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"I'm on my way to ASUS Transformer Pad TF300!" Android Jelly Bean
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What about the TF201? just saying
Do we have a date or just, "Coming Soon"?
Please consider to sell the Padfone as a standalone product in germany. You would increase your customers then... ;-)
Very nice news, but something more definite than "on my way" for Europe would be nice. Unless it's available when I get home.
+ASUS Thanks for updating your devices so quickly. Really great! =)
When will it be available in europe?
How about the TF101? Or have early adopters already been forgotten?
+Chris Lucier I'm hopeful +ASUS  will treat us well. No longer at the top of the queue but still receiving service. Time will tell. 
Yes, not wishing to sound too much like a whiny little brat, but can +ASUS confirm whether the TF101 will be getting the JB sweetness?

I love my Transformer, but it's been rather flaky since the ICS update (much improved with the last couple of fixes, but still not as stable as it was on HC).  ASUS has been great at rolling out the updates really quickly in the past, so I'm hopeful the OG Transformer won't be excluded this time around...
As with the above comments, this is great and I hope your #padfone  team are beavering away to get some JB love sent our way :) (and I hope your keyboard team are preparing some region-specific keyboards for sale!)
I still love +ASUS and my TF101. It runs great. But I do want to know that my device will not be left behind after only a year. It's bad enough that cell phone users are treated this way by their carriers (and occasionally the manufacturers).
+ASUS ETA on EU version? Still nothing here, but I can't wait it. :)
This is why I love Asus!
Eager waiting for Europe release!
How about TF201, I want some beans too! B-)
Still waiting 4.0.4 on my PadFone. Wouldn't mind getting 4.1.1 either.
I appreciate the update and I was very surprised to see it yesterday however I think ASUS also need to work on fixing issues with using the keyboard peripheral. The trackpad needs sensitivity settings. The keyboard needs to work properly especially with stuff like shift+ctrl+cursor selections. It's very janky in 4.0 with behaviour inconsistent from one use to the next and my brief experimentation with 4.1 didn't suggest much improvement.

Still, I'm happy to get the update. The experience does appear a bit smoother and the rearranging behaviour when arranging widgets and icons is cute. Not sure there are many other features which would appeal to me yet though I am looking forward to (hopefully) smaller Google Play downloads thanks to binary deltas.
+ASUS how about the 101? To this day I still carry mine with me and brag about how great it is to all my friends and family!
How much longer before it is available for the Pad Infinity?
I hope it comes to the infinity soon!!
hopefully it comes to the TF201 soon!
no love for the transformer prime?
+Ken Holman the Transformer Prime is the TF201 and the JB update is "coming soon" for that one.
Please don't forget about Africa!
ASUS has come through ahead of all other Android tablet makers. Their updates happen soon after they are announced. The TF101 and TF201 should get their updates before September, if this pattern holds up.
As the previous comments please consider the update also for the TF101 & TF101G and many users/customers will be very happy.
should go in order of their releases... start with tf101 and say whether it can or not... then release it, then on to slider, tf201 and so on ...
Thank you for being one of the few manufacturers that appreciates the idea of timely updates.
Yes hopefully that fixes my firmware problems
Sweet! Now, may I please have it for my tf700!
I was very surprised the update came so quickly to my TF300.  ASUS is once again confirming my decision of buying their tablet.  Great job!
Already rocking JB on mine. Now I really want Google Now on my phone. Quit slacking, Samsung!
Don't forget about TF101...
Sweet I guess the update for the Prime will be coming soon then.  NIce.
Thats great, if your a TF300 owner, but when will it be out for TF700 owners? (And Tf201 and TF101 owners)
+1 for the Asus Prime, I thought the device was one of their best. 
Why do you need two more weeks to repair my TF300? I want JB! Now! ;)
I got it this morning and it made a good tablet great! Gracias +ASUS
Oh come on to Europe plz! Pretty plz! Pretty pretty plz plz :D
when can we update our tf300 with jellybean goodness in europe?
The Xoom received Jelly Bean, don't leave us TF101 first genners out... please fix the freezing and keyboard not working sometimes when you click inside a page to input user name, search etc....
Make me keep my TF700. Give us Jelly Bean plz.
+1 for the TF101. Especially since ICS has never quite worked right (remaining issues... memory leak in opengl, audio stopping working, voice typing breaks mic). I only had to reboot my HC TF101 for os updates and riding an airplane... it was rock solid. And I hope that JB can bring the 101 back to that type of reliability.
Please hurry! My TF201 is currently on life support and could die in two weeks if it doesn't get the Jelly Bean treatment. Please +ASUS you are our only hope! =D
Glad to see +ASUS is fast to get the new versions out on their devices. When is it for the PadFone?
+ASUS, will there be further improvements on the TF201 (like i/o & bt/wifi network fix) when JellyBean is released? please reply soon! :D
Looking forward to having it on my TF700T.
