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Based on an True Story

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Reposted after figuring out how to take screenshots

After the released of Remix OS BETA. I decided to try out if Slide for Reddit works well.

If you're planning to resize the window as horizontal or put it to full screen, you'd be disappointed that the whole Cards will be stuck in just a screen, instead of Multi-Column.

you'd pretty much need to buy the Pro edition to get the best experience on a big screen.

while some function (Like Chrome Custom Tabs, which is weird considering that it still works in Google+) won't work on App or limitation on Remix OS. It'd pretty much what you expect from Android...expect it's on Desktops.

Moving forward to bugs that is neither related to Remix OS or just Keyboards and Mouses in general:

-as I already mentioned earlier, Chrome Custom Tabs won't work! I already tested with a internal browser and it works fine. weird enough, I was able to use Chrome Custom Tabs on Google+.
-Reddit may have some problems trying to connect for some times, after Adding an Account. (work-a-round: Clear Data or reinstall the app if you stumble into this issue.)
Typing with a keyboard while searching "Go To Subreddits" seem to go crazy. There is a option to opted for Touch Keyboard instead.

Slide v.4.6.2-18-7b1066d
Remix OS 2.0.102
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I decided to do an professional reaction video!

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Just doing a quick test.

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I'm going to reupload one of many of my
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