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10 Qtns to keep you on top of your Content Marketing game plan
1.) What are your Content Marketing KPIs?
2.) How to measure for results and track ROI?
3.) What drives users to your content?
4.) What makes them engage, like, share?
5.) Where can new subscribers come from?
6.) What content categories create max engagement?
7.) What content formats generate max views?
8.) What is your CM strategy and goals for 2015?
9.) Who will drive and execute your content strategy?
10.) Who looks after social relationships community?

Tip: The true answers are neither on Google, nor in your competitor's marketing strategy. You'll find them while executing your game plan.

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Content marketing continues to reign supreme online even almost two decades after Bill Gates wrote his “Content Is King” article back in 1996 when he stated, “Content is where I expect much of…
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Top Digital Trends For 2015 -->  
#marketing #strategy #cx #culture
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 Happy to be quoted in "Digital & Social Marketers Lead & Say No." #GetRealChat
cc: +Pam Moore +Steve Cassady +Marketing Nutz, LLC 
Recap of our chat discussing how Digital and Social Marketers Lead and learn to say no.
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DEAR businesses, brands, entrepreneurs, marketers, executives... "There's no such thing as 'quick-fix' social media marketing.' SMM is not easy-peasy... but don't let that deter you from giving it your best shot. -->
#socialmedia   #digitalmarketing   #socialmediamarketing   #contentmarketing   #smellthecoffee  !!!
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44 Apps That Turn Your Smartphone Into a Productivity Powerhouse

#infographic   #mobile   #mobileapps   #smartphone   #productivity   #tech   #tools  
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The Power of Brand Authenticity on Social Media
Authenticity can inspire trust and loyalty -- and drive ROI
#infographic   #branding   #marketing   #authenticity   #socialmedia  
Authenticity can inspire trust and loyalty -- and drive ROI.
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The Market: Millennials
The Medium: Mobile
The Moment: NOW!
How Marketers Can Reach Mobile-Obsessed Multicultural Millennials -->  
#mobile #millennial #marketing
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Study: CMOs Rank Social Marketing Top Marketing Technology Investment In Coming Years - +Marketing Land 
#socialmedia   #marketing   #technology   #marketingtech   #socialmediamarketing   #SMM  
80% of the survey respondents plan on using technology to engage customers.
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In Cyber Security — You Snooze, You Lose.

#cybersecurity   #infosec   #datasecurity   #security   #smcakl  
Spring of 2007- Estonia is brought to a standstill as ping floods and DDoS (distributed denial of service) attacks crash the websites of the parliament, banks, ministries, and media. The level of sophistication of the digital onslaught is unprecedented. Titan Rain- Code word for one of the biggest cyber-espionage cases in history, it refers to a series of coordinated attacks labelled an Advanced Persistent Threat. Hackers infiltrated compute...
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100% juice In 60 secs! When this thing ships, it could be the tipping point for mobiles. Scientists invent aluminium battery that charges your phone in a minute!
#mobile   #technology   #battery   #amazing   #breakthrough  
#technews   #tippingpoint  
Stanford University scientists have invented a way to recharge a phone in minute using an aluminium battery
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There is no better designer than nature. - Alexander McQueen #nature #beauty #design #quote #inspiration #motherearth
 Lake Plitvice, Croatia (National Park)
Is among the 20 most beautiful lakes in the world to 17th place. The park covers an area of 33,000 hectares and includes 16 lakes in succession, connected by waterfalls.Plitvice is the oldest national park in Southeast Europa.All'interno the park there are also many caves of which only a small part is agibile.I lakes are formed by two rivers: the White River and the Black River, which flow in the river Korana. The waters of these rivers are rich in calcareous salts (mostly calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate), from the dissolution of carbonate rocks forming the geological structure of sito.Questi salts are precipitated by vegetation, forming layers of travertine , a sedimentary rock recently. Over time, these deposits forming real natural dams that act as barriers to water, growing by about a centimeter per year. At one point the water pressure breaks these natural levees, opening new paths in the ground.
This mechanism, in fact common to all the calcareous water, in Plitvice has assumed a particular importance.
The beauty of the National Park Plitvice, Croatia, is increased in the second round of the New Seven Wonders of Nature.

#nature #lake    #MultnomahFalls   #naturephotography #oregon   #colors #stars #lake #ocean #alpine #montain #flower #trees #treesphotography #avalanche #avalanchelake #Reflection #moon   #lakeforest   #italy #lago   #cascate 
#WaterfallPhotography   #WaterfallWednesday #gif #australia   #sidney      #naturephotos   #beautifulpictures   #autumn      #Otherworldly    #flower   #montain     #Reflection   #AutumnPhotography   #stunningnature      #oregoncoast   #oregonphotography   #multnomahfalls   #Multnomah     #naturegif #naturemonday #waterfalls     #PARADISE #FOREST   #WATERFALLS   #angelfalls #venezuela   #AFRICA #croatia     #MALETSUNYANEFALLS   #hawai #italy   #hawaiiphotography   #papalaua #papalauafalls #ecuador   #sanrafaelfals   #thailand   #kophiphidon #hrvatska     #thailandphotography   #sutherlandfalls   #newzeland #CHINA   #vietnam #hrvatska    #voctoriafalls   #bowlake   #canadaphotography #plitvicefalls      #honokahaufallas #indonesia #telagawarnalake    #vietnam     #plitvice    #croatia #plitvicelakes #landscapephotography   
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