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Thanks for your enthusiasm answering yesterday's World's 1st question.

YES! ASUS announced two Worldwide premieres.

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I assume this was timed with Apple's announcement of the iPad HD.
Again... those docking 80´s tablets can´t be the answer to some innovative product plan can it?
+m. scheyhing: I gave away my Asus netbook and replaced it with the Asus Transformer with keyboard dock. The keyboard makes it a lot easier to type since pecking on the screen is a pain in the butt and Swype is rather pointless on a large tablet screen. The keyboard dock also acts as a recharger.

Besides you can buy the tablet without the dock.
+Eric Cheng I´m not telling about the Keyboard. But i like the Slider Tablet much more. There you have the keyboard everywhere you may need it. With the dock you have nothing more than a netbook (and a bad one with glossy screen). That´s what i meant. But Asus stopped supporting the only good hybrid they had (Asus Slider SL 101). Of course people buying things they know (therfore support for docks, not for sliders) but the more inventive and better thing really was the slider technology.
+ASUS throw Ubuntu+ Android on these and the padfone and they'll sell like hot cakes!
it's like: During Apple pressrelease of the Ipad3, all the specs have bean relesed and as allways a hugepart of the crowd (deciples you may cal them) cheers out loud. Then when cheering is quieted down, one guy stands up, holding his brand new ASUS tablets and shouts:

Who's your daddy now!!!!
+m. scheyhing: Ah. I understand why you would prefer the Slider. I do find the Transformer with the dock a bit bulky so I often don't carry the keyboard dock with me.
+Mark Roosemont you realize that Android is a Linux derivate, don't you? Also Linux = childish? The whole internet is hosted on Linux servers. Everywhere when reliability is important Linux is used. From TV sets to assembly robots in factories, all that machines run Linux. You are either horribly uninformed or a troll.
Nice! Im in love with my prime still though.
More choises for us ! It looks nice, letrs see what it can do!
Will the new Transformer Pads (especially the Infinity) have GPS? I don't see it in the specs.
+Kristian Foshaug Ble ikke Transformer Prime et "bevis" for at GPS sammen med aluminiums deksel er en "bummer"? Jeg har både tf101 og tf201 og gps signalene i tf201 er vesentlig dårligere... så selv om den har gps blir det en batterisluker om du skal booste signalene til noe brukbart...(tror jeg)
What's the difference between the Transformer Prime TF201, TF700 and this Pad Infinity?
Mr.robinson you go in site asus (for difference)
Make the same for Windows 8!!
+Joachim Nilsen Ja, jeg hadde en "non-working" TF201, ble sendt inn - men antok at det var derfor de fikset toppen av dekselet på infinity, det er byttet ut med plast (for å forbedre WIFI+GPS).
+Mark Roosemont Linux is a Unix-like system. Android uses a Linux kernel not a Unix kernel.
I don't know which version used to scare the crap out of you, but since I've installed Ubuntu on my Mom's laptop years ago, she never needs any computer help any more. Everything runs fine and she likes it a lot. She is 59 and never was a computer person.
Great job +ASUS. Are these bootloaders unlockable via a similar tool as the Transformer Prime is?
Series 300 are not FHD?
Love your products +ASUS but what good is it if there are none in stock? And I'd really like to hear more about the 700 series release date...
Where would a person in the USA be able to purchase this tablet and dock station?
Also, +ASUS any info about mobile dock compatibility between your new devices (Transformer Prime, Infinity, 300, Padfone)?
Maybe .. but then, you might as well just grab one designed FOR Windows 8, right?
Surely they will....? Personally, if what I wanted was Windows 8? I'd just go that direction instead of trying to fist it down an Android tablet's throat (and vice versa for that matter).

I don't personally understand the desire to shove a workstation OS into a tablet. I'd rather have tools optimized and built FOR a tablet. I mean, the thought of doing outright productivity (coding, etc) on a tablet makes me sick to my stomach - even with the excellent dock Asus provides. I don't even like doing basic HTML/Javascript coding on the tablet - because it just wasn't designed for it (and it feels like it).
Now we just need a release date! I need a new tablet pronto!
You can get a new iPad next week? :ducks:
Looks like somebody is promoting 246ppi tablet display today. My Transformer Prime is getting jealous.
Ouch, somebody just announced a quad-core 4G LTE Tablet and Full HD quad-core 4G LTE Tablet (the same device actually) that begins shipping March 16th.
Its dual core with quad core graphics......Apple still has the cool factor but I don't know about this iPad...i doubt I will get it.....its the price though which will also bring people to it.....Other manufacturers need to lower their prices.....I would get the Prime right now if it was a comparable price.
Is it just me, or is this iPad announcement a dud? I don't want to derail this thread (loooves my TF101), but man ... It's like - they couldn't steal from Android anymore, so they "broke out the porn" and shot for a ridiculous resolution and went for "shiny". I dunno ... At least they will be able to justify ANOTHER tier to sell a "really really HD" Angry Birds ... :)
+Ryan de Medeiros I own Transformer Prime since the first day it was available in my country. I am not even considering buying iPad. I just like to see some healthy competition (healthy meaning innovation, not patent lawsuits). I believe that currently +ASUS has the best Android tablets and I will probably buy the new MeMO too (perhaps to replace my cellphone).

