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Asus is suddenly doing almost everything right. About 3 years ago if heard word "Asus" it was immediately a "meh" reaction. No after Transformer and Zenbooks and now this...I am confused. Asus is super cool now? :o
If I didn't love my Galaxy S 2 I would get this. Now I "only" will get Transformer.
+Mark Arpon Which would be? I am asking, because I own a Transformer Prime and it works fine for me.
The PadFone is stil "meh" to me, the new TF300T is what I want. Then I'll sideload Ubuntu on it and use it instead of my current laptop...
+Mark Arpon if you mean the gps issues I think its not a biggie. I would never use gps with my tablet. Was actually supposed to say I get Prime not Transformer.
I have ipad currently and I am not even sure if this has gps as I have never tried. Got phone for that.
+Antti Eskelinen +Mark Arpon Although I cannot confirm those problems myself, the fact that GPS functionality was apparently not tested, does indicate some issues in the quality assurance process. I go along with that conclusion. However, I agree with Antti on the GPS issue, so I personally have had no major issues with my Prime yet. Maybe I was just lucky.
Why is no-one commenting on the fact that that bay door is all kinds of ugly! Come on +ASUS as the concept is awesome but the execution is lacking! Let tee phone slide in on rails/securely snap in without that stupid door and bump up the specs to either a tegra 3 chip or an S4 or OMAP 5 chip that can either boot to Chrome or Ubuntu in tablet/NetBook mode!
+Kurleigh Martin couldn't agree more. The bay door caught my eye too. I understand it cannot be just some hole on top of device it would collect all kind of dirt quickly. But that solution just looks so 80's while rest of device is awesome.
I'll take one!
So... when, where and how much? :p
I want one with Quad-core. Seriously. I'll wait for the PadPhone2, because everyone knows 2 is better than 1 :P
I don't worry that much about the phone price. But how much would the accessories be??
What about the case? Would that also work for a TF101? Where to get the case?
Nice to see the new design changes.
I really love this concept. =) And the new version looks way better than the first. =D And to have the option of the keyboard dock makes it complete. This might just be my next phone. ;)
The only problem i see in this device is that tablet cant run without phone.
Well that is not really a problem, more a design choice. I agree with the sentiment that Asus has suddenly gone uber cool and without the marketing to go with it.

If they headhunted some apple marketing guys they could be the Number 1 Tech company as the tablets are far better than the iPads. I have had both and the original transformer alone was just amazing. I use it as a laptop replacement. Not something you can do with an iPad, 1, 2 or 3!

Keep up the good work Asus. I want to see your Windows 8 offerings please!
This seriously needs to come to a CDMA/LTE network near me! And, +Michael Sharp don't stop at publishing companies. Any field personnel (think Sales or Field technician) could be a strong candidate for something like this.

I've got a RAZR right now, partly because I'm planning to add a Lapdock. This seriously trumps that.
Love my transformer, can't wait for the phone to replace my DroidX
But... what's the interface between phone & headless (I assume) tablet? Or is the tablet a standalone that picks up 3G/4G/LTE connectivity through the phone buried in its butt? Is the connector proprietary (how couldn't it be?), and what do you have without the phone (once it dies, is lost, gets broken)?
+ASUS Is that global launch? EU market? US market? Your answer only opens the door to more questions.
+David Archer Since the OS is planned to be Android 4.0/ICS, wich works with the screensize of both the phone and the tablet, i don't think the interface will be any problem. As far as i know, the tablet will only be a bigger screen with speakers, and probably a battery, that will just use the hardware of the phone via a proprietary connector. So it will be like you are just using your awesome smartphone, but has the opportunity to have a tablet size screen when you want to. =)
+Sebastian Reinemar Thanks for that - that's what I would presume. Does address carrying redundant CPUs, although that's sometimes an advantage. And if the phone is LTE, given what I've heard about battery life with this radio, having a big spare battery might be essential to get through at least one day of usage.
Want this phone, but without tablet/dock additions
+ASUS When will be available for Latin America, especially Argentina?
¿cuando estara disponible para Latinoamerica, en especial Argentina?
It's an all in one device +Pavel Vishnyakov .
You cannot have just the phone or the tablet.
+Matteo De Luca The Padfone will be for sure available in Europe.
It should be release in April but don't know which country will get it first.
Verizon... Verizon... Verizon...
+ASUS , what I would like to know is, since some developers upload multiple apks for phone and tablet versions. When you install an app on your device, does it download both versions so that when you scale up to the tablet aspect ratio you get a tablet app? Or, does it display the phone version?
I quite agree, +Victor Andrade, Ubuntu for Android would be great on the Padfone! I just hope ASUS is able to release it in the US.
1. Does the Padfone need a specific keyboard dock or does the one from the Transformer work?
2. Any plans for Ubuntu on it?
3. When/if Padfone 2 comes out, will it use the same tablet and keyboard? I'm not going to spend a fortune on accessories if they're going to be redundant with the next version.
4. Is the bootloader locked?

