AOKP toro JellyBean Preview build 1:
AOKP maguro JellyBean Preview build 1:

And we're proud to introduce to you our new logo, courtesy of Tha PHLASH!
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Awesome, can't wait for some AOKP JB Goodness. And congrats on the strong work by +Phlash Tha 
Wonderful logo! Will be flashing this as soon as I can. Thanks for the hard work guys!
Sorry didn't see it at first
Flashing in less than 5 minutes. Will report back to the threads if one isn't created I'll post here!
I just set up a thread in rootzwiki galaxy nexus Verizon development. If you test. Post there also if you like. I just posted news of this there
Fire up the nandroid, let the crack flashing begin.
Should have read the whole post, to excited. Thanks!
Awesome new logo but will there be a fascinate from for jb
And what's the timeline I love ur project and have recommend it to several of my peers
I try, I try. Just showing some love. lol for Big Daddy Kang. 
Are there nav bar widgets in this preview?\
Selling a 1999 Volkswagen buggy. 179...miles. has a new motor so the miles are less than the cars and just put a new battery in yesterday. It has a salvage title so thats why I am selling it for 3,000 cash but other than that great condition. Located in Santa Rosa ca.
Is freaking design pal
Haha. I love how people trash posts with crappy shit for sale. ROFL.
Chris C
Loooove the new logo!
Just added as my wallpaper 
Very stable.
Everything is working,
What else would you expect with AOKP?
(Enter Ferris Bueller)
You're still here?
Quit reading the comments.
Well go on...
AOKP released their preview builds...
Go download it already...
Chic chic...
Nice work. I try it tonight..
My current rom jelly bean stock 4.1.1 aosp
Any chance you could post a link to that new logo? I'm rockin' an AOKP build on my Bionic thanks to dhacker
Fuck and I was about to goto bed!

Is there anything that is NOT working that I need to be aware of???
I can't wait to get a fully functional one for ET4G. I have AOKP ICS on there now and it's ass-kicking, but nothing quite got stable for this model on ICS. Hopefully the JB builds will not be so crazy
Where is the Nexus 7 build. Whip that up right quick guys.....
Toroplus doesn't get any love? We are like the red headed stepchild over here, I'm so jelly (pun intended)
I love how they found Rick James for the photo op.....
I want crespo Build NOW! - Love the new logo!
Coming from Milestone 6 I wiped data and cache 3X, flashed ROM, then G Apps. rebooted and saw Google and unlock symbol twice and then it (Galaxy Nexus) went back into ClockworkMod. I rebooted 3 more times and each time it went back into ClockworkMod.

 Restored nandroid so the phone is running while I sleep. I'll try again in the AM.

