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Most fraud occurs when unscrupulous retailers allow customers to turn in their benefits cards for lesser amounts of cash. But USDA officials are also concerned about people selling or trading cards in the open market, including through websites. Read AP's story here:
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Food stamp recipients are ripping off the government for millions of dollars by illegally selling their benefit cards for cash - sometimes even in the open, on eBay or Craigslist - ...
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this is not new, even back when they had the paper food stamps, when our guys would get paid and go cash their checks there were many welfare moms going right outside selling them to some guys $60 for $100 and so on, I know a grocer who bought a brand new Ford F-150 with food stamps !! they just kept exchanging the money from account to account to account. all the same thing. need a way more strict system, so that those who need them get them.
My son worked at a mens clothing store while in college. He told me that one fine day, a "gentleman" chose five suits, a dozen shirts and ties and then wanted to pay for them with food stamps.
get rid of food stamps, use the money to open soup kitchens/shelters.
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