I am not trolling, just encouraging ASUS to play the game and beat the competition once again (as it did with Prime). If they succeed they have my money. I wish them well!
+Shane Monroe yeah, it looks mainly like marpetting. The comparison with Samsung for example was pitiful. Still they showed that they don't like to fall behind and that they still can innovate this way or another.
I love how those in Camp Apple were so dismissing of HD when Android tablets shipped with them ... after all, who cares on a screen that small???

Now, of course .... the more resolution the better. The hypocrisy is what makes me mental. Competition is great.
+m.scheyhing I have the slider and love it! What do you mean it is not supported. Isn't it pretty much like the Prime with keyboard attached.
Before I buy another ASUS Android tablet, I need a guarantee of updates to X version rather than playing the guessing game. I also wish there was an option without bloatware without me flashing it and losing warranty.
+ASUS question about prize was mainly for fun :) Question about release date of MeMO is serious, though, as I am eagerly waiting for it. Contests are good, but not everyone has a Facebook account (especially here ;) ).
Not sure I can wait that long! Just ordered the TF201 this week for my girlfriend.
Why the padphone doesn't integrate the 4g I'm so sad about that :'(
+Piotr Gaczkowski MeMO 171 is already available is some Asian markets. Should not take long to reach you...
I taught New iPad is the first to market it???
World first full HD 4g LTE tablet - iPad... March 16, 2012...
when will it be available in south east asia???
if its span = europe .. i think the 300series shud be releasing end of march or released already.. the infinity pad only later mid april or end of april :)
no prob.. personally.. i would go for the 300series.. has tegra 3 gpu in it.. but sadly cpu only dual core... shud had been quad core as the trans prime. but disadvantage bout trans prime no 3g connectivity :(
so, when is it coming out?
any idea when asus memo 370t cmg out .. interested in that.. and whats the price in singapore??
Your products are really hard to find here in Puerto Rico. I want the Zenbook but there is no place to buy it! @ Office Depot they don't offer the premium version of the Zenbook! A lot of my friends, including me, are waiting for more supplies but they sell them to fast. And please, release the Infinity Pad soon! Everyone was waiting for this but, you know, "they" anounced the "new product" so a lot of people are bending that way! I am trying to show everyone Asus products and Asus is really getting popular here. We would appreciate a little focus on us!
And I hope that Q2 for the Infinity Pad really means April :)
Trying so hard to hold on until they release. Was gonna go for the Prime, but then i heard tell of the hardware flaws. I could really use this for school and get rid of my old bulky laptop, but I just need it to release!
They (Asus) are not first now because New iPad is World's first FULL HD 4G LTE that was available March 16, 2012...
Then those 2 prime is available by JUNE, 2012...
Maybe not, but at least they were the first to be announced
June and i believe 599 for the 32gb
Announcing it and selling it in the market is different...

I have the Asus transformer Prime but its in Grapevine, Texas now because of lots of problems.

They are asking if I want a refund and I said YES just an hour ago.

Then I received an email from those higher ups like Gary Key and Mr. Trat and they told me that the Infiniti pad will be
coming by June this year...

So, technically APPLE is the first company in the world to launch and sell the 1st FULL HD 4G LTE tablet.
Well, yeah, but that's why i said "maybe not."
Maybe you should just go grab an iPad.What with their dual core processor and quad core GPU. It's a pretty table prop.
It will be JUNE (I'm 100% sure) then $599 for 32gb and they are thinking to have 16gb again to fight the new iPad for $499 price.

Its email messages from ASUS higher-ups...
I just did yesterday and I'm selling now my iPad 2 in craiglist... for $350 with accessories (almost new as APPLE replaced the older one last february 28)
I'm still going to buy Android tablet even I had a shitty experiences with ASUS about their Transformer Prime.

I do love the design - its gorgeous but the experience was the worst of all...

Just read all the troubles I got on my 2nd posts...

Don't buy the Prime they are selling now, its only headache just wait for samsung galaxy tab 11.6 or the infiniti tab this coming June...
I live in Brazil and I have a ASUS Transformer. I love my Tablet and intend to buy the Padfone once it is released in Brazil. Reading some news about the production of tablets I found the information that ASUS intended - in 2009 - come to Brazil in the Manaus Free Zone, to produce tablets in my country. I read a latest news talking about other companies like ZTE that is starting to produce tablets there, but found nothing about it on the ASUS.
How is this process of increasing the production of tablets for Brazil, it still exists?
It would be great to have you here with better prices for the Brazilian, the excellent product that you already have, would be a winner in my country, a market that grows every year.
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