I don't have a transformer and I will most likely pick this one up! :)
I got my transformer in june 2011... i love it . The Padphone seam very promising !

Asus, does April release date include USA? don't want constant promises and delays.let USA customers know to wait or proceed with other brand. promising device.
when it will be available in Indonesia?
This is what will replace my Motorola Atrix with the lapdock. iPad 2, 3, whatever, can kiss my bazooka. C'mon Asus! I've been saving money waiting to buy this it. Hurry Up!
Asad, you are right. At this price I would by two independent units, phone, and tablet.
That price sucks because the keyboard and stylus/bluetooth headset aren't included. AFAIK, the keyboard, phone and tablet are all supposed to be included with the purchase. Am I correct?
if it was £700 for phone, tablet, keyboard and stylus/headset I'd buy it. If it's 700 for just the phone and tablet, no thanks.
+Asad Palekar +nikolay shterev +VeeBee Queenie +Tim Butler ASUS is yet to announce pricing and availability of PadFone - anything to the contrary is merely rumours and speculation. This retailer is free to charge his own price for PadFone but carriers will propose their own.
Thanks +ASUS . Can you tell us if the keyboard and stylus are purchased as extras? I assume you'll get the phone and tablet together
@Butler, I agree. If it was that price for the whole kit and kaboodle, I'd say that would be pretty fair. I own a computer electronics store in panama, and have put one of my Motorola Atrix's up for sale with the lapdock, keyboard and mouse. Once those things sell (which I hope is next week), my Padfone-fund will be ready, willing, and able. WOOOOO-HOOOO CAN'T WAIT TO PLAY WITH THAT BABY! Will the bootloader be locked or unlocked?
+Tim Butler Stylus Headset is part of PadFone's package along with the Padstation (tablet part) & a sleeve. The keyboard dock is a seperate product in ASUS' catalogue but retailers or carriers may choose to bundle it with PadFone...
Thanks +ASUS . Do you know of any carriers in the UK that will offer the Padfone? Also, there are a few questions in my first comment. Any chance you could answer them please? If really appreciate it. Thanks
I really like the way iPhone introduces its products. First view of the product would be a finished one without bugs. I have seen videos of padfone on youtube where the camera is buggy, and few other portions too. And the Asus representative clearly saying that its not finished yet. I am just curious to know how would it finish and launch in april without bugs. Other best thing about apple is that they announce the price during launch. I was considering to get an iphone, but this product has me waiting for its reviews and price. but i may not wait much since i am tired of my current phone which runs on decade old symbain :P.
I like the phone, but dont need the tablet. Will the phone be going on sale separately? I have a tf101 and a prime and cant see getting another tablet, but the phone I wouldnt mind dropping some cash on
+Arie Lie You can't go by that figure. In these comments +ASUS said the retailer can charge what they want. No official pricing has been announced.
If you get a Snapdragon S4 Pro in it, make it compatible with Ubuntu for Android and release the Padfone with Verizon LTE in the US, you have a loyal customer right here!
almost definitely picking this up as soon as it lands anywhere on the internet, but the fact that the Padstation is included in the package means the phone will be quite expensive, and I only have $550 AUD to dump on a new phone/tablet until July.. decisions decisions.. Please ASUS, make this package decently priced D:
I'd really like a PadFone, but rumours are that the Galaxy S III is going to be announced very soon, so we'll wait and see.
Looking forward to EU release date and something about pricing. Interesting to know if the keyboard is included and if not; what will the price be?
+Jess Rafn ASUS confirmed a bit further up: "Stylus Headset is part of PadFone's package along with the Padstation (tablet part) & a sleeve. The keyboard dock is a separate product in ASUS' catalogue but retailers or carriers may choose to bundle it with PadFone..."
No details on pricing yet, though.
OMG! The suspense is killing me... How long am I supposed to hold my breath???
yeah, can't wait for this thing to be in my hands.
It does seem cool. But since I have a tf 101 and a prime I cant justify another tablet. Besides someone at Asus told me the padfone might not be making it to the US shores. They feel the market is saturated in the US :( He did tell me that if that changes he would let me know (it came from someone in the US HQ)
+ASUS Does the PadFone come with NFC? Can't find it in the specs so I'm assuming not. Would be a shame.
so what about the releasedate now? don't keep us waiting ;)
We need a release date!! Come in, it can't be that hard! Are you going with a carrier? Lte compatible?
Please tell us ASAP!!
At&t needs to renew their contract with ASUS. I need this phone. I've been following this as soon as it was announced last year. I most definitely will be buying this with all 3 accessories ( pen, station, and keyboard dock)
+Joshua Slaughter It sucks, but I heard from a reliable contact at Asus (In the CA office) that the padfone might not be coming to the states. Here is a quote from the email.