I guess I'm the one unlucky one. :(
Are u all idiots can u say me this rom is for which phone is this work on galaxy s2 i9100g
You are a SOB Mohamed, i like that!!!
Pete R.
Bad ass looking logo!
I have loved and collected unicorns for years. They are mystical, magical, powerful, peaceful and very real. I have statues, rings, necklaces, color books, sticker books, pictures, etc.  Cheers, NaughtyCathy
Epic! Faster than I was expecting :)
AOKP is my favorite rom. Even over Cyanogen. Thanks guys, and keep up the great work! Logo looks awesome.
Excellent! Keep up the great work. Can't wait to give AOKP Jelly Bean a spin.
Boss rom Acer tablet iconia A200 1.5 overclock on Aokp..word
For which phone is this?
Yes, finally !!! I will try it right away! Thank you!
I like how people keep asking what phone its for.... Hilarious
So I'm assuming that the international Samsung Galaxy Note has just been forgotten about huh? This is ridiculous everyday I read about a new jelly bean rom for a different device and I haven't heard a peep about the note period! But regardless I LOVE AOKP!!!!
I had AOKP 4.0.4 but since I flashed JB I miss constantly AOKP so this is an exciting news.... alas... I can't flash nothing any more... I am getting error "sd card can't be mounted"...I can see all files, everything when I connect to my win7 pc! but can't go inot recovery to nand back to flash from SD card....
AOKP team is awesome and have done phenomenal work and this will be no doubt an excellent work! great job team AOKP.
Its about time. I'm sick of having AOKP-less ROM's on my GNex. 
+Mark Vieta did you happen to flash to a new clockwork mod recovery? If you're on a 6.x.x.x build try flashing back to Lot of people have had the same issues on the latest cwm.
Damn i sold my nexus and got padfone i wish to see your Rom on Padfone soon before i sell it . Thanks for the good work my best Roms Dev Team
Just installed. Not much of AOKP but intial build. Working fine though...
I'm flashing this in the morning :) So excited for that Jellybean goodness and that AOKP greatness.
good job ! I can't wait enjoying it now !
good !!!!!!!!!!!!this is amezing
this is chingri fish you know what is the mean by chingri fish
Here's a hint people. If you have a Verizon Nexus it's called "toro". If you have a GSM Nexus it's called "maguro". If you have neither, then AOKP isn't ready for you yet.
Google now doesn't work on mine? Maguro version.
Great rom ! Replace superuser by supersu because bug... Toggle data ui fc... More fast other jb rom, adopted !
All I want is Jellybean with Flash :(
+Marvin Ferrell, I think you kind of miss the point here.
Maybe if most people keep asking what phone is this rom for, it's because this project is failing on "communication" somewhere...
If you talk about Cyanogen, for instance, you have dozens of distinct hw being supported so, it's natural that people make this kind of questions when they are searching for the latest android version and willing to change to AOKP.
If I had a nexus, I would also make try.
Thanks +Jeff Leger for the explanation.
I LOVE UNICORNS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Its been a while ...welcome backkkkk :)))))))))
Love the logo. Gonna flash right freaking now.
First both my Nexus 7 came this week, now AOKP w/JB, and it's quitting time! Yes it is truly Christmas in July :-D
Keep update here. Dont let the page died.
finally..a proper n excellent logo for the project!
Dumb question(s)..Is this just ROM just for the GSM Galaxy Nexus? If so, than when do you expect to have a version available for the Sprint GNex?
Its still pink y'all, chill out
This Preview build contains:
-Clock and Battery mods
- Clock Widget

-AOKP Wallpaper

only Bug i currently noticed:
- Mobile Data Toggle causes FC

Thank you guys for your work, cant wait to see final version :)
Hahah happy birthday to me.
Love this!!
Can I flash this rom in my galaxy s2 epic 4g touch. I'm currently running the pics aokp and I love it
+Andy Brommel yes I'm on 6.x. I'll go back and try again. 6.x was nice though.

Thanks for the idea.
Does anyone else find the title bar clock only displays the first half of the time?
No offense to anyone.. but if you don't even know the name of your device, then flashing a new ROM isn't for you...

and its a stock jb 4.1.1 build with toggles.. nothing else yet by the looks of it.. give it time.. just happy to be back on aokp..
Now I'm thinking if selling my GNex to buy a GNote is a good decision. :|
The new logo kicks so much ass. Good job guys!
Total n00b question. Don't have a computer handy. Running AKOP with Clockwork. Can I upgrade using only the device itself?
+Mark Vieta also make sure you format system when going from an ICS to JB ROM, as in this case. Always a good practice, actually.
If you're going to post in G+ you need to assume there are people, like me, who've never heard of your project before. What does this do?
Can i install this rom on vibrant?
Dang! No I can't say "taste the rainbow when aokp boots" :-\ But I really so want aokp jelly bean badly on my nexus!!!
The logo shown on the phone bothers me because more of the bottom is shown when it should really be the top that's the most prominent because of the unicorn horn.
Sorry, the preview is very raw, there`s a lot of work to do. Back to MS6.
+Дмитрий Гаич просто прошей 4.1, бро) без ништяков AOKP трудно только первые сутки ;). хотя я конечно жду их кастом на 4.1))
I took the occasion of this finally install M6. :)
Does it have the advanced power menu aswell? 
OK I did super wipe flashed this build and still have the old aokp boot logo. Where aokp rises with unicorn. Haven't had aokp on my phone since jelly bean.
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Seriously, I just flash another Rom 10 hours ago. Stupid, stupid, stupid. Thank you aokp.
There's no Substitute.. AOKP for the win...

