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Norwegian killer Anders Behring Breivik revealed to an Oslo court that the popular military game "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare" and the online role-playing game "World of Warcraft" helped condition him for his bombing and shooting rampage that left 77 people dead last summer in Oslo.
LOS ANGELES (AP) -- History is littered with murderers inspired by art: Charles Manson believed the lyrics to the Beatles' "Helter Skelter" were a prophecy that ignited a killing spree. ...
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Sure it has nothing to do with his passion for guns, rifles and explosives.
and seriously WoW? o.O
Or his Talliban'esc idea of "My religion is best" Christianity
That's really stupid. Thanks AP useless as always.....
The more I read about this guy, the more I'd like to see a Lemon Law instated for humans. The man is broken. Like a car beyond repair after being driven into a lake.
Not to mention he is probably horrible at both of those games. I hate people who say they use video games as a preparation to cause harm to others. I would like to see this man's ability to shoot and blow up people while those people are trying just as hard to do the same thing to him. Throw him in the middle the Iraqi war and I guarantee he would s**t his pants, followed by his death shortly after. He is nothing but a cheater; attacking those who expect no attack; using force beyond even his own control just to prove he is a crazed idiot looking for attention.
zz yang
it's more safer if you play Battlefield & Warhammer Online "_personally, i blame MTV_."
brian m
He's an idiot as well as a mass murderer.

If a murderer played cowboys and indians, paintball or laser quest does that mean that those activities were in some way, at least partly, responsible for his actions?

I have played Call of Duty and other shooters for years and never felt compelled to kill anyone.

Anyone who believes this garbage has never played Call of Duty.
Has anyone committed murder in the name of organized religion, democracy, or capitalism? Yes, that question was meant to be rhetorical. Bring on the blame it on video games game! When the day comes when we no longer need/want to consume violence in any medium is the day all countries of the world no longer need organized militaries, militias, or militants.
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