"For the Padfone. I do not think it will be released in North American shores. The market it too saturated over here with cellular devices and our partnerships with USA/CANADA cellular carriers view it the same way. I’ll let you know if this changes."
+Patrick Hill That sucks! I read that they were going to make an LTE version later in the year... If only they could make a Verizon compatible one...
waiting ASUS to announce price and date of 1st sale...
you wrote about few weeks 02.03.2012
I can not wait more...
+ASUS, I am in the market for something akin to the Transformer (or any other tablet I can tether a keyboard to). I can get a TF101 or TF201 off the shelf right now for around NZ$699 or NZ$1248 respectively, but am put off by the reported radio issues and lack of 3G. Is the PadFone, TF300, or TF700 likely to hit the New Zealand or Australian market prior to June/July 2012 (that is when I will need it), and what would the approximate price point be (accesories including, at minimum, the tablet and keyboard dock)?

Also, could you please make US/Dvorak available as a soft keymap when using the dock?

Finally, given that their computing power is more than adequate, is it possible to run a full-featured desktop OS (e.g. Debian or Ubuntu) on these devices, either cooperating with, or in lieu of, Android?
+Tim Butler as far as I can tell, running Ubuntu (or any other Linux distribution, for that matter) in a chroot alongside Android is nothing new ( ), but it would be freaking awesome to have the level of integration possible in Ubuntu's official release, and better still to not be forced to root to install it (although I'd most likely do that anyway, to ensure I can always have a complete backup of my data).

Once I have Ubuntu or Debian up and running on my device (when I get it, that is), I'm intending to install Windows XP in a VM, just because I can. :)
i really cant waith untill have my oun Padfone
Asus Taiwan annonce la date du 05 avril 2012... Info ou intox?
j'attends ce petit bijoux avec impatience (surtout si le dock clavier est facilement disponible) si en plus on peut le dual-booter comme le TF101 sous Linux, alors ce sera le top (bon faut quand meme voir le prix ....)
Lo único que quiero es
Que salga la primera semana de abril pata poder ir a comprarmelo
hhaaaaaa necesito comprarme un celular y quiero que sea este, solo espero que salga luego y no tener que comprar otro
Today would be perfect for +ASUS to announce a worldwide release -- April Fool's Day. Although, if they do push it back to May, I really hope they bump the spec to quad core, so we can use the Padfone to replace everything.
I agree with +Brendon Green that today would be a perfect day to do that but honestly I could deal with the S4 chip as long as they tack on the ability to be used on +T Mobile and +AT&T HSPA+ networks
+ASUS So... it's April now. Is my wallet in any immediate danger?
+ASUS Say something about Ubuntu for Android on Padfone... they are made for each other! Would be the best device ever, if possible to switch in another form to another DESKTOP OS! That is the true revolution
+ASUS Hi, I second the questions of Tim Butler, about Linux support and compatibility with future iterations of the Padphone.
My reasons for this are:
1) About Linux: I'm still looking for a productivity tool. While I like the fancy "touch" interface of Android to view documents and multimedia content, I cannot spend several hundred bucks on a device without real productivity potent. And, AFAIK, office suites, drawing tools, audio processing and others aren't good enough for daily processing (and I'm not sure it will be someday, because they are not necessarily vowed to replace laptops). Also, having Linux support would bring attraction and get you many free evangelizers! ^^
2) About ulterior compatibility: having owned an Ipad2, I could have a good look at screen definition. The current definition of the Padfone tablet's part doesn't please me so much (it's good, no more). So, if I know I can buy, later, a separate tablet component with higher specs (the one that would come from a Padfone2 for example), I'll happily become early adopter of the coming Padfone. Otherwise, I'll have to look away.
3) By the way, I agree with other comments on the "bay door". At least paint it with the same color, no need for it to be so obvious, users will quickly learn where it is anyway!