GN for life...
Tnx 4 this. Only thing I'm missing is octo lock screen :)
+Francisco Nogueira it says Toro and Maguro up at the top in the post. You know why I knew to ask when it would be ready for my device? It doesn't say grouper, shooter, or jewel in other words my device isn't named in the post. What miscommunication? Read, and search or your phone will be a paper weight before you know it. Ty drive through 
+Jeff Leger thanks for the info. Is that for the Galaxy Nexus series, or will it work on the Nexus S4g as well?
Thanks for all your hard work on this. It's not perfect yet... but I'm sure you guys know :). All the same glad to be running jelly bean!
Yofat J
The new logo is awesome because its minimal than the original. I guess your team's break really was Short lol. Can't wait for the next build for all devices
That logo makes you look like you're serious about your ROM. The old one was very infantile.

I like the new one.
Your mascot looks like a tool... sadly...
No gps problems, mine locks real quick. thanks AOKP
the mascot's mascot looks like a tool too lol j/k
Want on my INC2! You guys are awesome, and I love the new logo.
Does this ROM have a kernel built in? If not, any rexomendations? I like francos now and on 4.0.4 when I had gummy nex.
nice!  finally something not pink ;-)
GPS wouldn't lock... only tried the one time tho
Mine lock Quickly every time
oh how I've been waiting for this
because people are asking, TORO = CDMA and MAGURO = GSM, two different phones that operate on two different network technologies, it matters.
thank you roman and team... not much of a summer break you took
Thanks guys. I missed you. 
Hey, just curious guys, is this for my iPhone 4g s ?
ROM wont start with Screen DPI @240/241 in build.prop. Any
solutions for this?
Works great for me so far.. can't wait for the mods!!
+Yofat J I figured appropriate with all the real comments asking about if it will work for different models when it says what it will work with right in the post haha, oh and +Ryan Sadler you really think the people who don't know what TORO is will know what CDMA is? haha I see a lot of bricks in the near future
+Chris Olds Wut. This is for Android phones, because we can get root access and install whatever ROM (Its like a different OS, but its still Android). Apple would throw a shit storm if someone found out how to put this on the iPhone. 
+Sascha Grage Using dpi of 241 and everything is smooth except data toggle others have complained abt. I did it through rom toolbox though. Even i didn't wipe data... just flashed over old data from jb rom
+Nandlal Shah I had a similar problem on my ns4g. I had to send it back to Samsung for warranty service. Something went wrong with the main board.
+Jeff Leger , thanks for explaining that to people. I get worried when people ask if it'll work on phone xx when the ROM is only released for phone x.
+Chris Lewis the Sprint version is the Toro Plus. It's not ready yet. Jeff Ledger explained the other two up above.
+Magnus Hustveit first of all, your first name is pimp, secondly, yes and no. You can download the ROM to your internal storage or sd, but you REALLY should do a full wipe (data, cache, dalvik cache) anyway.

It's more of a reinstall than it is an upgrade. Additionally, as many have stated, this doesn't have full stability or customizability, yet. Don't plan on it being your primary ROM, Sir.
+Jay Sprenkle help me out if I miss something, Folks: AOKP is an after market firmware for a limited number of Android phones that adds tweaks and customizations, while seeking to maintain the stability and ui of the stock Android experience. It borrows heavily from Cyanogenmod (Another custom ROM) and is therefore considered a Kang by many.

A Kang is Android street vernacular for using someone else's work in your own and failing to give credit to the other devs Many Kangs are looked upon negatively in the dev community, but AOKP (Android Open Kang Project) is considered among the elite because they folks at Team Kang do an awesome job of keeping things fast, light, clean, unique, all without skimping on the additional options, many of which really SHOULD be in the stock AOSP release anyway. (Battery percentage in the notification anyone.)

They also make it very clear WHERE they use code that is not their own. (Which despite its name, is why I DON'T consider it a true Kang).

Alright, please correct any factual errors I made people.
+asad iqbal no. Please see my explanations above to others that asked similar questions, yes?
+Ryan Sadler actually Toro applies to the Verizon CDMA variant specifically. The Sprint variant is the Toro Plus.
Just a thought, Folks. Perhaps we should try to be more receptive and genuinely helpful to those seeking honest advice. Getting into the custom ROM game is tough for many, yes? Just a thought. Deuces.
:-( It lacks "Volumen WakeUp"
toro=vzw galaxy nexus, maguro=gsm galaxy nexus, toro plus=sprint galaxy nexus.
+Android Open Kang Project Seeing as how you posted the download here, I thought of a suggestion for your G+ page.  

