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A. Miles Davis
I just do things.
I just do things.
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I'd like to use my powers of judgement to judge things as a judge for the 2018 ENnie Awards.

It's listed under my first name: Anson Davis

Also, vote for all the things.

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happy Canada Day to all our northern neighbors.

Thank you for your application! Voting for the judges will be held at the same time as voting for products; .... If you did not upload a picture, you need to e-mail it to the website coordinator, [email redacted].

Feel free to tell as many people as you want via e-mail, social media, message boards, etc to vote for you. Remember that we ascribe to the democratic rule of one person, one vote. So, please, do not encourage others to vote for you more than once.

Also, it is considered unethical to tell publishers you will trade a vote for their product to get them to vote for you. If you are found doing this, you will be disqualified from running.

Good luck!
Gabriel Whitehead
ENnie Awards Business Manager

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Call your reps and tell them to support this.

This isn't a democrat/republican thing.

This is an AMERICAN issue.

If you're in the Austin area, don't forget this weekend is RolePlay Rally.

an absurd amount of 5e D&D to be had.
Includes 3 epics and the premiere of season 7's adventure.

religious people wouldn't have to worry about religions they hate infiltrating the government if they didn't fight so hard to have the religion they love infiltrating the government.

FYI: my thursdays are about to get complicated and I'll be about far less frequently for at least the summer.

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as I'm hearing the hail hit my house, I'm thinking: you know, they really ought to include a Clark Griswold setting on key fobs.


I have a bunch of random game junk I need to unload.

Dice Masters dice (various properties) enough to have probably 4-6 people playing at a time, if not more. 149 dice/cards plus the common starting stuff and tray/box to hold it all in.

Magic: the Gathering cards. over 1200 of them. Nothing very new or old, a handful of $5-range cards, but nothing spectacular.

Dragon Age RPG core book

Spycraft (1st edition d20) set

Ravenloft 2nd edition: Bleak House box.
Ravenloft 2nd edition: Domainds of Dread
Ravenloft 2nd edition: Darklords

Ravenloft d20 set

Monte Cook's World of Darkness

d20 Freeport set

Midnight d20 set, including two copies of 2nd printing core book.

D&D 3.5 core set.
D&D "Complete" set
D&D 3.5 / d20 random stuff.

any "set" is a minimum of 5 books, but I can go into detail if there's interest.
these will ship from Texas, so take shipping into consideration, please.

I've realized I have no patience for chain letters.

These days, chain letters come in the form of "share this post for a chance to WIN!"

I simply remove people from my circles who do this now.
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