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Vision, Experience, Answers for Industry


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Digitizing and Securing Industry, Infrastructure, and Cities
February 12-15, 2018 - Orlando, Florida
Join us at the 22nd Annual ARC Industry Forum in Orlando, Florida to learn more about how digitizing factories, cities, and infrastructure will benefit technology end users and suppliers alike. Discover what your peers are doing today and what steps they are taking in their respective journeys.

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Listen to how ARC and SANS are helping Industry and Cities address cybersecurity issues

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Two Charts and Moore’s Law
An article last week in the Financial Times alarmed me (Seven charts that show how the developed world is losing its edge – it’s behind a paywall). The article was by Martin Wolf, the FT chief economics commentator, who is a widely-respected economist and (in my view) a “must-read” columnist.

Tales from the Industry of Things
The increasing number of IoT related events on the calendar should not have escaped notice. Here in Singapore, for instance, we have gone from having none in 2013, one in 2014, and for this year, well, I need two hands to count the number of IoT conferences on the 2017 calendar.

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IIoT and the Transformation of Railways
The emergence of the industrial internet of things (IIoT) in last few years has set the stage for a digital disruption of railways. The transportation industry has already seen a major impact, with the introduction of autonomous vehicles and improved cargo management, but one area that has seen less coverage is the connected railway.

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Machine learning with data overload
Today’s massively increasing collections of data improve the potential value of data analytics applications like machine learning. How can you extract useful answers and conclusions from the data you have? In industry, the “data warehouse” concept has been used to merge operational data with business data. The basic idea is to collect and organize the...

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Open Process Automation: An Update

A lot has happened over the past year, here are several positive factors:

The program is now moving forward with an acceptable development methodology and wide participation, though wider participation would be better.

With the development of NFV (network functions virtualization) in telecom and autonomous/smart automobiles, other industries are also advancing the technology for networked industrial automation applications.

Industrie 4.0 and similar national initiatives are driving large investments in manufacturing automation research and development.
Many more end users recognize the limits of present-day DCS.

There are also several negative factors that may delay or inhibit the success of this program:

It greatly disrupts the existing and long-standing DCS supplier business model, though the Open Process Automation Forum recognizes this challenge and is trying to address it

There remains uncertainty about the suitability of FACE technology/business for process automation markets and applications, though the prototype development program should provide insight into this.

Open Process Automation Forum schedule remains likely to slip further, although the Forum has taken steps to gain visibility and (sooner or later) gain control of its own schedule.

As I have discussed in the past, many other large and related development programs are taking place at the same time, and this is both an opportunity and a risk.

The next ARC Orlando Forum (February 12-15, 2018) will feature a detailed update on the Open Process Automation Forum and related industrial automation developments. This session was packed in 2017. It’s not too early to pencil in these date and plan to meet with ARC in Orlando next February.

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Added photos to ARC Industry Forum Orlando 2018.
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