Maybe you should put a locked comment thread asking people to +1 their device, and then make a comment for each phone you plan on supporting.  Then you can just add those people to a 'toro circle', 'maguro circle' and so on.  I imagine being able to communicate directly with a large group of 'testers' for a specific build could be handy.  Just a thought.
Running aokp build 40 now... how about jb on my 3-4 year old phone? Yes please!
Running like a champ! Got my CircleMod and toggles back! New graphics look awesome! Thx for all your hard work guys!
+Sascha Grage Not sure why you're getting boot loop. Try totally clean install and see if it will work. I flashed over an old JB rom and used rom toolbox to change the dpi. Working for me so far....
+Godwin Amo-Kwao i did a clean install, full wipe(factory reset)... change the dpi with editor in build.prop and reboot.
Ahhhhhhhhhhhh it is here!!! I can't sleep now that AOKP has started some jelly bean love :)
When will fassy rom be available 
Nice ROM, however just discovered that there are no sound when running YouTube, Google play music and even video playback.
Feedback - Worked great. Restored my settings and apps. After installing imoseyon lean kernel, my phone (maguro) got stuck at the Google splash screen. No way to get passed this, starting all over and maybe avoiding messing with the kernel just yet 
+Justin Hall You and I know well, Rooting void warranty so I can't send it either Samsung or Verizon... I read a lot about formatting everything reset to factory settings.... ; but that is huge hassle  so I am debating. Also I may not get back Google Wallet. Which happened once while first Jelly bean(vicious rom)  with Franco kernel but when I flashed to Axiom Engage V1... it came back but now SD card markers are missing and can't be mounted. ...oh well
Flashed yesterday. The only prob I see is that my gallery doesn't sync with picassa pics.
yo ,man that's cool
this is a real ROUGH build, nowhere close to a daily driver, its not on PAR with what AOKP usually releases and everyone else is gonna have to wait, its one of the benefits \of being a Nexus owner
Why do people complain about it being a rough build? Its a full 4.1.1 build.. everything works.. and it has the toggles and nav bar stuff is already working for the devs.. and theme engine..

Its a complete daily driver just as stock 4.1.1... and aokp surpassed cm a long time ago.. aokp has less devices to worry about so they get things done much faster
+Nandlal Shah unlocking the bootloader voids your warranty like installing a OS on your PC voids your warranty: As long as you put everything back the way it was (which is easy on a Nexus) there's no reason that you shouldn't pursue warranty service. Unless, of course, you did something dishonest like messed with the cpu settings and through overclocking, etc. damaged the chip.

The flashing of ROMs and such do not physically damage your phone, and therefore are not to blame for issues that arise from a faulty component.

I had to send my laptop back to Dell when the mb began to die. I just pulled my hd out, at their request, and sent it back. They had no reason to care that I was running Windows 7 when it came with XP.

Ultimately, it's your decision though, Sir.
Greg.. I'm running r223 and it boots just fine.. must be some other factor..

And thanks for the p2 heads up. Didn't realize they released it
I think preview2 is only for toro. If there is for maguru anyone care to provide links
Does preview 2.1 fix the gallery sync with picasa?
Hope this gets to the GS2 variants
Hope this reaches the GS2 variants
wish i had a device to test this on.....!!!
Please, Can this run on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1???
Why do people ask stupid questions ?

 +Ogechi Ebere no. It states specifically that this is for toro and maguro (ie. Galaxy Nexus phones). If you do not have any of those devices, then you have to wait along with everyone else who doesnt have a nexus until a build specifically for your device. 

Is it just me or is gallery photo sync broken?
What kernel is on that baby?
It would replace CM9. 
+Hossien Gemiran 

So a changelog/bug list?  I want to upgrade to the Preview Build, but if it isn't that stable, I would rather hold off on wiping my phone and going through all that until a stable JB release from AOKP.
It seems the audio volume is not perfect. I use Tasker to play a song on my phone for a certain condition, and the volume is barely audible. Changing volume has no effect. I'm not sure how this affects alarm volumes because I tend to wake up late anyways..but if you using your phone as an alarm clock like (99% of us), I would test your phone BEFORE you have to wake up. 

I didnt get a chance to actually test the volume of the alarm out...but if/when I do, I'll post back
Volumes are actually nice and high on my phone..

