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Is Facebook Going to buy Opera?

The website Pocket-lint reported early Friday that it'd been told by "one of its trusted sources" that Facebook is interested in Opera for its popular Web browser.

The Opera browser is available on desktop computers, various phones and tablets and even the Nintendo Wii, and the company claims to have more than 200 million users, according to the report.

This could be interesting. Could Facebook simply buy a browser instead of build one? Opera would make sense since they've gained more traction on the mobile front than the desktop front.

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The Facebook spending spree may be continuing as a new report says the social networking giant might be looking to buy Norwegian company Opera Software.
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The need a browser for their phone. That is why, the fPhone.
I really couldn't see the Opera project being run by Facebook. Would be a very strange combination..
Read my comment before, Facebook wants their own Phone, the need a mobile browser.
AJ Kohn
Opera makes sense because they've gained traction on the mobile browser front and that's where Facebook needs to go, particularly since Google has them outflanked by owning most of the infrastructure already.
Having your own browser is powerful, even if penetration is low. Not surprising FB wants one. I think Opera is a good choice. I cant see them really building one scratch effectively and using chromium would grate on them.
Opera the champion of free open web. + Facebook the end of the open internet. It doesn't add up!
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