What about the Transformer Prime? Are you abandoning it already? 
I didn't buy your flagship tablet, just to have all support for it abandoned 2 months later. 
They said the Transformer Prime TF201 is next on the list to get Jelly Bean. 
I think the update for TF201 will be at least in 2 weeks!!! I hope!!!
+William Kowalski no way will you see any wifi improvements with Jelly Bean.  The wifi issues is with the back casing not ICS.  I traded my Prime for the Infinity.  The Infinity has a plastic piece where the wifi, gps, bluetooth radios reside so no issues.
+ASUS if TF201 is next does that mean TF700 is right after it?  How about leaking a TF700 build so we can use the drivers to build our own JB ROM?  Hint Hint 
Come on Asus. Just a little hint as to when TF201 update will be out?
Yeh +ASUS, give us a hint like if everything goes as planned and no hangups with the code for the TF201.
+Greg Freyenberger  Thanks for the info man. is there a retailer that sells plastic back casings (im in the philippines now...)? lucky you could trade it in for an infinity. mine here, i bought online from the US on amazon (64gb+dock.) aaargh! >:(
It's Friday +ASUS! How about rolling that JB update out to the TF201 today so we can play this weekend!
Looks like it's finally hitting units other than the US builds. I've seen reports of fellow Canadians now getting JB on their TF300Ts. Can't wait to get home from work and see for myself!
Did Asus has just gone silence the moment update for tf101 is being asked?.=(
Got it on my Canadian model! No issues so far!
On Jelly Bean already, one big (huge, annoying, really really really really p*ssing me off) issue is making me go crazy, +ASUS - when I select ASUS Czech (QWERTY) keyboard, the dock doesn't reflect this selection. It uses QWERTZ instead. I hope you can see how aggravating this is. I got used to AltGr+numbers doing absolutely nothing, but this is really annoying. I might actually subconsciously start using QWERTZ, for crying out loud! Can't you see how serious this is? Please please please please please please please please fix this.
Thank you for being a company that knows how to treat its existing customers. My Prime is eagerly awaiting Jelly Bean while my Droid Bionic...well, let's just say it was my last Moto product.
Is there a date to be given for Jelly's next stop at TF201?
ASUS! Where is my Jellybean update? As a TF101 owner I am proud to own a product that was innovative in the way the keyboard dock was used. I however do not have the cash to keep up to date with all the new devices. So to get my brand loyalty you would have to show everyone that you are willing to push updates to older devices that are still being sold and therefore as I understand it still falls under your update responsibility. This would for me ensure that I would buy Asus again and again and again.......
Hey +ASUS, how about rolling out Jelly Bean for the TF201 today?
Seriously, Asus. The TF300 is nearly identical to the TF201 as far as hardware goes. How hard can it be to push out Jelly Bean for us TF201 owners? Do hurry. I want to play around with it before school starts up again. 
No leaks on a date on jelly for the Prime? Its driving me mad, I want my prime to work as well as my Nexus 7. I check for an update first thing every day!
I second the TF-201 JB anticipation!  Hit us up, ASUS!   Your devoted masses grow restless.  ;)
+ASUS How about rolling that Jelly Bean out for the TF201 Transformer Prime today.
Must say that i m ULTRA KEEN on the update for TF201 Tablet :)
Running official CM10 nightly's and its running great. However I miss the Asus tweaks so please release JB soon
Um... it's been nearly two weeks. Still waiting for TF201. 
No. +ASUS take your time with the TF700 but hurry with the Jelly Bean update for the TF201 Transformer Prime!!! heh heh
TF300T rollout in Germany - flawless.
Where is the TF201 upgrade?!
+ASUS must have ONE guy working on Jelly Bean for all their tablets. C'mon with the TF201 update already!!!
Looks like TF201 update will not happen for a while. Ugh. I thought they would be fast with this. 
Stephen Hobson, try owning a Samsung device to know what eternity feels like on upgrades. +1 on needing a nice JB TF201 upgrade. Thanks ASUS.
Any update from "Jelly"? On August 20th he said the Prime was next,  but it's been 2 weeks and no follow up.... 
Does this mean we can start working start TF101? 
Come on +ASUS with the TF201 update. People have started trying to put the Jelly Bean TF300 update on their Prime because of your delay.
+ASUS Does Jelly know when he'll be arriving on TF201?
Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean update for Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 and Galaxy Note 10.1+ and nothing for +ASUS Transformer Prime TF201!
Or the Transformer Infinity, which is supposed to be a top-tier device...
Can you give us an update on the TF201 jelly bean update?  How is it going?  How much longer do you expect it to take?
The sad thing is Asus only seems to be using social media to self-promote... they don't seem to actually be interested in having any sort of two-way dialog with their customers (or else they would have responded to our many inquiries by now).
Well, like many others, I'm waiting for JB on TF201...
