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Our mystery device is just the World's slimmest DVD writer ever!

Only 13mm thin, +ASUS' new external drive works horizontally & vertically.
Equipped with our Disc Encryption II technology, it keeps contents safe through passwords & data encoding so that your data stays... yours.

Thanks for your creative answers earlier. We noted your high expectations from ASUS as a brand and your thirst for other innovations from us. However, we have no plans to manufacture refrigerators, toasters or vacuum robots. :D
For the other options: who knows, sometimes dreams come true.

Many of you expected the picture to be our Qube +Google TV device but its design was actually presented at CES already:
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It should be called the Zen Drive with that style ;).

Or as the link's cube style, the ASUS Companion ^_^.
Neat. Is this targeted towards tablet users, or Ultra Books, both, neither?
Many of us were expecting a Chromebook... Why, oh why is Asus sticking with Windows 8, while there are some alternatives now: Chrome OS and Ubuntu.
...will it work with my padfone 2 or the nex generation padfone that has no usb connection.... :-D
That looks amazing! It would have been awesome back before I replaced DVD-Rs with USB Flash Drives (and then replaced USB flash drives with cloud storage). I would have been the first in line to buy one 3 or 4 years ago.
Well I for one am extremely disappointed in the lack of unicorns revealed here...
Looks very nice. Too bad I haven't used DVDs or CDs in years and I don't see that changing in the future. Those drives will suit other people for sure though. Very nice design as usual.
But,i have already replaced cd with flash drive and cloud storage …
+Greg Neher +Amir Rehman We completely understand different users have different needs and also offer a similar Zen-inspired design for an external hard-drive called ASUS Zendisk:
Regarding the need for DVD drives, keep in mind that Ultrabooks are so thin and light that DVD drives are generally not embedded. So we're simply offering the possibility of having such optical drive only when Ultrabook users need it while maintaining a consistent beautiful metallic design such as our  #Zenbook .
+ASUS Thanks for responding to my comment. Absolutely true of course. Very happy with what ASUS has come up with in recent years. Keep those great products coming and release more devices running #Ubuntu , please! 
+ASUS If the price is right it could hit a decent target. Would have been nice to make it Blu-Ray writer though (not sure if patents are available). 
Really nothing to say about an upcoming chromebook? :D 
should have released an external blu-ray drive, at least then i would have had a some what slight interest
+ASUS +ASUS North America any chance you guys are working on a chromebook that is inline with the high end specs of the Chromebook Pixel (perhaps with a Tegra 4 or  any of Intel's Clover Trail+, Bay Trail, Haswell, or Skylake chips?)
Thought it was going to be an exciting new product. 
Thank you for the reply +ASUS I really appreciate it. I do have to agree with +Adrien Pierret in that a Blu-Ray drive would have made a lot more sense. Maybe a BD-RXL burner even?
+ASUS I know you have some already but why make a new product with an old tech? Is it about the price? Try to make it low cost? It's already outdated and soon will become plain useless. IMO
Aww, come on Asus. I thought it was going to be something more exciting. Let it at least be a blu-ray drive.
That'll make more sense and will go better with your Zenbook and Taichi since both of them have Full HD displays.
Not to mention, if the drive was also wireless and portable, your mobile devices like the Transformer Infinity or Padfone could also take advantage of it

S Shum
:\ wait, vacuum robot actually sounds like a great idea. Asus pleaaaaseee. 
Aww make a Chromebook please? I'm throwing money at the screen, but nothing is happening... 
All I want (as nice as the DVD Drive is) is 4.2 for my TF700T please...  
Was expecting something more. I havnt bought a cd in years... And dvds and blue rays... Movies i buy now are in the cloud(google play).

Inguess the cutting board guess was right after all. 
Now if you could only make a bluray player this small
Damn it Asus where is your chrome book model?
This was probably the most hyped-up DVD Writer in years..
When are we going to see a sequel to the transformer infinity?
Don't listen to the haters +ASUS ... This makes more sense than the return of the animated gif at least. ;-)
Its amazing what you can accomplish with a thinnest dvd player! :-P 
Oh. Good.  So we're in agreement then.
+ASUS why are you blocking users that are asking about a device (zenbook u500vz touch) YOU promise to deliver since more than a year by now????
Maxx D
Half terabyte DVD archival storage: $35 (once)
Half terabyte "Cloud" storage: $50 per month ($500/year)
Uploading half a terabyte at average US upstream speed: 16 days

After losing your broadband due to "abuse" of "bandwidth caps" because the only broadband provider in your area has an unrestricted and abusive monopoly, and bandwidth caps don't actually have any logical or rational justification:

Uploading half a terabyte at typical free wifi speed: eternity

If you don't understand or need nearline storage/archival, that's great! That doesn't mean it's not useful for other users. (I bet Matt Honan is wishing he backed up his photos to something more permanent...)

+ASUS As BDXL media gets less expensive, it would be nice to see this as a BDXL device.
What exactly are you going to back up thats only DVD or DVD-DL in size? 
I KNEW IT: It was a device that did something! HA HA, you can't fool me, +ASUS
Such haters for no reason. Just cause you don't want or need something doesn't mean others don't. +ASUS looks awesome and I'll be picking one up when available.
Damn, I was really hoping it was a Zen Dishwasher...
Love you asus man!
+Paulo Silva USB Bluray burners go on Amazon from about $60 to $120. I bet ASUS could probably make cheaper ones should they enter the market on those.
I still backup everything on dvd, bd being unaffordable for me.  I like the dvd writer Asus.  It looks great.
I think it looks great. I was really hoping it was going to be a Chromebook though. 
Cool, so this is Chromebox? 
"I still backup everything on dvd..."

Flash thumb drives exist. 
I would have bought a blu ray drive looking like for my zenbook at least then I coukdcwatch my blu ray movies I feel dvd is 2 steps back love the design though
+ASUS Even if the surface may look nice - I feel somewhat uncomfortable how my TF201 attracts fingerprints (it gets real ugly after some days, constantly needs to be polished up). It's not really much better that the glossy plastic (that most people dislike, as well).
People still burn DVD?
Do you know how to clean the fingerprints off of the asus g55vw? 
Dear fellow G+ users, we realise our teaser pic this Friday might have led to believing we had a bigger announcement than the DVD writer we revealed (even though, it is a particularly good-looking & thin device! :p).
We can understand the G+ teaser generated certain expectations and apologise to those who felt disappointed by today's unveiling.
In the future, we will avoid teasing devices which may not be the most revolutionary innovations you could be waiting for.
In the last couple months, we announced PadFone Infinity, Qube, Fonepad, Transformer AiO... So we're clearly not simply making DVD writers thinner and intend to continue informing and discussing on G+ about exciting new devices. Thanks a lot for following us!