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Google+ SEO and Authorship

My deck from #MozCon  2012. While a lot of the content is off the slide I hope there's enough to make this valuable.

Thanks to +Kevin Gibbons, +Mark Traphagen and +Tim Moore for their contributions.

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How to use Google+ and Authorship to build your business and increase your share of voice on search engine results.
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can't wait to see the vids when they are uploaded :)
AJ Kohn
The stage was HUGE +Conor Mulcahy and I took advantage of it, pacing back and forth as I presented. 
That's better than going to the gym +AJ Kohn . As you get to exercise your mind & body
+AJ Kohn could you elaborate a little on slide #46 >>optimize the snippet?  Without words, I can only conject the meaning.
Thank you.  Am digesting this right now.
AJ Kohn
Well, your Google+ profile can acquire PR through links. I'm not sure that will influence authorship or not but it's certainly an interesting proxy.
Read it, liked it.   You are pretty much the thought leader now on Author Rank, which is awesome.
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