galaxy Nexus Off Contract or even the Euro version since it can run on ATT but for now I am currently happy with my sgs2 i777 non ShitRocket, but I would love a GN as pure google without the att bloatware/restrictions!
I'm holding out switching to att&t till the new Galaxy Nexus is available.
Same here....I am waiting for the nexus, or I am jumping to verizon when my contract ends...i'll likely bring my wife with me.
I'm with the Galaxy Nexus crowd. I hated that I not only had to wait longer to get my Nexus One on AT&T, but I had to buy it outright through Google since AT&T wouldn't sell it subsidized through them. Then came the Nexus S, but again AT&T didn't get it... at first. Unfortunately I had already upgraded to the Atrix after waiting a few months and not hearing any news from AT&T and I was in need of a phone. About 5 months after that the Nexus S FINALLY came to AT&T... which was almost 8 months after the release date of the phone if I'm not mistaken. Now AT&T deletes the post where people could vote who wanted the Galaxy Nexus and averts the questions by posting the link to the Engadget article on the process of phones making it to AT&T shelves with no explanation as to why the post was deleted or any inkling as to if the device is actually even in testing at all.

I'm growing wary of being with the carrier that gets the best phones last or not at all, and being with a carrier that when I go in to buy a new Android or Windows Phone device (whether for myself or with a friend) they always try and steer me and talk me into buying an iPhone, which is a great phone, but I went in knowing what I was there for and had no questions. I shouldn't have to talk the salesperson into selling me the phone I want if it's not an iPhone. It's almost a prime example that you're not listening to your customers' wants and needs.

This time your customers are being loud and clear. Galaxy Nexus all the way. Please don't make us wait again! It only hurts your image and your customer base.

Sorry to go off topic, but the original thread was deleted so I posted here with everyone else. Back on topic, I do have friends who are Windows Phone fans, it may not be my preference, but it works great for them and they like it and that's what matters. I bet my friend would be willing to trade both his Samsung Captivate and HTC Surround for the HTC Titan, but I'm confused as to why HTC recycled the name "Titan" from the former Windows Mobile slider the "TyTN" which was pronounced "Titan". Or was this an AT&T naming choice since the TyTN was actually renamed the Cingular 8525 then?
I don't care about a HTC phone...I was hoping I could get rid of this iPhone 4 for a Nexus. I'm shocked and a little P.O'd you guys weren't making plans to get it. Bad enough I can't get a Galaxy Note. 
I was hoping of possibly trading in my iPhone 4 for a Google Galaxy Nexus. It would be awesome if AT&T gives me that choice!
Samsung Focus without a doubt. Great OS poor hardware, the Titan fixes this problem by bring awesome hardware into the mix.
I want Galaxy Nexus from AT&T, please.
dreaming about a Galaxy Nexus for my birthday :-)
+Sean Reynolds : ha ha! sorry man! you know it's been pretty silent (more like tense) here after the flood of GNex polled requests yesterday...just trying to bring some humor into the game.
Seth Axen
I hate to sound like a broken record or an angry customer (which I'm not), but I too would love to get a Galaxy Nexus phone on +AT&T. I've been a loyal AT&T customer for 6 years and have been in the market for a new phone since I went off contract in February. The Atrix was a slam dunk but just wasn't me, the Galaxy SII is absolutely capital, and I laud you for placing such high-end phones in your line-up! And even better, the main reason I'm still an AT&T customer is because you'll let me keep my unlimited data plan. How cool is that?
I'd really like to get the stunning Galaxy Nexus phone on your network. If you decide not to carry it, I'll be disappointed, but not for long. Like I said, I'm a loyal customer; I'll settle for the Skyrocket. But if you're not going to carry it, please let us know soon, since I know I'm not the only person waiting with our old, slow phones to hear the verdict before we buy a new phone.
For a windows phone? I'd trade my other windows phone I was stupid enough to buy 6 years ago! Other than that, I'd choose ANY other phone! I'd even keep my old 1980s "CAR BAG" over a windows phone.
+Seth Axen I'm in that same boat...will probably "settle" for a Skyrocket if there's no progress in the next month or so. My Nexus One is getting very long on the tooth.
If the Galaxy Nexus doesn't come to AT&T - I may seriously consider jumping ship to Big Red. 
Galaxy Nexus. And not 6 months from now.
Since nobody else is saying it.....GALAXY NEXUS!!!
At the rate Verizon is going AT&T could probably launch the Galaxy Nexus before them. Get your AT&T elves cracking all ready.
I would rather lose my capability to determine colors then be forced to purchase or use wp7 or apple ios. I also will settle for a htc vivid or skyrocket. Due to simple fact of my phone will randomly turn it's volume up and down and screen on and off since it's recent submersed voyage to the bottom of a sink of dirty dish water. Just hurry up and get the galaxy nexus already. Thnx. Till then I'll enjoy the light and sound show.
Grant H
Give us the Galaxy Nexus!
We're crossing our fingers for an AT&T Galaxy Nexus variant. 
Yes, Samsun Galaxy Nexus please, everything else is just unnecessary noise.
Another vote for the Galaxy Nexus!
I wouldn't even trade my old Hero for a Titan. I would trade my EVO for a Galaxy Nexus, if you get my drift;) I'm off contract (with Sprint month-to-month) and the first carrier other than Verizon to release the Galaxy Nexus gets my money.

