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“Latinos are going to appreciate being spoken to in Spanish if the promises that are made to them are sincere and gain substance once the candidate gets to office,” says Alfonso Aguilar, chief of the U.S. Office of Citizenship for President George W. Bush.
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"Latinos projected to be nearly a third of the U.S. population by 2050"...  Which is why more & more, no politician will dare to touch the illegal immigration issues. 
In America, English is our language. Why is it that we encourage people to speak Spanish instead of learning English?
Very simple, Spanish is the language of our hearts, and we (Latinos) enjoy it, or literally get amused watching it.  Candidates' speeches in Spanish have poor or no relevant content. The goal is to connect.
Don Quixote: "año que es abundante de poesía, suele serlo de hambre." ~The year that is abundant in poetry is often one of hunger.
The reason we can encourage people to speak other languages is because this country has no official language.
It doesn't?  What language was the Declaration of Independence written in?  What about the Constitution?  My grandfather came here from Hungary and learned to speak English because that's what Americans speak.  Part of being United is being able to communicate.
Despite the declaration of independence & constitution being written in english, and despite your grandfather learning it; our constitution doesn't designate any official language.
learn it's good for your mind. Why can't Americans learn more languages? Too hard, most people in the world speak more then 1 and somehow learning something is just horrible. 
I can't believe people actually say "this country doesn't have an official language".  What, do we have to have a ceremony and crown it as an official language?  ALL LEGAL DOCUMENTS MUST BE IN ENGLISH, that means "OFFICIAL" as far as I'm concerned.  I'm an immigrant, so obviously I don't have anything against legal immigrants.  It's just that I don't agree with all this PC crap that avoids common sense.  Americans should learn more languages, I agree with that, but they should learn whatever languages they want.
+Goolucy van Pelt English is the de facto language of the United States, but is not designated as the official federal language. Google it to read about the distinction between the two. 
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