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At ATM Restyle in Hamburg, NY, we know how important finding the right tonneau cover can be. Tonneaus provide a host of great benefits for truck owners. Some of these benefits include boosting fuel economy, securing tools and valuables, and even enhancing the look of your truck. There are a ton of tonneau covers available on the market, made by a variety of manufacturers but we present our top five list below:

1. UnderCover LUX SE Tonneau Cover

Protect the inside of your bed with a cover that looks like it’s meant for your truck. With sleek looks, factory-matched colors and maximum protection, this cover is as solid as its construction.
Factory-match paint codes for a perfect look
Full perimeter seal system keeps the bed nice and dry
Twist lock latches keep grubby-handed thieves out of the cookie jar
1-year Warranty, Proudly Made in the USA

2. TruXedo TruXport Roll Up Tonneau Cover

Is it time to upgrade? Enhance the look of your new pickup truck with TruXedo’s TruXport Roll Up Tonnea Cover. Pre-set tension control keeps the soft cover tight in any climate
Each TruXport cover is crafted in the USA
5-year warranty

3. Extang Solid Fold 2.0 Tonneau Cover

"Easy installation" and "hard tonneau" are two terms that rarely go together. With the Extang Solid Fold, enjoy fast installation and the security of a hard cover with the convenience of the famous Extang Trifecta soft tonneau .
Installs in 5 minutes or less with no tools
Opens and closes easily with Extang’s SpeedKlamps
Weighs only 50 lbs for easy handling
3-year warranty, Proudly Made in the USA

4. Pace Edwards JackRabbit Tonneau Cover

When it comes to speedy opening, the Pace Edwards JackRabbit is a hop, skip and a jump ahead of other tortoise-slow covers. Combined with rugged construction and great style, the JackRabbit is a clear winner.
Aluminum panels resist harsh weather
Locks every 12” for added versatility
Add a Pace Edwards overhead rack in minutes with Explorer Series Rails
3-year warranty

5. TruXedo Low Pro QT Tonneau Cover

Looking for a tonneau with no hinges, panels or opening clamps? No problem! With the TruXedo Low Pro QT, you get a ton of features without a ton of parts.
Rolls up and holds in place with the magic of Velcro
Cover tension adjusts automatically
Works with most bed caps and rails
Lifetime Warranty, Made in the USA
  What's the Right Tonneau for You?

At ATM Restyle we understand how important a dependable tonneau cover can be. Tonneaus covers are considered by many to be the single most important add-on to any truck, they add security, improve gas mileage and can be installed quickly by professionals. ATM Restyle is located in Hamburg, NY but we are proud to serve the entire Western NY region including Buffalo, NY, Orchard Park, West Seneca, East Aurora, Eden, Elma and more!

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Are you thinking about adding a tonneau cover or truck bed to your work truck? Are you the type of person that likes to carefully analyze everything before making a decision? ATM Restyle is here to help, we're going to list all the pros and cons of adding a tonneau cover to your F150, Silverado, Dodge Ram or whatever truck your driving these days.

The biggest benefit of a tonneau cover or truck bed cover, is that they keep your valuables secure against thieves and hazardous weather conditions. Rain and snow can really take a toll on your tools and other belongings but a quality tonneau cover installed by ATM Restyle can help you protect your investment and keep your tools functioning like new.

One of the cons we hear from time to time in regards to tonneau covers is that some people believe these truck bed covers make it difficult to access tools and work gear. However, there are a ton of tonneau covers styles and many of them make access a priority. Manufacturers like Extang, Pace Edwards and Truxedo have truck bed covers that fold back in thirds or in some cases are completely retractable.

Truck bed covers can also help your bottom line! Tonneau Covers can make your Ford F150, Dodge RAM or Chevy Silverado more aerodynamic, thus giving you better gas mileage and saving you money over time.

The bottom line is that tonneau covers more than pay for themselves, they'll save you money on gas, and they'll protect your investment in tools and work gear, often costing several thousand dollars. Whether you own a Ford F- Series, Doge RAM or Toyota Tacoma ATM Restyle can help you find the perfect tonneau cover. Call us today with your exact make and model and we'll help you make the best investment you can make in your truck
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