I think your customers and potential customers, like me, have made it clear that we want a GSM Galaxy Nexus.
i just want a galaxy nexus!
we all want the galaxy nexus, we dont want verizon to have it alone, we want it for AT&T, so start carrying it please
I love that guys are asking about a WP7 phone on a Google service, what response did you think you where going to get and o ya to second all the other post i have read WANT GALAXY NEXUS !!!!!
I've been on contract with +AT&T since 2001 (Nokia 3360, Razor, and now with iphone 3G) and have never had any complaints, I will however jump ship if +AT&T can't get me a Galaxy Nexus. So many people want that phone, it would be like shooting yourself in the foot if you don't make it available...
I believe AT&T hears us, Nexus Galaxy Please!
I would definitely use my upgrade on the Galaxy Nexus. Please AT&T make it available!!!!!! The LTE version please!!!!!
Certainly not a windows phone. I'm ready to upgrade from a 3GS and am hoping for the Samsung note but will jump on the nexus if that's available soon
AT&T do seem to be falling further behind Verizon. I think the T-Mobile attempt is a big distraction to them. They should spend the money on upgrading there network. Will give them another 2 years of contract money if they sell me a Galaxy Nexus. Been off contract for almost 2 years (since they did not carry my Nexus One).
I think at this point I really do not care if they do have Galaxy Nexus or not. As long as there is someone out there who sells it unlocked in the states that is. I am done with "branded" phones!
+Mark Chmarny, this has been the case in the past, but there are many problems now. It took two revisions of the Nexus One to get a UMTS/HSDPA bands that worked on AT&T's network, and those are shared by some other carriers (globally). At some point, thre may be a 3G version of the Galaxy Nexus available. Unfortunately, you're not getting your money's worth without LTE on any new device, and the chances of getting that without the phone being brought out by AT&T are slim to none.
Speaking of money, you've got another problem. AT&T does not make available bring-your-own-phone plans. Whether or not you purchase a subsidized phone through AT&T, you are paying as though you were. This doesn't mean that you're forced to use only subsidized phones, but your choice to overpay for a phone and plan is one you must make. It was worth it for me to buy a Nexus One outright at $530, but the choice is much harder for a phone that might cost around $900. If I'm paying for a phone anyway (as part of my AT&T bill), I'd rather it be the phone I'm using.
If I want a branded phone to be free of carrier bloatware, then having a phone that's unlockable and very well supported in the rom-brewer community (like anything in the Nexus line) makes it very easy to get a bloatware-free image quickly. I'm sure there will be a good image from +CyanogenMod for the Galaxy Nexus, if there isn't already.
+Chris Hawkins Good points. I sure hope the Galaxy Nexus will be available for less than $900, right? I also get your point about LTE, but, honestly, a 3G is pretty much all I need at this point. Rest of my family is on Tmo and if it wasn't for the fact that I need the ATT iPhone provided by my company, I would have never left magenta. Any way, looks like an exciting holiday period in the mobile world.
At this point, the GNex has been released in very few places. It is available in the UK, where it can be obtained in GSM format, SIM-free, for £529.95: $834.62 with current exchange rates. Add shipping to that, plus the fact that you would be capped at EDGE data rates, and the fact that Google will not be doing direct sales of this phone (as they did with the N1), and you have a pretty crummy deal.
Without big blue bringing this phone to market themselves, the only way I think you'll see 3G/4G speeds is to pick up a MiFi device for tethering, at the expense of a 2nd monthly bill.
Maybe AT&T was just being coy with the (now mysteriously removed) G+ comment saying (paraphrased) "we have no current plans to bring the Galaxy Nexus to market, but what do you guys think?" It's spurred a tremendous reaction on G+, and not really a positive one. To make it available by New Years, development on the device would have to have been in the works for a while now. Given the communication from them here, I doubt that has happened. If they started that development now, we're realistically looking no earlier than end of Q1 2012. Correct me if I'm wrong, AT&T (please)!
i believe bombarding this google+ page with replies of galaxy nexus on every post they make is the best chance we have. make our voice heard.
Give us the galaxy nexus!
+Chris Hawkins Actually the UK version is supposed to be penta-band for HSPA+ (14.4 MBPS I believe), and should work for 3G and the 3G+ both Tmo and At&T are calling "4G" on both carriers. Literally it is supposed to work on every GSM carrier. I have not seen reports other than the reviews (which have featured both AT&T and T-mo sims), but I am watching several forums carefully for when pre-ordered devices begin arriving from the UK and make sure nothing changed in the specs of the phones, and there is no tom-foolery with the sims cards once the phones are stateside.
I also figure I will give +AT&T about two months to get their act together and release an LTE Galaxy Nexus. I hate how AT&T drags out Nexus "testing" on their network, it accomplishes nothing but making them look even more Android un-friendly. The 6 month gap we have seen in the past is unacceptable (and probably a big factor in sales numbers, hint hint).
If AT&T were to handle the overwhelming demand above, they would be wise to be on the phone with Samsung and order about 100,000 units (just a test batch) at a discount, then sell as unlocked (not affecting contract terms) for the Nexus (historical- N1, NS, & GN) average price of ~ $600, and turn even a small profit. The diehard people interested above will (eventually) buy it unlocked, import it, and use it on AT&T's network anyways, why not try to make at least a little money on it? Just my thoughts...

