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Only 53 Israeli settler youths were arrested for stone-throwing over the past six years, the data shows, and 89 percent were released without charge. By contrast, 1,142 Palestinian youths were arrested by police over the same period for throwing stones, and 528 were indicted. All were convicted.
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How many israel warlords arrested for using phosphorous bombs during last incursion in the strip ???
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Some of those now facing money laundering, public corruption and weapons trafficking charges related to a seven-year sting carried out by the FBI say the government lured them into illegal activity. But such claims of entrapment rarely work as a defense, say legal experts.
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No one can set you up to do illegal things. At some point you have to make the decision and commit to engaging in the activity.
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Largely due to the efforts of an intern in 2011, Amsterdam officials are considering compensating Holocaust survivors for taxes they were forced to pay for homes that were occupied by Nazis or collaborators while the rightful owners were in hiding or awaiting death in the camps.
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Considering my ass, hold your breath for this...
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Reviews from privacy experts were mixed. Mark Jaycox, a legislative analyst at the Electronic Frontier Foundation in San Francisco, says the new policy underscores the administration's ongoing interest in collecting data. But several privacy experts praised the new policy as more explicit and understandable. Read more here:
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What difference is this going to make?

These worthless bits of paper don't mean anything in the wider scheme of things.
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During the time he was waiting for instructions to report to prison, Cornealious Anderson married, started three businesses, raised three children and led a model life. Thirteen years later, when he would have been finishing his sentence for armed robbery, a SWAT team came to his house. 
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this man turned his life after he ws released from jail by a m istake of the correctional facility. He wrote them via his attorney and gave them his address. Hos attorney told this man that if they needed hom correctional would be able to find him. Years later after he turns his life around, finds a good woman, get married and has 4 children now correctional found him and he is incarcerated. He dont had a parking ticket, he had no runnings with the law since he was by mistake released. He committed the mistake and had the fortume of using a "toy gun" when he went and robbed Burger King. I honestly beleive we dont gain anything by ruining the life of this man. He is an honest member of society and we should not be part of his destruction. A Governor's Pardon could apply if his personal circumstances are taken into consideration. He was a 23 years old guy with a toy was not a fire weapon even thou he might have done the crime because he could have been hungry. I dont excuse one part and I want fairness and consideration of his positive change in his life. I wish his attorney can get him out of prison because this looks like a cruel and unusual punishment. He was not  hidding, correctional was not capable of finding the mistake and picking him up when they had to pick him up. I beleive some responsibililty lies on correctional enforcement. Please do not destroy his life for a mistake he has amended with good behavior.
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"If you would have not said a word to them, they would have left to the deck to see what was going on," and a crucial step in any evacuation would have been accomplished, said Mario Vittone, a former U.S. Coast Guard maritime accident investigator and inspector. "They certainly made it worse than saying nothing at all."
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#4/20 started in Colorado as a defiant gathering of marijuana activists. But this year the event has an official city permit, is organized by an events management company and features booths selling funnel cakes and Greek food next to kiosks hawking hemp lollipops and glass pipes. Read more here:
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Emma, we'll I hope you feel better and your right it is a medicine, people who don't do their research are the one's who are saying it's bad,with 21 states having medical marijuana and 12 more waiting for it, the movement is unstoppable, just keep on fighting and soon enough they will legalize it were you are.
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The study has implications for how correction officers interact with and manage adolescent inmates. What might be seen as a sign of misbehavior or disrespect - forgetting instructions, angry outbursts - might actually be symptoms of past brain injuries, says one expert. 
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You can be sure if they come in without head injuries, they'll get one before they leave.
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Gabriel Garcia Marquez has died at 87, leaving behind a world of readers entranced by his tales and writers inspired by his magical storytelling in both fiction and nonfiction.
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100 Years of Solitude is a must read for any fiction lover!
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This week's collection includes photos from the fire in Valparaiso, Chile, the sunken ferry in South Korea, the Masters golf tournament and Fashion Week in Rio de Janiero.
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