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Unnatural Link Update

Google has indicated that the message about unnatural links isn’t due to a larger crackdown but the wording of their comment is misleading. The correlation between the unnatural links message and sites losing rankings for the keywords that they have been building lots of unnatural links to is too high for the events to be unrelated. The new algorithm is finding the unnatural links, alerting you to them and then penalising your site for the keywords found in those unnatural links.

A nice concise look at the Unnatural Link update by +Branded3. Networks and highly optimized anchor text are identified as culprits.

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In the past 6 weeks Google has made more changes that directly affect the SEO industry than at any point in the past 8 years. We all remember huge updates
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Great read AJ, thanks for sharing. This latest Google update is pretty profound in terms of the impact to those who outsource #SEO and have little knowledge or ability to assess the risks associated with risky, spammy, automated, low-cost tactics used to drive quick results for relatively small investments. 1 Million is a lot of websites at risk for the New Google Link Algorithm. All who have received this unnatural link notice in webmaster tools should read the +Branded3 article in my opinion. +Patrick Altoft provides some great actionable tips to address risk/remediation of potential Google Unnatural Link penalty. Lots of opportunity for Whitehat SEO practitioners who know their stuff to help the at risk recover or avoid penalties by taking immediate action. Also check out the great tips by +Rand Fishkin in last week's +SEOmoz #whiteboardfriday 6 Changes Every SEO Should Make BEFORE the Over-Optimization Penalty Hits -
Thanks for the kind words, +Rick Noel, we're glad you enjoyed the read. The new updates provide a great chance for those hit to rebuild a much more stable, secure and desirable backlink profile, which is certainly a welcome change to the SEO industry as a whole.
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