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EXCLUSIVE picture of an upcoming ASUS notebook below!

No announcement yet from ASUS in English language...

Will that hint be enough to find out what our mystery notebook is? ^ ^

Spread the question around & let's all have fun!
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When cames the Asus Transfomer Pad 300 in Germany?
ASUS you have a problem. Your product availability SUX!
+Ricardo Vazquez You would be positively surprised... (here is just another tip)
My next purchase will be ASUS - doesn't seem like you can purchase direct from the ASUS website... where is the best place to purchase from?
Is this the Nexus tablet rumored to be around $200?
I found the Taiwanese post on this:
Model: U82U
14" screen
RAM:2GB (Max 8GB) DDR3
USB3.0*2、USB 2.0*1、HDMI
8 Cell Battery

+ASUS Do I get one of this for spoiling the mystery? =P
Portátil: Asus U32U
Procesador: AMD E-Series E-450
Adaptador Gráfico: AMD Radeon HD 6320
Pantalla: 13.3 pulgadas, 16:9, 1366x768 pixeles, lustroso: si
Peso: 1.6kg
Precio: 600 euro
Seems meh to me. Nowhere near as unique looking as the zenbooks.
Any teaser on when the tablets will be available?
Yes, it should be the one sat on my lap in place of my much love but old and tired Eee PC 701
i prefer gamming laptop are support 680GT 3d card
why allianware can pay by installments ... and why Asus G- series dont have ?!
Asus how is the laptop with double processor called? And where can I buy it?
my g50 has been running 4 almost 4 yrs now
This was indeed U82U. Congrats to those who found the answer.
agree ! pls open asus on9 shop ! and i want customize the specs to what we want !
Please launch something similar with a AMD A10 4600 APU!!
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