Stu Mx
Cant wait for JP on TF201, hurry up!!!

+ASUS could have released JB for the TF201 weeks ago with a simple change to the TF300 JB firmware for brightness settings if they were actually working on it.
+ASUS perhaps you could at least let us know whether the update was scrapped, so we can go back to XDA developers?
Sad that official support is behind XDA developers. What are you guys doing over there? Please just give us a time frame for OTA updates!
+ASUS Could you please answer us back about the TF201 update please :D
WTF ASUS Almost a month after the Tf300 gets an upgrade, nothing for the tf201.
When will jelly bean be on tge prime tf201? I saw ur post its on its way
Seriously ASUS, update all at once or give an ETA. Not 'soon'. Because soon for me is 1 week.
Asus, any news at all on the tf201 jb update? Don`t keep us in the dark. We want to eat jelly beans with the "big ones" :-P
I found the Jelly Bean update for the TF201! Sell it and get a Nexus 7! That's what I did because I got tired of Asus sitting around doing nothing for the Transformer Prime owners.
+ASUS I'm a loyal customer and am still satisfied with your product even if it's taking a little while to get the update. You've treated us VERY nicely in the past, and you've had the track record of bringing the updates much faster than the competition and even supporting the older crowd with the TF101 which is amazing in itself.

BUT, could you please give us an ETA of when the TF201 will get the update? We'd all appreciate it :D
So +ASUS, when are you guys going to bring Jellybean to our tf201?
Same here, waiting for Jelly Bean on my Prime !
Release date for tf201 please !!! I am sick of checking all forums for news on this. 
Yeah, an update on the progress of the 4.1 for the prime would be nice..
4.1 for the Prime? Not holding my breath.
I guess tf201 owners will be lucky if they get this jb update by december
Has anyone tried contacting Asus' customer support?
Finally... Sources confirm Jelly Bean for TF201 will start rolling out on Sept 20.. Get ready folks...
CyanogenMod 10 on TF201 is the way to go, so much faster than the official rom has ever been!
Apparently +ASUS is like all the other companies and just ignore their loyal customer base. They think by giving us a 'soon' or 'coming soon' that it will keep us happy and shut us up but when we ask for more they ignore us.
A month has past since the release of JB for the TF300 and not a single word when the TF201 is getting JB! +ASUS why the delay?
Where's the update? Asus is usually good about the updates but seriously
Any updates on when JB is coming for our Primes?
Why is it I am always on the warm and sour end of the milk run when it comes to Android updates on ALL the devices I choose???? Yes I'm a Verizion user so the Fascinate took so long for ICS that I just rooted and went with a ROM, I then bought a Nexus and I am right back in update hell so I rooted again. I am now kicking myself for buying a Prime because event the devices that came AFTER it (TF300) are getting the update before it. I would have already rooted my TF201 if it would not void my warranty according to ASUS. Come on people, get out of the business if you cannot properly support your products. The time for testing is in the development pre-release period. Not months after the product is released. 
Oh and I am using the CM10 daily on my GNex and it is working just FINE! Pretty sad when an ad-hoc group of developers can out perform a vendor on their own product. I think I will just look into the CM10 for my TF201 and ASUS can go pound sand when it comes to my next tech purchase. I have an ASUS G74SX laptop that would be awesome if it wasn't plauged by silly issues like a wireless card that only connects "when it feels like it!" Of course ASUS blames the AP and not the laptop. Nevermind the fact that 4 other devices are connected to the same AP when the G74 will not! Dumb logic and troubleshooting on that one ASUS support. I've been a tech for going on 30 years and that doesn't pass the BS sniff test!!!
But you cant forget the tf700!!!!!!
so... can you make a phone call with this? because i am so buying if it can make phone calls.
+Fakhri Ahadi I use an App called GrooveIP that allows me to make phone calls with my Asus Prime TF201 using my Google Voice phone number.  
Aaaaand Verizon just beat you. Nice job. 
Today would be a good day to announce the +ASUS  TF201 JB Update, right? :)
Hmm... Sprint and Verizon both recently sent the updates for the original Nexus S (released almost two years ago) and S 4G phones and the Galaxy Nexus.  If Sprint and Verizon can get updates updates out faster than you, there's a serious issue.  U.S. carriers are notorious for dragging their feet with updates.  This sort of knocks Asus down quite a few notches... especially when you consider the extra involvement that CDMA carriers need to have with respect to their radios.  I'm having a difficult time seeing any logical reason for any of the Tegra 3 devices not being updated at this point.  
Will JB update for TF201 fix touch screen sensitivity issues?
Please hurry up with Jelly bean on the TF201. 
and what about padfone? when can we expect the padfone JB roll out?
There is a 4.1 update for the TF300T but not for TF300TG? The most expensive model of this series is getting no update .... not very nice.
Jelly bean for tf201 is installed on my italy tf201
When Padfone will have JB?
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