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Gonna see Ghostbusters tomorrow.
very excite.
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I'm complaining that half of it was improv without distinct characters. It was Wigg and McCarthy improving as themselves.

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Put your pokemon stuff in a collection.

Signed by: everyone who doesn't care about pokemon.
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much appreciated

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Just a reminder for this upcoming weekend:
Role Play Rally is a role playing convention in Austin, Texas specializing in Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition. We will have Adventurers League games throughout the weekend along with open tables for games.
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Best of luck! I look forward to hearing tales of an event successfully run!

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Finally resolved the AC issue this past week, so the fridge decided yesterday was the best day to die.

If lucky, it's just a switch to the compressor, and that's maybe $20.
If unlucky, it's more money than I can swing at the moment to repair/replace a major appliance.

so... yeah.
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The really nasty part? Sears just had a 60% off appliances sale back 7/4.

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For those of you who live in South Austin down through the San Marcos area:

This guy took care of us when other companies wanted to rob us.
Welcome. Thanks for dropping by! Unfortunately, if you're on our website, your air conditioner or heater is probably on the fritz and you're looking for some help — You're in the right place. With a bag full of fancy tools and a brain full of AC knowledge, we can fix your system.

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What the hell did they do to Google Hangouts Chrome Extension?

It's bulkier, less responsive, and looks like total ass.
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And there is really no other alternative to it.

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Because Father's Day:
Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet.

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useless twaddle is useless.

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So I just checked it out.
Whole fridge is dead.

Will need to replace, and at this point: ain't too proud to beg.
Expecting nothing, but it doesn't hurt to ask for help.
After spending hundreds of dollars to fix our AC (a necessity in Texas), our fridge completely broke. We don't have the rainy day funds to replace such a major appliance after going through the whole AC fiasco.
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Bummer, dude.

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First, some context for those who are new to this blog, and this conversation specifically: Anna Kreider (Wundergeek) writes I’ve been pretty shaken up since June...
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The point is Anna Kreider never makes a good argument for why many of the specific targets in gaming she attacks (Hyun Tae Kim, for instance) are connected to even sexism much less any larger actionint he world.
Being vague is a great way to make any stupid argument seem reasonable/

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I'm not sure if there are many ConTessa folks down in my neck of the woods, but I would absolutely love better diversity in the volunteer DMs I'm getting.
Dungeons & Dragons Adventurers League

DDEP4: Reclamaition in Phlan
16 July in Austin at the Role Play Rally.

We're up to 11 DMs (3 T1, 5 T2, 3 T3) volunteering at this point.
I'd love to have a minimum of 2 more Tier 1 tables.

We have 6 Admin spots that need to be filled.
We have 6 runner spots that need to be filled.

Epic DMs and Admins get admission all week.
Runners need to provide just a couple extra hours volunteer time outside of the Epic to be covered.

The admission is as low-cost as we could make it to recoup the expenses of the venue. Volunteer opportunities outside of the Epic hours for those interested.
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