But +AT&T , you need to do this now (like an HSPA+ version) in the next 3 weeks (and hopefully an LTE model to follow later on, as it seems Verizon had the foresight you didn't to grab exclusivity for the LTE market, and the timing would have been perfect with your LTE birth and rollout)- or you WILL MISS THE HYPE (aka sales).
I'm not going to even bother asking/begging "please ATT this, please ATT that" for the GN. If they dont carry it within a reasonable amount of time, then I'm switching to Verizon. They both have pretty much the same svc and coverage in my area. I've been with ATT for ~13 years - but so what. After dealing with the Froyo update crap with the Captivate (and still waiting on it to be updated to GB before end of 2011 like ATT said, b/c i dont want to root) and seeing how much Sense masks the Android OS as a whole, slows the OS down and those underspec'd batteries in HTC devices, i dont want another phone with that does not have vanilla Android. Not much of a fan of Motorola. Also, many Verizon customers are quite pissed b/c Verizon has installed 2 Verizon apps on the GN. Some say they would have gotten them anyways, but thats beside the point. I say that b/c now Verizon has the ability to interfere with the updates that come from Google to make sure their updates play nicely with their 2 pre-installed apps. That, to me, is not a pure Android experience. I'm willing to take my chances with that vs. not getting the GN on ATT at all or like someone else said, 8 months after its first release. I'm not switching to Magenta or Sprint based on svc in my area. Do I want to stay with ATT? Ofcourse. Am i willing to leave to go to Verizon? No diggity. No doubt.
+Stephen Knipe, I agree with you on how ATT should / could have used this opportunity to have their LTE expansion along with an LTE GN. Then they would have really been able to take advantage of those like us who want a GN no matter what, as well as those who want an LTE device and probably have no idea what the GN is.That would really be a win - win.
AT&T LTE GalNex? You guys are dreaming. We're getting LTE networks in canada earlier and we're still getting the HSPA+ GalNexi.