With that said, this concept licenced from Always Innovative is even greater than their previous concept, which led to the Transformer. I believe there will be a strong adoption to this device, once people overlook the so-called "complexity" and see all its latent potent (and clear their brain from Apple marketing, but that's another story).:)
GG Asus, keep up the good work!
Its already April Asus...
Where's this new info that was supposed to be here in the coming weeks o_O?
I'm still waiting and it's been over a month now...
I'm also waiting here for some new information, but i'm thinking about to buy another smartphone.
Quite sad :(
I think we should wait until mid-April, early May for the release of Padfone.
Waiting with everyone else, ASUS seems to have gone silent since MWC :( It's a terrible shame because I have had money put away for this device/ all in one solution since the first unveiling back at the end of last year and am going to import it into Australia no matter what it takes (providing the bands are compatible with my carrier of choice)
hm, I read on several pages that it will be released in Taiwan tomorrow... apparently ASUS Taiwan said that on their FB page. Let's cross fingers
edit: ah, okay it seems more that it will be announced tomorrow at a conference in Taiwan
hm, so in Taiwan, pre-order starts on April 6, and price seems to be around 700euros (phone alone ~450)... hope it will be announced for Europe soon
Now I have my G+ account, I can catch up.
This is just a great device (or bunch of devices). I have a few requests/questions :
- When? You said April, here's the fool
- How much? The 800€ was denied and said to be less than that.
- I'd love to get a flashy green, pick, yellow, red, blue or orange one. PLEASE, pretty please
- Can I be a beta tester, how can I help?
- Ubuntu? Just to see if you're aware ;)
I hope these are the prices for the biggest one 64GB
if european prices are too expensive : no one will get one & after.... what to do with unsolded articles?
In france we often say that US$ -> 1euro because of taxes & more than 800 euros for france that's too much,
so keep it in mind asus.....
Any wan know when is the realise in Chile
+ASUS I foresee a few challenges for you in coming weeks. Sgs 3 is on its way and though no dates are announced yet, the phone could be loaded with goodies which the padfone may not match, especially a quad core processor and a state of art screen. Not to mention the pricing for padfone is on the high side as well. Delay to bring the padfone will impact the excitement around the product and kill its market share as sgs3 and 2012 products get launched.
Okay everybody!  GUESS WHAT??!!!  I GOT MY PADFONE!  YAYYY!  I'm loving it... errr, ahhh, or at least I would be REALLY loving it if:   1) I COULD ROOT THE THING!     2) The Padfone Station and Keyboard didn't take like 23 years to charge.  No Joke.  I've had the phone since Thursday. Today is Sunday.  Station or Keyboard have never fully charged.  Station is at 68% after 32 hours straight charging and keyboard is still at 0%.  Phone easily charges to 100%.  Other than these minor (HUGE) irritants, the phone and concept are spectacular!
PadFone is going to amazingly beautiful wirh "Ubuntu for Android"! I've been running EeePC 901 with Ubuntu since it launched, and i'm looking for replacement sometime in the future and this is going to rock
Bonjour, est ce qu'il est prévu de faire passer le Padfone sur Jelly Bean.
great concept, something really usefull and new concept well done Asus
Dear +ASUS  - since many of us Earthians are now importing PadFone from Taiwan rather than waiting for local release, are we going to be able to get regional keyboards directly from you at any point? I'm hoping for a similar thing to the ilovekeyboard promotion you ran for the original Transformer. Basically, want UK keyboard, am willing to send money! :)
Loving the Padfone other than that. Hope your code monkeys are hard at work getting Jelly Bean ready for it... I have high hopes, given how quickly you've gotten the first two OTAs out.
+ASUS , I have a Zenbook and its more amazing than in the videos, and quite powerfull. Since I´ve heard of PadFone, i'm looking for it, but rigth know I live in Colombia, Latin America. Will Ever be avaliable the PadFone in my country. Thanks in Advance for the answer.
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