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Hum... What is that? Get creative! No tips this time.

So will you or your friends find the answer by then? ;-)

Edit - We've now shown this is the World's thinnest DVD drive (13mm): 
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Asus sound system. Possibly a subwoofer.
A Chromebook with Pixel-like hardware?
It looks similar to a computer tower case. 
After commenting here and reading everything else, I now know what it is! It's a nerdtrap!
Chrome book or home server. Or chrome box from above.
I'm gonna with Chromebook. PLEEEEEEEASE let it be a chromebook. We need more chromebooks!
+ASUS you... are.... so... teasing... US! Tell us already! :D hey we aren't on facebook! We are on Plus side of internet! :)
definitely looks like some sort of box. It seems to square to be a tablet, chromebook, or zenbook. I'm guessing google tv box or I hope anyways
It looks as if there are small rubber feet in the corners so what we are looking at could either be the face or the rear of a device.

Really hard to determine the size of the unit though, could be as big as a washing machine or as small as a box of matches.

My guess would be a media center of some sorts - my hope would be a super cool Android powered wearable device :)
It's a pile of Shut Up and Take My Money
Waffle iron! I hope its wifi enabled. 
It's got little feet on it so it is supposed to sit somewhere and it has a nice finish so it is something that you would put in the open. I'm thinking NAS drive/TV box/cloud thingy running android using a nexus 7 as the remote. 
Is it a safe that does Windows 8/Android Dual boot?
Lee M
Cutting board. 
It's the new Asus sock in a box.
Tired of loosing that other sock? Just open up a brand new Asus Sock in a Box and then it unveils: That other sock that you have been missing.

Certain features might not be availible in all regions or for both feet.
Jonny W
Chopping block... comes with usb knife.
Out looks like a side view of a desktop computer. Remember those?
now that i see it a bit better it looks like a toaster
Certainly not a square zenbook. It's a SMARTWATCH! ....ok maybe not.
Its a square device folks so it wont be a tablet or a chromebook.
It's Nick Fury's New suitcase for the Cosmic Cube as the old case needed replaced after all it has been through :)
its got feet so its definitely a box of some sorts. I'm thinking a NAS or desktop PC. 
Square & Aluminum, let's see...
Multimedia machine to show up Tablet, Phone or PC on a TV or data projector... Perhaps...
+Hanish Patel It looks similar, but in this post, thew square has some kind of soft legs, while in the link you,ve added there are no legs,,, but also could be....
+ASUS is it android related, google related, or neither of the two?!
I thought computer cases were forgotten!
Hope it is another Zenbook
Suitcase with Ironman's armor in it?
The lid to an all new LP player? Or if my hopes are up a new windows based media player that is slick and easy enough for the babysitter but still can use the free hulu desktop application. 
Chromebox for 499 with an I3 and 4GB of upgradeable ram
Looks a little big for the next generation ubuntu padfone with bluetooth keyboard usb ports and all its custom made accessories..... :-)
I know its a desktop with 10 i7 Extreme edition CPUs, 20 Titan GPUs, 4 terabytes of ram and 500 terabytes of pcie solid state drives all for the low price of $10,000,000
I just bought new LG washer and dryer, so this better not be the ASUS equivalents. 
I've seen this on a TV show once, its clearly the Internet.
Its a media hub for all your devices to your tv
Sam A.
I believe this is the Varidrive Media Dock.
OK. Given the size of the +ASUS logo, this appears to be a fairly small device. There are feet on the bottom, which necessitates some.sort of set top box. The only.question remaining is what OS it runs... I'll guess... iOS. No! I'm going with Chrome.
It looks like a tower PC, with the two little feet on the bottom.
Asus is developing a watch too?
Raj D
It's the Qube. 
If this is a high end Asus Chromebook take my money! 
Chromebox for $99 i hope. 
A wireless computer tower so your new ASUS pc has no annoying tangled cords.
1 - External hard drive,
2 - computer tower,
3 - server,
4 - ethernet switch, or
5 - router.
Some new kick ass product from favorite company that my broke ass can't afford

Well everyone else is bringing out a smart watch , so I'll go with that. 
A cover so the screen on my third Nexus 7 won't crack?
I don't know but if it is from +ASUS the chances are it will be awesome. 
I would guess it is a square computing device with lots of interesting functionality.. Probably a challenger to the Roku. 
Sadly not the 13.3 in plus tablet I'm waiting for...
Emad M.
Desktop, motherboard 
I wish it could be an 1TB (or more) Asus Network Attached Storage compatible with any routers that runs AiCloud
Stainless steel trash can lid. With foot pedal to open lid. 
For it to be a box it needs depth, anyone can see it is a picture!
ZenBook with (chromebook) Pixel features
The Asus ZenBox? A miniature desktop computer?
Set Top Box for TV? Net Top X86?
Android Game/SmartTV console???
See the black things at the bottom; so I am excluding tablet, ultrabook, chromebook etc.




Trey G
Looks like a tower
I vote for a smartwatch. Everyone else seems to be doing one, so ASUS could be the first to release. 
A super desktop rivalling the Mac Pro I hope.
An Asus mini running window 8?
Looks like a sandwich press to me... You said be creative!
It's the ASUS 'OmFG 911'

It is a solid carving from a block of aluminium with a single light and button on the frount face.

The cube 12x12x12" is finished on all 6 sides in the same minimalist logo and pattern as shown in the photo designed by the great italian visionary Aru Duthiko.

A single charge to the 'OmFG 911' will last roughly 60 days.

The user experiance has been described as 'totaly sublime' by many people.
When the tactile power button softly powers the unit on, the effect produced by the soft glow of the single led is enhanced by the subtle and almost inaudible hum emerging from inside the device.

One critic has been quoted as saying "it is not the fact that the 'OmFG 911' does nothing but hum softly with a tiny glowing light, it is the simple fact that its crisp clean cut design does it with a style and ease not seen since the iPhone was first released"

The 'OmFG 911' or simply known as 'the cube' will retail at $990 with a special offer of $600 if you trade in your iPhone.

With such simplistic style and elegance... who can resist? 
Looks like it's standing upright assuming those black things on the bottom are rubber feet. Kinda looks like a desktop PC.
Isn't it the VariDrive? This dock designed for the Zen books?
I'm guessing... SMARTWATCH? They seem to be the chic thing for companies to be developing at the moment. 
Settop box to stream TV - ROKU rival? Maybe too big...
A time machine that takes you to the future...which is now.
You are all wrong! It's a heater hahaha
It's an ASUS accessory to house all the ASUS devices one can buy with built in charging system :P
It is a creative marketing attempt to complete a viral feedback loop; it looks like it is working, so well done!
My guess: A 1.5 TB or higher external drive with USB 3.0 support. it looks nice.
Please a "Nexus Q"!! Waiting for it so long
It's a Chromebox or Google TV. 
It has to do with sound, like a dock or sound system