I mean, we litteraly have internet in our backpockets faster than dialup. Demanding LTE is like asking for the new shiny toy because it's shiny.
Would never get Windows phone. Ever. Ever. Android only. When will the Galaxy Nexus be available on AT&T?
+Stephen Knipe, I was not aware that any European phone using GSM frequencies had successfully worked on AT&T's UMTS networks. Generally, the freqencies match, but for use on GSM only. Even with HSPA (or HSPA+), you still are not at 4G. Yes, AT&T had a (stupid) marketing campaign to brand HSPA+ as 4G, and T-Mobile is still trying that same thing. AT&T does now have LTE in many of the larger US markets, including almost all of the ones I visit regularly. Because of the marketing screw up, they are branding this as "4G LTE" instead of just "4G." Though the protocol is LTE, the frequency bands chosen are not shared with any other LTE rollouts, and are not exchangable with Verizon's network. Simply having LTE on a phone does not allow it to work on AT&T's LTE network.

Why is LTE important to me? If I'm going to spend money on a new phone, I want the new phone to have the features that available in NEW phones. I have a Palm Treo 750 from early 2007 that is capable of connecting to AT&T's network at HSPA speeds. It also has something like a 400 MHz processor and Windows Mobile 5. It's old, and slow, and I have had several phones since then that are/were much better in many ways. The reason I want a Galaxy Nexus right now is that, right now, it's the newest and fastest, with brand spanking new software on it. I don't want the phone if it's going to use technolgy from 5 years ago with network speeds from 5 years ago. Frankly, I won't want the phone if I can't get it for another 3 months. In 3 months, there will be half a dozen or so phones available, all with better speeds and features and all with LTE.

This market moves to quickly to be this far behind on this phone at this point. There isn't anyone here commenting about the Galaxy Nexus on this thread that hasn't known about the phone for several months already. Since AT&T isn't here telling us that the phone is available RIGHT NOW -- or at least giving us excuses about why it won't be available until Christmas (2011) -- they have already dropped the ball. Though, it might be more accurate to say that the ball rolled right through their feet and it's out of arm's reach now. Sad.
I am also ready to purchase a Galaxy Nexus for use on AT&T.
galaxy nexus.. please.. are the stores going to have the galaxy SII phones for one penny like Amazon and Sam's Club.
Why do you try to misguide people about how AT&T test phones? Iphone had to release an update on the update to work right. Captivate came out with GPS problems and after hours with your customer services I found out XDA Developers with the answers. I would fire anybody in that testing department. WIndows phone are ok but I cannot think anybody with one or wanting one so why waste your time. I do oppose the merge if you still try to choke down iphones on our throats instead of offering decent android on timely basics. Galaxy SII has been out since April and It is not excuse it was lunched so late. My contract would be over soon; if the new android phone is not with ATT, I would move my lines to Verizon.
+Chris Hawkins
ATT 3G > everyone else's 3G
ATT 4G HSPA+ > ATT 3G > everyone eles's 3G
ATT 4G LTE > ATT 4G HSPA+ > ATT 3G > everyone else's 3G

When ATT 4G LTE not available, ATT phones will fall back to ATT 4G HSPA+ which is still faster than every else's fall back at 3G. I'll take that considering how much faster my wife's Inspire is over my Captivate. In the beginning, it appeared as though ATT had no idea what they were doing. Now, however, I believe they have equipped themselves to always either be on par (hopefully better once there are more devices on their LTE network) with Verizon LTE and / or be faster than everyone else with their HSPA+ in non LTE areas. So either way, its should be a win - win for ATT customers. Now all they have to do is increase their expansion of LTE in other markets and of course bring the GN.
+Chris Hawkins the pentaband radio makes it work on all frequencies so there is no differentiation between network compatibility like with older phones.
+Renaud Lepage I don't think it is necessarily dreaming- unlike most other Android devices that the manufacturers and carriers bloat up and market like crazy, the Nexus line are year-to-year cycle phones that are designed as developer phones- i.e. a specific "niche" market. The growing mass popularity is more a function of word-of-mouth of the stability and consistency of the devices, not any mass-marketing or targeting approaches. Having the pentaband HSPA+ radio and an LTE radio for AT&T's variety would not only future-proof it for the next year's rollout (and greater chance of covering other LTE rollouts elsewhere), it would enable a still "fast" experience when outside of that LTE footprint (something Verizon can't touch right now). Having all the LTE radios is impractical and would be unrealistic, but two models potentially covering more people would be a smarter strategy on Google/Samsung's end. On AT&T's end it would make nothing but good sense to try to ride this surge in popularity the GN/ICS is seeing right now, and what better way to do that than to capitalize on your own flashiest asset (LTE) paired with this new, flashy, and popular device?
Also, y'all better slow down your horses. I know I'm posting this on the wussiest network's thread (as in: not taking risks), but there's a Galaxy Nexus AntennaGate unraveling right now.
+Chris Hawkins Engadget and cnet had it working in their video reviews on T-mo and AT&T respectively (I think- or that might be flipped).

