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11 good reasons to buy a property in Dalmatia. 

From old stone house to ultra-modern new build apartments with the occasional renaissance property along the way, there is something for every taste.

If you want a key-in-the-lock solution (as the locals call it), then Croatia has a lot of those.  If you prefer to do some superficial upgrading (a lick of paint and a new bathroom, say), then Dalmatia has an abundance of these.   However, if you want the stone walls and not much else, then  A Place in Dalmatia can show you these too.

But why would anyone want their own place in Dalmatia?  Well there's the sun, the sea, the islands, the food, the sailing, the low cost of living, the ease of getting there from just about anywhere in Europe, the relaxed way of living and many more good reasons.

Read the full article 10 GOOD reasons to buy in Croatia
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Building work is about to begin on the new Ciovo bridge.  

The new bridge will connect Ciovo with the mainland, bypassing Trogir which has been a traffic blackspot for many years.  The old bridge just simply can't cope with all the traffic making for very lengthy queues in the summer.

The new bridge will vastly improve access to Ciovo which has been held back by the issue. We think it will provide a much needed boost for property prices on the island.  

Until now, traffic has queued for hours to get on and off the island during the tourist season.  The queues start building in late May or early June and by August, it often takes over and hour to get from one side to the other.

It will be a drawbridge to allow yachts to pass below.  The bridge will start about 1km east of the current bridge and join the mainland to the west of the Pantan Watermill (so less than 1km from the airport entrance).

We believe it will be a good thing and it will solve the long-standing problems (as long as the traffic management at either end is done well).

It has been talked about for at least 15 years and was due to go ahead until the 2008 economic crisis.  
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oops... Brazil 3; Croatia 1
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