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A. Miles Davis
I just do things.
I just do things.

Tone policing is the shelter of cowards who want to continue their subjugation of others.

What would happen if football players took a knee for Rosanne next game?

Imagine the mental gymnastics.

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Can Census citizenship information be shared with other government agencies, including ICE?

A "72-Year Rule" prevents the public disclosure of personally identifiable information to any other individual or agency until 72 years after its collection.

Only the individual named on the record, or their legal heir, can access the information before the 72-year period, according to the Census Bureau. After that, records are released to the public by the U.S. National Archives and Records Administration.

However, the Los Angeles Times in 2007 reported findings by two scholars concerning the Census Bureau’s disclosure of confidential information during World War II, to help the U.S. government identify Japanese Americans.

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Political musing: It seems that Trump is mad about immigrants being abusive towards women (all that "rapist" talk about Mexicans, for example) because he doesn't want them coming here and encroaching into the territory of white men who abuse women (given his fondness for Rob Porter).


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Inflammatory statement misrepresenting opinion as fact.

Dear Puerto Ricans,

I can't fix your place, but I know there's a lot of space here in Texas.

Just in case you want to move somewhere new.

And happen to hold a grudge.

And really enjoy voting...

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Person A: "This does a bad job at X"
Person B: "But ThatOtherThing does a worse job at X, so This is fine."


+Pearson is a piece of shit company that lies about its products and blames you when they don't work.

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Trump says banning transgender folks is "good for the [trans] community" and that he has their support, because he "got a lot of votes."

why is it good? because the issue is "very complicated" and the ban makes things simpler.

what a piece of garbage.
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