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Sam Querrey records the biggest win of his career beating Novak Djokovic 06 76(5) 64 at the BNP PARIBAS MASTERS (OFFICIEL). Will Nole bounce back in London? Photo: Getty Images #tennis   #Querrey  #Djokovic #tennis+ #atp  
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What??? No!!! This is a big upset and surprise! :-(
I don't think +Ernesto Loayza that was physical but more mentally. There are reports that his dad was taken to the hospital on Wednesday. I am not saying he tanked it but if I knew member of my family was in the hospital my mind would not be on the match at all. Tennis is very much mental game IMHO. 
It was one of the best match i have seen in sometime
What a comeback from Querrey.
The ace was not with Djokovic......
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