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ASUS PadFone was presented this week at the MWC...

It's not a simple 2-in-1 device, it's more like an ALL-IN-ONE!

Exclusive video at the end of the article :-)
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Meh - still don't see the point - maybe if I could sideload Ubuntu it might make sense to me...
I think I will wait for the 2nd generation of the PadFone. 1st generation products are usually a little rough around the edges and this is a perfect example, the functionality looks great but the design needs to be refined. If the PadFone has a similar leap in quality as the transformer then I will definitely be picking one up.
Need to see & touch it before I can get excited
Good thing I haven't bought a new phone yet. Switching out my phone and TF101 this summer :)
+Christopher Hill I do own a Transformer (#TF101) and I still fail to see the point - I use Wifi tethering with my phone and it works perfectly, especially after the ICS update...
why can't apple make anything like this? They are officially behind the curve
This is amazing! Get some Ubuntu for Android ( on there while docked to the keyboard dock and or PadFone Station and this thing will be unstoppable! Maybe implement some wireless video to large screens like TV's in the 2.0 version. Wow +ASUS I'm in amazement of the possibilities, there is so much epicness packed into this thing!
I stay away from ASUS products, I have been Computer hardware Tech since 1990 and ASUS hardware never last more then one year max only 20% still working,,
Still not huge on the concept of smart phones. They have uses, but generally if I am in a situation where I would have time to use the features of one, I can just whip out my laptop or tablet (ASUS Transformer Prime).

That being said, I really like this design. But definitely would wait a few iterations. The Prime is nice and I am pretty satisfied, but it is rather painful to see a model that fixes the design flaws coming out just a few months later.
Amazing product!! Like to have this if the price is right.
+Robert Pavel, I have the original Transformer and love it! I use my smart phone (Nexus S) all the time, my tablet is more for around the house and meeting use.
I agree on waiting for a few revisions though. The Prime is a prime example!
Yeah Ian you are Right.... I was thinking the same!
I wondered where AlwaysInnovating's innovations were going. I think I know now. :)
seems like a great product.with the weight being so incredible llite what type of material is the product made of that will stand long durability
hui ni
The idea of the PadFone is really nice, and how about the price?
Next laptop becoming a desktop, desktop becoming an electric car, electric car becoming a smart home :). All run of single CPU.
YEAH Asus, ! T-Mobile get your hands on them ASAP !
+Thomas Christensen the best reason of all is to boost Android into the manstream of computing. With this device, Android could become a major player in the Business world and if App developers play their cards right, there are TONS of applications where a simple solution like this would be ideal. Think Medical, Constuction, Automotive, production, inventory, retail etc . . . . .
IF Asus had made this phone on the Windows 8 platform . . . OMG the possibilities would be endless !
This looks outstanding. Make an LTE version!
One more comment, for those of us that use the extra SD card to install and save apps . . . . it would be REALLY cool if they would include either extra builtin storage OR an SDcard slot on the tablet for those apps that don't NEED to be on the phone, but would be useful on the tablet.
a very much improved and THOUGHT ALL THE WAY THROUGH version of the Atrix, you mean... this is only similar to it in the idea, the concept. The execution is radically different! a few years have gone by since the Atrix, and, while Motorola seems to have slept on the idea, Asus made it just the way it should. Maybe the Atrix was too advanced a device for the time it came out...
Imagine, getting a wifi/lte enabled tablet that doesn't cost you an extra contract on top of the one you are already paying for. Also, I have both a phone and a tablet and I've never used both of them at the same time, this is genius I tell you.
I'd very much like to have this! can this be made available for Verizon? I have an upgrade coming up by the end of March. :)
It would be kewl, but I bet you it will be a GSM only model for a long long time.
You're going to have a huge hit on your hands assuming it works as well as advertised. Congrats and thanks for making Android tablets that don't suck.
This would be amazing with Ubuntu with Android that carnicol showed off!
+Matthew Garbett Why do people want to complicate things so much by adding LINUX to the mix? The Atrix system tried that, and it failed. Bring Android Mainstream and maintain the simplicity of ONE system.
I hope they release a second version with better screen resolution on both the phone and the tablet. The Transformer Infinity screen that is full HD would be awesome and the phone could be 720p.
Really want to get one if it is not too expensive when it comes out
why stop at quad-core? It's feasible to implement over six cores in commercial devices!!
You are missing oni tiny thing... dualboot with some real os. If i could have that one, i would not hesitate to buy it. But if its only android, then i am perfectly fine with my tf101.

Btw, awesome product.
This takes the saying "broke my laptop" to a whole new level.
Is't available to buy now ? I mean in anywhere around the world?
+Thomas Christensen How is the tethering working out for you? (speeds, establishing connection, official tethering, etc.?)
Love love love. OK... I'll lend a hand in working out any bugs. You know where to ship one ;)
+Peter Brown It's working perfect - I can even use the tablet for navigation in Google Maps, I've never missed builtin 3G :o)
Cuando saldrá a la venta¿?
Lo estoy esperando
+Thomas Christensen We are in the same situation then. I guess the point I was trying to make is that this device is a more complete solution as an upgrade from what we are currently using. While our combination works well, the syncing of information from phone to tab is imperfect, and broadcasting a data connection is inefficient. It burns through battery on the phone, and the resulting connection on the tablet is about half what the phone is capable of. This is just a better solution, to have one device essentially do it all. Not to mention when you're in tablet mode your phone actually charges. And as a bonus, we get the stellar support of +ASUS. Timely updates are rare for other companies, if you get them at all. Just look at which tablets have ICS.
Just one question... if someone know an answer to this. What if I receive a call and it is docked in.
Would I be able to take out the phone without disconnecting the call and how much time will it take to before it switched to the phone mode.
+ASUS will we be able to buy this directly from you? I never buy in contract anyway. I don't care if I need to fly directly to Taiwan! (It ain't far from Tokyo anyway!)
It`s look very interesting, new technology, this generation product will have to be test run.
why wld you ask that look it up im sure you can find it online
oh ok well as soon as you can bro gotta let me know
ho crap, well we have to wait a little longer, only hope the launch this year
sorry for my bad english im from a speak spanish country
Why you keep showing event with this product if never go up for sell
Waiting for surface, and duel boot android
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