And people need to stop confusing the term preview..
Its a preview of aokp's features.. its based on the full build of 4.1.1.. everything works..

They are just waiting to get more of their current customizations patched over before they release b1.. this is just a taste but its fully stable
People also need to realize their apps not working isn't aokps fault.. wait for them to update their apps for jb
+Paul Bateman I think YOU need to stop confusing the term Preview.  It's an ALPHA build.  There will be bugs.  The bits that are getting merged into these builds can even be cherry picks from their own source...features that haven't been merged completely in and are still being worked on.  It is NOT %100 stable.  Stable enough for most?  Shit yeah.  But don't even begin to think that this is the quality we can expect from AOKP's first official release.  That will contain much fewer bugs.
what it timeline for the fascinate
The source and ota for 4.1.1 is out.. its not based on the io preview build.. which is what people are confusing..

And what quality is missing? Its been 100% stable and smooth as hell for me.. missing features isn't a lack of quality..
Currently on jellybelly 3.8. Everything is smooth here. Can't wait for aokp jb is more mature!

Aokp ftw!
Currently on preview 3, the new navbar mods are AWESOME. Starting to feel like home again :) Thanks TeamKang 
How long until the preview build is history?
There are no AOKP ROM settings for those who want them
Just installed and love it. Anyone else experiencing issues with stereo Bluetooth though?
I love AOKP, you guys are legit. I'm poor, but I'm going to donate as much as I can!
Installed this version on my GSM Galaxy Nexus works graet! Also noticed you boosted the sound, any chance of sound control & booster on your next build? Btw: where can i donate u?
The logo is just a logo... doesn't mean they have a new boot animation made yet.. there are a Couple new wallpapers tho that are updated
Chen Hi
This gonna be epic
the softkey search button uses google-now to search. Results from google-now are limited and poorly formatted. The old dark colored unified search was much better.
I just flashed this build. I really missed your ROM
Big fan of the sleek new logo.  (I like the cog, but it reminds me of the gear logo for clockworkmod. :( Oh, well.)
The old logo was fun, but, as AOKP is establishing itself in the Android community, it does need a more permanent logo.  One that's serious yet still cool.  Once AOKP gets a Wikipedia page, we will all know that it is here to stay (and dominate)!
Anyone else getting an error if you use the toggle to turn off data? I get a UI has become unresponsive and I loose the soft keys for a few seconds and then they are back. Turning it off in the menu works just fine.

0 issues, great work as always, looking forward to more ROM controls and general AOKP goodness in the future
How much.longer for fascinate
UPDATE: Contacts list keeps disappearing and the radio needs an improvement or just a better kernel
Reading through the comments on this post, I'm totally shocked that Roman & company even bother anymore.  I'm soooo glad they have more tolerance for whiny people who can't be bothered to do a google search than I am.
Only problems are the system crash, and no way the change screen brightness from the pulldown toggles 
+Saul Montiel That's happened to me before. Make sure you have pictures enabled in the Sync settings.
Just flashed the unofficial build to my gs3. =)
I'm loving this so far! I cant wait for your future updates & fixes! Thank you for your hard work!
anywhere can i get this wallpaper? its not in the rom. using preview 7.
are the build 2, 3, etc on the fourm official continuations of this? or different developers
Is there a thread for it on XDA, so I can check/report bugs? Thanks for the good work, keep up! Already donated, will donate again.
@ MH, when it's done !
is the an official nightly? or is this still a preview build?
Flashed it last night and I'm loving it! Thanks a lot!
Patiently waiting for the official release. Really appreciate your work.
Thanks.  Where is the best place to discuss the nightlies?  Thanks.
Im running build1 on SGS but I cant get nav bar workin :( back to M6
Just have to say the Toro build is amazing. Out of the box it's blazing fast and my battery life is fantastic.
I see an August 8 build. Is there a changelog anywhere?
When will there b a build for Samsung fascinate I'm so aniouxs
+Daniel Cabrera . "toro" is the device name for the Verizon Wireless CDMA Galaxy Nexus and "maguro" is GSM/HSPA+ version (international). 
+Daniel Cabrera  Yes, The "torolus" is the Sprint edition Galaxy Nexus. You are correct. The toroplus is not supported in AOSP as a "nexus".
File not found on all links. Anyone else have a link?
The logo is just right. Perfect for 2D and 3D and not so fruity
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