But I totally agree, although I would say that they truly will not miss the wave until about two weeks after Verizon drops their version. I would settle for it if +AT&T only released the HSPA+ version sometime in the next 3 weeks or so; otherwise I'll import from Canada...
I (and many of the others on the various forums) will still have the phone, and use AT&T's network, AT&T might as well make a little profit off the phone itself instead of just our contracts...
+Renaud Lepage By "antennae gate" are you referring to the wifi/signal drop when you cup the antennae or something new I haven't seen today?
+Renaud Lepage Huh, I'll have to watch this after work (Youtube is blocked but not G+ oddly enough)... I have read about this earlier on XDA, but a couple of people are reporting that the use of a certain widget remedies it- hopefully a software bug then? Luckily on AT&T we have the 850 mHz range. Poor T-mo I guess then if it is hardware...
use of a "software widget" would mitigate the effects of the bug, as it also happens in Bootloader Mode, where it doesn't run the OS itself.
HTC Titan my ass!!! I want Galaxy Nexus..
excese me, can you tell me, which is the cell phone with flash player??
i need one, but i'm from colombia... please
+Renaud Lepage Yeah the occurrence in bootloader mode does exempt the OS... Maybe I just don't know enough about what the physical pressing of the hardware buttons do, and how that interacts with the firmware to interact with the software, but I am not sure I follow how the EM radiation from the 900 mHz band would interfere with the signal (and only this signal) from the down volume half of the volume rocker. Why would it not interfere with say the power button, or especially the volume up (which presumably would have the same sensor)?
I feel like we are seeing a symptom and catalyst, rather than a symptom and a cause...
+Monica Garzon Pretty much any smartphone that is not an iPhone, but I really only know the world of Android well, so there may be another variety that stayed away from flash.
Because flash is such a resource-hog look for two things:
-As fast of a processor (dual core if you can) as you can afford
-As much RAM as you can afford (handles buffering the video better)...
Dear lord tell me you are not pinning your holiday hopes on LG nitro
+Craig Fogelstrom Ha! It certainly sounded that way, and there is all this secrecy surrounding their Black Friday plans... LG Nitros on sale I guess?
hey +AT&T how come you are not posting updates to your google+ account anymore?
A windows phone? Nothing. An open source linux phone? I'd trade a lot for that.
+AT&T where is the 2.3 update for my Infuse??? It's only been so long...
Oh yeah, btw +AT&T
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Дайте нам новый телефон Nexus! СЕЙЧАС!
+AT&T in case you hadn't guessed, a lot of people really, really want you to carry the Galaxy Nexus. Some of us are your customers already and would be willing to sign another 2-year contract on day 1 (me included), and some are willing to switch if you would carry the phone.

I understand you have testing procedures, but if you want to remain competitive, you have to be quick to respond to the market. A 6-month delay between a phone's announcement and your release is unacceptable in a competitive, fast-moving industry. Communicate with your customers, tell them what's going on. If the Galaxy S II hadn't been delayed being released in the U.S. market for 6 months (which may not have been entirely your fault) I would already be locked in to a 2-year contract. If there had even been a little communication on what the delay was, I might have gotten the phone anyway, despite the delay. As it is, I'm waiting, my contract is up, and the only thing holding me back from switching carriers right now is my unlimited data plan.

