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Aaron from PhoneDog will let us know what he thinks of the new Nokia Lumia 900, our first 4G LTE Windows Phone, as he tests it out over the next 30 days.
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It would be interesting to see how you will like Lumia900. Some reviewers say that WP7 is good for first few days and the more you dig deeper into the OS the unintuitive it gets.
The only problem with wp7 is the lack of good app development.
When is the release date of the HTC One X?
I'm sick of waiting, when is the HTC One X release? I don't want the generic answer either of "we will notify you via email" You guys are involved with your release dates. IS THE PHONE COMING OUT IN THE NEXT MONTH???????
Rumours say HTC one x is may 6. But, that's a best buy leak. The only thing definite right now, is titan 2 and lumia 900 are launching on April 8.
I saw the rumor from best buy, but they tend to throw around release dates, so that didn't help. I'm hopeful.
Only reason it's not being released is to give the Lumia 900 the spotlight..
Maybe the white One X will release with the white lumia 900 april 22nd? That's hopeful thinking...
Not really interested in speculation. I would like to hear from the At&t rep when we can expect to be able to get the One X. I am completely disinterested in any Microsoft phone.
We'll see. Not really impressed with reviews of the one x. But, for the most part, I consider HTC a step behind Samsung galaxy series, and everyone else is a lap down.
Usually, AT&T reps know about a week before release. So far, no date has been released. That's the best I can give you.
I don't like the build quality and slow updates from Samsung. I like what HTC did with Sense. Been extremely happy with my Nexus One and the One X seems like a good upgrade from it.
One week notice for a phone they announced was coming back in February? That's poor customer service in my book. Why even announce it then?
No problems with build quality of any of my Samsung phones (captivate, nexus s, galaxy s2, skyrocket, galaxy note). Have seen MANY problems with HTC inspire, and vivid. Sense ui, eats ram and battery. Your nexus 1 didn't have to deal with sense.
Its typical of Android manufacturers to announce phones months before they are actually released. Average testing time of a phone on AT&T network, is a couple of months, before it is given approval.
By build quality I meant Samsungs feel like cheap plastic. Affraid I will break it too easily. HTC phones feel solid and well built. And I like that Sense 4 is dialed back from previous releases.
The Vivid felt like a Samsung phone and Sense 3 was ugly. That's why I stuck with my Nexus One despite running out of memory.
Samsung may feel like cheap plastic, but they tend to be more durable than others. The weight of HTC tend to less to more broken screens when dropped. Just from personal experience, and what I see at my store.
It was At&t announcing they were getting it. They should know a date approximately as they already decided to get it.
The vivid doesn't look nor feel like Samsung. It's heavy, and thick, and a battery hog.
I agree that AT&T would be better served not announcing they are getting a phone, until much closer to release date.
It felt like cheap plastic and easily breakable. Which reminds me of Samsung.
But, anyway, instead of the HTC one x, I would recommend galaxy note or skyrocket. Both have better displays, same processor, and Both should have official ics release shortly, since the builds have already been leaked to the developer community.
The vivid doesn't have ANY plastic. The whole body is painted metal.
The Note is a bad joke to me. I get a good laugh when I see people trying to use it as a phone. Also, Touchwiz looks horrible and Samsung is notorious about slow updates to their phones. Will wait for the One X.
From the reviews, One X has a better screen than the Samsungs plus the S4 will be first with single radio LTE so not the same processor.
I've had the note since it launched, and I'm running ics on it now. The official update leaked yesterday, which, based on history, means 2 Weeks until official release. Seems like a fairly quick update cycle. As far as using it for phone calls, a good Bluetooth takes care of any awkwardness in size, and the beautiful display more than makes up for it. Plus, it's lighter and thinner than anything HTC had released so far.
Btw, I agree about tw. But, that's what custom roms are for. And, since the bootloades are unlocked, it's easy to root them, and there's tons of development.
One x is still LCD, which means dark gray instead of black, and washed out colors. It's still the same Qualcomm s3 processor. Just a newer radio.
Anyway, enough work talk. Got to get some sleep so I can work today. :-)
No, its S4 krait. 28nm build which means less power to run. Plus the single radio for all instead of added on LTE so better switching and power savings. And the people using the LCDs are saying they look better than Samsungs. At&t just needs to start selling it so we can see in person.
And I have the Skyrocket, I'm selling it and buying the One X.
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