And so you know, the secrecy is annoying. Any techie who is interested in the mobile space knows what devices are being released by the manufacturers, not telling us which ones you will be carrying, or are even considering carrying, is incredibly frustrating. I would guess a good number of your customers come to people like me for advice when purchasing a phone. What kind of advice do you expect us to give them?
Awesome news the Federal Communications Commission is apparently going to join the Justice Department in opposing AT&T's anti competitive jobs killing mergers. Companies that own data pipes shouldn't be able to consolidate with other companies offering same service to reduce competition/consumer choice and should not discriminate against online content from rivals. I don't care how many jobs AT&T was claiming to save or create by merging with T Mobil we don't want less choice. With this merger we could end up eventually with an absolute monopoly of 1 national wireless carrier or a duopoly of 2. We wouldn't want Wal-Mart to be only retail store in country so why let AT&T have Ma Cell? Also an accidentally leaked AT&T document proves the merger would kill jobs.
+Maneesh Pangasa Is the FCC and DOJ braindead? T-Mobile is going away one way or another. It will get eventually bought by an equity firm and its assets sold off.

If they really wanted competition they wouldn't have sold 22mHz of coast to coast 700 band to one carrier.
Titan? No thanks. Same goes for the Skyrocket and Vivid. Listen to your customers, WE WANT THE GALAXY NEXUS! Seriously, remember how your sales were when the iPhone was cool? Yeah, the Google Android (e.g. consistently UPDATED) are the phones people want now...
Would love for the Galaxy Nexus to be released on AT&T.
Couldn't wait the Galaxy SII Skyrocket. Waiting for ICS next :-)
Screw the HTC Titan, we want Samsung's GALAXY NEXUS. And it sounds like many of your customers are willing to switch to Verizon to have it. 
+Crystal Bui they would be crazy to go to Verizon just for the nexus, at&t is getting THA galaxy note & its bigger faster better!
Galaxy nexus because my skyrocket sucks it will not conect to the data network now after the last update!!!!!!
+Ruben Yusty am not going anywheres, I just ordered the unlocked nexus galaxy & received my galaxy note yesterday, I put my at&t sim card in & it works perfectly!
What no announcement on the LG Nitro HD? Another meh 1,5 ghz snapdragon device. When are we going to see some other processors for this infant LTE network? Not to mention Galaxy Nexus :)
AT&T. I understand that it may be difficult to say what exactly is going on with the Nexus if you're even getting it. What I'm also concerned with is the lack of a response from you. Overall a bad showcase of your commitment to people like us who give you our hard earned money. All we ask is a little feedback especially with addressing our requests even if it means you admit that you can't fulfill them now - I'd respect that. Also, if it hasn't been said enough - Galaxy Nexus LTE! =] 
I would trade for a GALAXY NEXUS!
Hoping that the Nexus passing through FCC is LTE!
Only thing I'd trade my phone in for is the Galaxy Nexus. Contract will be up soon, AT&T don't lose me to Verizon!
I am about to LEAVE at&t after 6 years. I upgraded Nov 6th to the Skyrocket lte- Nice phone but what they * DON'T* tell you is even if you are GRANDFATHERED in the UNLIMITED DATA PLAN - they will throttle your data.

I have called 4 times- First lady hung up on me, 2nd transferred me to a supervisor, VANESSA that SAID they would CALL ME BACK. Yet some how FORGOT over a WEEK to call me back and tell me what the cap is for the * UNLIMITED DATA when THROTTLING* kicks in.

The rest tell me it depends on the people on the tower but no THRESHOLD limit for throttling. I stopped in the store and they told me 3, then the one rep said NO- it was 5GBs

I use about 7GBs a month. This month I am at 5GBs.

All they can ever tell me- Including the people in the store is you will get a text message warning you. Warning me? For what - I have unlimited and they cant tell me a THRESHOLD when throttling will kick in; only look for the text to warn you.

They even had the nerve to try to sell me a 4GB data plan for $45 to avoid throttling. I pay $30 a month now for UNLIMITED. Really?
Does this phone have Carrier IQ?
I think the HTC Titan is a good phone but the Galaxy Nexus is better...I would get that in a heart beat too! WP7 won't be ready until Fall when they launch Apollo...and that is too far off...Galaxy Nexus is good enough for now and its available right now.
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